Are Beagliers Good Family Dogs? [A Guide For New Owners]

Having decided to get a pet dog that will live with your family, the next thing is to conduct some research on a few breeds. For a dog you will leave around children, seniors, or other pets, you need to consider his temperament, size, needs, and compatibility. You have probably heard about beagliers and are thinking of bringing one home.

Now, the big question is, Are beagliers Good Family Dogs? Yes, they are an affectionate breed that loves being around people and has a high tolerance for kids. They are not hostile towards strangers and other pets. Besides, they are a playful breed and can adjust to new and different situations.

If you are looking to add a new dog to the family but unsure how it would behave around your children, pets, or other family members, then look no further than the beagliers breed. This breed is not only comfortable around people but also enjoys their company. Do you want to know more about the beagliers breed around first-time owners, kids, and other pets? Read on.

Are Beagliers Good for First Time-Owners?

Beagliers are designer dogs that enjoy the company of people, including children, seniors, and other family members. These dogs try to make themselves part of the family as quickly as possible. They always want to please people, making them ideal playmates for nervous or shy individuals. Positive care is the way to go with beagliers, and they are easily trainable.

This dog breed bonds strongly with its owner. It has a high tolerance level and is unlikely to snap even when the situation is unpleasant. As a first-timer, if you are looking to add a dog that would grow and play with your kids without mishap, do not look beyond the beaglier.

Are Beagliers Good with Kids?

Where kids are involved, their safety and protection are top priorities. You do not want to risk your child’s safety in any way as a parent. So, you might want to get the best breed to match your child’s energy level.

There is nothing to worry about because beagliers can match your child’s energy level while maintaining calmness. The beagliers are a bundle of joy, and they are like kids themselves, with a playful and mischievous side that endears you to them. They have a high tolerance level, patience, and temperament, which helps you build trust for them.

The beaglier breed has the potential to become your child’s best friend, but how their relationship develops depends mainly on how you train them. This statement is true for all breeds, as proper training during the early stage makes for ideal socialization with children when they mature. Also, your child’s temperament plays a role in how this relationship forms and flourishes.

While we preach the mantra that no dog should be homeless, adopting older beagliers might pose a challenge. The reason is that they might not have been raised in an environment that has children and may find it challenging to adapt to family life. But if you decide to go ahead to adopt one ensure to do this below at the early stage:

  • Introduce your kids to the dog
  • Train the beaglier around your Kids
  • Teach your kids to be around beaglier
  • Teach your kids to respect the beaglier

Are Beagliers Good with Other Pets?

The Beagliers is a cross between a beagle and Cavalier Charles Spaniel. The beagle is a hunter, and its first instinct on seeing other animals is to hunt. Most owners often fear that their Beagle side will take over when the dog sees other animals. This is usually not the case, as the beaglier dogs get along with other dogs and are not hostile towards other animals.

Early introduction is the best way to ensure a non-hostile relationship with family pets. This means introducing the pets when they are still very young. If you are getting an adult beaglier, you must confirm if it has had any relationship with other animals from its previous owners. It is often easier to introduce a puppy beaglier to another animal than to introduce an adult one to a species it has not encountered before.

You might ponder on whether beagliers are good with cats. Well, most people often fear that the dog would bully their cats, but it is the other way around in most cases. Cats are fiercely territorial and usually set the boundaries and level of interaction with other animals. While they can be friendly or tolerant to a new beaglier puppy, you shouldn’t leave them alone together without adequate supervision until you can trust they are comfortable around each other.

What is a Beaglier’s Disposition to it’s Owner?

Beagliers are great family dogs as they are playful, friendly to strangers, especially friendly to children, and have a curious and sweet nature. They have a high energy level, require much attention, and should exercise often.

They are the perfect choice for first-time dog owners because of their relatively docile nature. However, you should note that they don’t often get along well with other animals that aren’t dogs due to their beagle side. This is especially the case with cats, hamsters, and mice. They might try to hunt them down, so ensure to consider this to prevent unfortunate incidents.

Beagliers will be your kids’ ultimate playmates as their energy is almost inexhaustible. As for adults or seniors coming home after a long day’s work, they will be perfectly fine sitting calmly beside you on the couch. These are some of the traits that classify them as good family pets.

Can Owners Control a Barking Beaglier?

The Beaglier dog, like the beagle side of his family, has a deep bark, and their boisterous nature makes them suitable as a watchdog. They are not great as guard dogs but can alert their human owners to strange sounds or intruders.

Unfortunately, these traits can be problematic for some families (especially those with toddlers). Also, the canine separation anxiety of the Beaglier breed, when left alone, makes them hyperactive. They may end up barking incessantly and tearing things up in the house. This means, if you live in an apartment building or have neighbors, it might be a bit noisy for them.

The good news is that these issues aren’t without a solution. Here are a few great tips to follow.

How To Stop a Beaglier from Barking?

Barking and howling are some of the fun things about owning a beaglier. Sometimes, these sounds could be a great disturbance, especially at odd night hours. Here are some ways to reduce it to manageable levels.

Give Him Lots of Attention

Sometimes your beaglier barks due to loneliness or boredom. If this is the case, try extending the time you spend with him. Play with him regularly, and let him learn and train with you.
You could teach the beaglier tricks, as they are brilliant dogs. Spending quality time with your dog makes him less likely to bark to get your attention, as it already has a lot of it normally.

Create Distractions for Him

Some dogs get anxious at the sound of fireworks or enjoy barking at little animals like squirrels. If yours fits this description, try to distract him with a toy or something else. Regular chew toys won’t work well. It should be a toy that will make your beaglier pay attention to it like a puzzle ball.

Teach Him How to Quiet Down

By far the best method, properly training him to listen to instructions. Teaching your beaglier to bark and stop barking on command reduces the chances of uncontrolled noise making. You can teach him to associate settling down with a reward.

Do this minimally, so the beaglier doesn’t think he will get a treat if he stops barking.

More On Why Beagliers are Good Family Dogs

Every family needs a beaglier that will provide companionship to parents and grow with their children. This dog is a bundle of joy that wants to be involved in everything you or your children do.

So, if you are a single fur parent or a family full of children, a beaglier would be a valuable addition to your family. Caution is the key for fur parents who have toddlers and small pets. The reason is that this dog, while affable, has the beagle trait and may consider animals that are smaller as prey.

If you don’t believe beagliers are a good choice, the puggle is another excellent option for families.

You can read more about puggles and family life by clicking here.

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