Are Cavachons Good for Apartments? [Our Kirby Thinks So!]

are cavachons good for apartments

People often ask me as a Cavachon owner, ‘Are Cavachons good for apartments?’ Potential Cavachon owners are always excited at the idea of parenting this cute dog, but many live in small or compact homes. That makes them worry whether this sweet little guy (or gal) can adjust to their small home and also get all the exercise it needs.

I’m so glad when people consider this important question before they bring home their pet.

Cavachons make excellent pets for apartment dwellers. They are the right size for tiny homes, high-rise apartments, or multi-home complexes. This little dog with a lovable personality doesn’t need much stuff other than a warm bed, healthy food, moderate exercise, and routine health checkups.

When we first brought Kirby (our 4-year old Cavachon) home, I, also, worried whether he would adjust to our compact home. He was used to living on a huge farm with several acres of land.

We picked him up and all that worrying turned out to be unnecessary.

Kirby fit right in, and he loves our home!

Don’t stop here.

Keep reading because I’m going to explain why these dogs are suitable for small homes and cover a few other FAQs (frequently asked questions) about Cavachons.

Why Are Cavachons Good for Apartments?

As discussed above, Cavachons make excellent house pets for small and compact spaces.

Here are the reasons why:

They Are a Great Size for Small Dwellings

Cavachons grow up to a size of 12-13 inches (at the shoulder) or about 23 to 33 cm tall.

Remember that this is a hybrid dog breed – which means that it could take after either parent: Cavalier King Charles or the Bichon Frise. But both parent dogs are also relatively small, so you can expect your Cavachon pup to also be on the smaller side.

Granted, these dogs love to run and play, but even a tiny home with one room and kitchen is adequate space for your pet to expend its energy.

Cavachons Only Need low to Moderate Exercise

Another reason why Cavachons make great dogs for apartment dwellers is that they have low to moderate exercise needs.

Compared to larger dog breeds like Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds, your small dog does not need to spend hours walking or playing.

Naturally, it would help if you still exercised your pet because, without mental and physical activities, your Cavachon could become obese. But, worse still, it could start indulging in lousy behavior too (think barking, chewing up furniture, etc.)

The good thing about Cavachons is that you don’t need to spend too much time walking your buddy. A few minutes (about 10-15) two or three times a day is sufficient for this companion dog.

This makes it ideal for people living in high-rise apartments and those in areas where it rains or snows.

These Intelligent Dogs are Pretty Easy to Potty Train

Another reason why Cavachon owners might ask: ‘are Cavachons good for apartments?’ is because of the dreaded potty training phase.

No one wants a stubborn dog that would take months and months to get house trained. But, unfortunately, things can get even more frustrating for apartment dwellers and people without balconies, terraces, or backyards.

You need to take your Cavachon puppy outdoors to void at least 4-6 times a day during potty training. (Of course, you can also use indoor potty training pads, litter boxes, etc., and train your pet to go potty there).

Potty training is more manageable with Cavachons since they are intelligent dogs. And with a bit of consistency and patience on your behalf, you can quickly get your tiny dog housetrained within a few weeks.

This makes them perfect for Cavachon parents living on top-most floors of high-rise buildings and homeowners without a backyard.

They Don’t Bark too Much

You don’t want your neighbors complaining, do you?

The good news for potential Cavachon owners is that these small dogs do not bark too much.

But, of course, you must exercise your Cavachon daily and give it plenty of toys to stimulate it mentally – this is the best way to prevent unwanted behavior like excess barking.

Most Cavachon owners won’t hear too many complaints from neighbors. And thanks to its affectionate and friendly nature, your Cavachon will definitely be a welcome addition to any apartment complex.

Final Thoughts – Are Cavachons Good for Apartments?

Yes. Cavachons make fantastic house pets for apartment dwellers. They are not too big and have the ideal size for compact spaces.

They also need low-to-moderate exercise, do not bark too much, and are friendly, social, and affectionate. Being intelligent dogs, they can be trained quickly. All these factors make them excellent pets for tiny homes and apartments.

FAQs About Cavachons

Can I Leave my Cavachon Home Alone?

You can leave your Cavachon home alone, but some of these dogs are prone to separation anxiety. Such Cavachons tend to get anxious when left home alone and might indulge in behaviors like barking, crying, whining, etc. 

You may want to train and desensitize your buddy to staying alone from puppyhood to prevent this. Also, good exercise with plenty of toys and puzzles can help keep your pet busy throughout the day.

Are Cavachons Good with Children?

Yes, Cavachons are great with kids. They make loving family pets and are always ready for a game of fetch or hide-and-seek. They love to run and play and enjoy the company of children as long as the kids are also taught to respect the dog.

Do Cavachons Need to Walk a lot?

Cavachons, like all dogs, need daily exercise. Without exercise, they tend to get bored, depressed, and obese. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours walking this dog breed. A quarter of an hour two to three times a day should be enough.

Are Cavachons High Maintenance?

Cavachons are relatively easy to maintain. However, they do need daily exercise and regular grooming. This is important for their health and well-being. Being crossbreed dogs, they are robust and hardy and do not have too many health issues. As expected, regular vet checkups are still necessary to keep your pet in optimum health.

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