Are Chiweenies Hypoallergenic? [Do They Shed A Lot?]

Are Chiweenies Hypoallergenic

Dog allergies are the worst for any dog lover. So, it’s no surprise to see so many people with allergies looking for the best hypoallergenic dog. No dog is truly hypoallergenic because they all need to shed some hair and dander at some point. But, there many Chiweenie owners that say that their pups are ideal low-risk dogs. This may come as a surprise if you have seen some of the long-haired dogs out there or know anything about Chihuahua and Dachshund skin issues. So, is the Chiweenie a hypoallergenic dog, or at least a low-risk one?

Are Chiweenies hypoallergenic dogs? No. They are not hypoallergenic in the same way as other dogs that have hair and barely shed. There is still an allergy risk from the dander, and these dogs do shed seasonally. There is also the fact that there are different types of coats, leading to various pet hair issues.

Are Chiweenies a Better Choice for People with Allergies than Some other Breeds?

Yes. While these dogs are not entirely hypoallergenic – which, to be honest, no dog truly is – the low shedding compared to other breeds and the quality of the hair help.

There are recommendations to opt for a short-coated Chiweenie where possible, as they don’t leave as much fur everywhere, don’t produce too much dander, and are easier to groom.

The less you have to groom a dog, the lower the chances of coming into contact with allergens and developing that allergic reaction.

A short-coated Chiweenie doesn’t require too much in the way of bathing or brushing.

The coat isn’t going to get tangled or matted, and a quick brush once or twice a week should be fine to get rid of dead hair.

Bathing only needs to happen once a month to keep the coat and skin in good condition.

If they go rolling in something nasty during a walk, a bath is a good idea.

How many Different Chiweenie Coat Types are There?

It’s best to opt for a short-coat Chiweenie if you have allergy issues rather than the extended or wire-haired versions.

There are different types of Chiweenie out there because of the coat types of the parents.

The majority of Chihuahuas you tend to see have short coats, but there are long-haired versions that breeders may use to create their Chiweenie litter.

Also, there are long-haired and wire-haired Dachshunds.

Therefore, there is a good chance that a Chiweenie will grow up to develop a longer coat.

Longer Chiweenie coats are more problematic for those with allergies because they require more attention.

The coats can become very dirty and matted, especially when kept long and close to the ground. Owners can find themselves brushing out tangles daily. This significantly increases the chances of coming into contact with dander. Couples could ensure that only one of them is responsible for grooming the dog to reduce those risks.

However, that pet hair and dander will still end up on the furniture and clothes.

Do Chiweenies Shed?

Shedding isn’t a big problem with this dog because they don’t have a fluffy undercoat and don’t lose masses of hair in big blowouts. There is some seasonal shedding where they lose a little more than usual before their summer and winter coats come in.

This isn’t that big a change compared to other dogs like Huskies and some Shepherd breeds.

Can you Clip or Shave a Long-Haired Chiweenie to Reduce Shedding?

There may be the temptation to give a long-haired dog a haircut to make the situation more manageable. After all, the shorter the hair, the fewer the issues with shedding and grooming.

However, it’s best not to mess around with the natural coat of the dog.

A small trim may be helpful if you have a dog with a very long and unmanageable coat, but you can’t go too far.

If you decide to do this, make sure that the dog goes to a professional groomer instead of handling it yourself.

It’s far too easy to take too much off.

On that note, no Chiweenie should ever be shaved unless they need a major operation.

We can easily forget just how vital that fur coat is to the dog.

It gives them protection from the elements, which in turn prevents sunburn while also providing warmth.

Small breeds like Chiweenies are going to have a more challenging job regulating their temperature.

They can quickly become chilled when the temperature drops, which can lead to illness and hypothermia.

What Can you Do instead to Deal with any Shed Chiweenie Fur?

Rather than do anything drastic to your Chiweenie’s coat, you can make some changes to your cleaning regime and work to stop the spread of shed hair.

First of all, you can limit the risk of shedded hair ending up all over the place by stopping your Chiweenie from getting up on the couch or onto your bed.

These choices can have additional benefits as your pup will maintain a better sleep schedule away from your bed and won’t be so assertive if they know their place in the pack.

From there, you can make sure to deal with pet hair on your carpets and upholstery with the right tools and cleaning processes.

Make sure that those without allergy risks vacuum regularly with a good pet hair vacuum.

You can find some great models that have allergen filters too.

Also, look for a pet bed with a machine-washable cover, as this is where a lot of the hair will end up.

Other Grooming Tips for Chiweenie Owners

a chiweenie getting groomed

While grooming a short-coated Chihuahua is a pretty infrequent task compared to other dogs, it still helps to use the right tools and products.

If you are concerned about dog hair getting everywhere, especially during those seasonal sheds, you could use a mitt.

Dog grooming mitts capture the dead hair, so it doesn’t fly around.

You can then dispose of it all with ease. It also helps to use the best possible natural shampoos on the coat to enhance the condition and to improve skin health. Give the dog a good massage.

Also, don’t forget that grooming a Chiweenie means more than just giving them a brush and a monthly bath.

There are other considerations for their health and well-being.

Regular checks of their eyes, ears, and teeth are essential.

Some Chiweenies have huge, erect ears that need to stay clean and free from infection.

Dental issues can also be a problem, so be sure to keep on top of teeth cleaning.

Also, don’t forget to trim their nails. Their nails may not wear down that much naturally, living an indoor lifestyle.

Do Chiweenies Have any Skin Issues that Could cause them to Shed more than Usual?

There are some medical issues to watch out for that could have an impact on shedding.

Dachshunds can develop various environmental and food allergies and may pass this on to their offspring.

Dust allergies and pollen allergies can lead to dermatitis, leading to flaking skin and poor coat conditions. This will not only be unpleasant for the dog, but it will also exacerbate shedding and increase dander.

Dachshunds are also prone to acquired pattern alopecia.

Chihuahuas, meanwhile, can develop severe skin conditions, so it is crucial to watch out for these when raising Chiweenies. They have a tendency towards sensitivities and yeast infections. These, too, can create issues with the quality of the coat and hair loss.

Chiweenies could inherit these issues.

There is also the risk of these hybrids dealing with parasites like fleas and ticks.

Sore, itchy areas can lead to flaking and hair loss, especially if the dog starts licking at the spot.

How can I be Sure of Getting a Short-Coated Chiweenie?

It can be challenging to know if a puppy is going to develop a shorter or longer coat. Their coat’s quality may not be apparent at birth, and they could end up growing out a fuller, longer coat as they mature.

There are two options here.

You can seek out a breeder that has a short-haired Chihuahua and short-haired Dachshund as breeding stock as this increases the chances of short-haired puppies.

Or, you can adopt an older dog from a shelter and know precisely what their coat is like.

Final Thoughts – Are Chiweenies Suitable for Allergy Sufferers?

In short, this is still a good choice if you have sensitivities to dog dander because the shedding risks are so low. You aren’t going to see as much hair around the home, especially if you get the short-coated Chiweenie instead of one with a longer coat. Infrequent grooming and good cleaning practices at home should keep the risks to a minimum. Just remember to watch out for skin issues and to keep the coat healthy to reduce other risks.

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