Are Aussiedoodles Hyper? [Answer + How To Handle]

A Hyper Aussiedoodle

The Aussiedoodle, also called Aussiepoo at times, is a new designer dog breed getting increasingly popular due to its loving nature, trainability, and playfulness. A cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle, this brilliant dog can be a handful! 

Aussiedoodles are hyperactive dogs with loads of energy that constantly want to run and play. While the Poodle is considered a moderate energy dog, the Australian Shepherd is a working dog bred to run long distances each day.  

Being a mixed breed, an Aussiedoodle can take after either parent breed. The Australian Shepherd and the Poodle are highly intelligent, active dog breeds that can get into trouble if under-exercised or mentally stimulated. 

Australian Shepherds are descended from the best herding dogs in Australia and New Zealand, coming to California in the 19th century together with sheep. 

They were extremely popular with ranchers who valued the breed’s immaculate herding capabilities and trainability.

Today, they are one of the most popular breeds of companion dogs. 

Poodles were originally bred in Germany to retrieve waterfowl for hunters. Today, they are the belle of the ball at dog shows with fancy haircuts and shiny collars. 

There are three registered breeds of Poodles, the Standard Poodle, the Miniature, and the Toy. 

Aussiedoodles are bred with either the Standard Poodle or the Miniature Poodle. 

Why Are Aussiedoodles So Energetic? 

Taking over the characteristics of both working breed parents, Aussiedoodles are playful, explosive, high-energy dogs that need loads of exercise to keep them happy.

They will not suit apartment living or a sedentary lifestyle. 

They often have frequent bursts of energy, otherwise known as the zoomies. 

Both parent breeds are working dogs used to high levels of activity. A herding dog like the Australian Shepherd or Border Collie is conditioned to run up to 15 miles a day herding cattle.

Their gait is not a gentle lope like sled dogs, but rather an explosive sprint or burst of energy with intervals in between. 

Poodles are no slouches either. Although their constant portrayal as pampered lapdogs for the wealthy, Standard Poodles are working dogs that can be conditioned to run five miles a day without breaking a sweat. 

Combine these two breeds, and you’ve got the Aussiedoodle, a perfect athlete that has tons of energy to burn! 

Do They Calm Down?

As with all animals, our energy levels naturally drop as we age. 

While most dogs mellow out and start to need less exercise by the time they are about seven years old, some dogs continue to have high energy levels well after they are ten. 

The Australian Shepherd is such a dog. Some Australian Shepherds continue to work well after they turn ten. 

At What Age Do They Calm Down?

As with all adult dogs, they will start to calm down at about six or seven years old. However, it is well-known that Australian Shepherds can continue working well after ten years old. 

Australian Shepherds have only become a popular choice for a companion dog in the last few decades. Their working instinct is still strong, as it hasn’t had hundreds of years to be bred out of them. 

Poodles tend to be a little mellower. Although originally bred as a working dog, those days are long gone, and the Poodles of today are primarily companion dogs.

Tips To Handle A Hyperactive Aussiedoodle

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise! 

Aussiedoodles will not suit dog owners with sedentary lifestyles or couch potatoes.

They will suit owners with similar energy levels. Be prepared to run several miles a day with your Aussiedoodle; it is unlikely that a mere stroll is enough. 

Biking with your dog is also an excellent exercise for both of you, and even an Aussiedoodle will be tired out after running alongside a bicycle after a few miles. 

Aussiedoodles love high-intensity exercise, unlike other dog breeds that are content trotting alongside you.

Depending on your Aussiedoodle’s age and health, making him wear a backpack to carry dog bowls, water, and other doggie stuff would also weigh him down, increasing the intensity of the walk or run.

Be careful how much weight you load up. Puppies and senior dogs should avoid carrying weight. As a general rule, healthy adult dogs can carry about 25% of their body weight. 

You might want to start with smaller increments, gradually working your way upwards to 25% of their body weight. 

Most Aussiedoodles are likely to be water babies and are natural swimmers. After all, half of their genetics come from a dog trained initially for water retrieval. 

Swimming is an excellent way to develop cardiovascular health, muscle tone and burn off plenty of that excess energy. 

2. Other Activities

Aussiedoodles might not be content with just one run a day. Intersperse other activities to keep your Aussiedoodle happy and healthy like: 

Obedience classes: Aussiedoodles are wickedly intelligent dogs that love training. They will excel in both casual and competitive obedience. 

Agility: An agility course was made for an Aussiedoodle! These amazing dogs are the epitome of athleticism and will excel in agility training.

Intensify – Play high-intensity games like fetch and frisbee. Constantly. Bonus points if you can make your Aussiedoodle run uphill! 

Wrestle and tug – Tug of war is an excellent game to teach your dog the “out” or “enough” command to drop whatever is in its mouth instantly. 

Dog park: Take frequent trips to the dog park. Outsource exercising your Aussiedoodle to other dogs! Nothing wipes a dog’s energy out more than playing for hours with other dogs of similar energy levels. The bonus is your dog will be extra socialized for the best behavior. 

Use the nose: Play hide and seek or make your Aussiedoodle search for treats. While physical exertion is great, hide and seek or hunting for treats will utilize your dog’s formidable olfactory prowess. Making him use his nose and hunt for stuff will keep him endlessly entertained. 

Weight pulling: This one can be easily trained. Depending on the circumstance, having a dog put on a harness and pull a bicycle, you on rollerblades, a skateboard, or any other object is a wonderful way of tiring him out. 

Be mindful of using an adequately padded weight pulling harness, not a regular harness. 

3. Interactive dog toys

Interactive dog toys like Kong treats in a ball can keep high-energy dogs entertained for hours. 

The Classic Kong is built to last and will hold up against the enthusiastic chewing of your Aussiedoodle. An oldie but a goodie, frozen peanut butter in a Kong will occupy your dog’s attention for hours. 

This Hyper Pet Doggie Tail is a plush toy that can jump, bark, wiggle, and squeak, perfect for entertaining a hyperactive dog. 

Treat dispensers such as this one will have your Aussiedoodle chasing and swatting the ball for hours to earn his treats! 

4. Doggy Day Care 

If you are out of the house all day, you’re going to be coming home to one energetic dog. You can consider sending your dog to daycare while you are away.

At a good daycare, dogs get to play with each other all day under watchful supervision. All day playing with other dogs is enough to poop any pooch out. 

When you get home, a short walk might be all you need before your Aussiedoodle is ready to hit the hay and pass out from a very long day. 

Final Thoughts 

Having an active dog is not for everyone. Nothing is more frustrating than having a hyperactive pooch zooming around the house while trying to work or relax. 

A tired dog is a happy one, and while Aussiedoodles take a while to tire, they will eventually, with adequate exercise and mental stimulation. Be patient, and look at it as valuable time spent bonding with your precious pooch. 

Good luck and all the best to you and your Aussiedoodle!

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