Are Goldendoodles Hyper? How to Keep Yours Calm

Goldendoodles are designer dogs. That is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. As such, they can develop varying temperaments and sizes. In other words, the coat may not be the only difference between a Goldendoodle and another.

Are Goldendoodles Hyper? Goldendoodles are lively, but I would not consider them hyper. In some specific cases, they can display high energy behavior. Also, when asking ourselves if Goldendoodles are hyper, we must consider their personality traits.

Maybe, you want one. But you also saw a bunch of Goldendoodles bouncing around, wondering when they would ever calm down. So, let’s tackle this topic once and for all! Here is what you need to know about the Goldendoodle dog breed.

Personality traits

This dog breed is tender, sweet, and affectionate, even with children. On balance, it is an excellent companion dog. Its calm but also playful temperament makes it an ideal dog for the elderly. It’s great to provide company to members of the family and guard the home.

Early on, breeders created the Goldendoodle as a guide dog for the blind. But then, this breed won everyone over thanks to a friendly personality. Today, this dog is increasingly popular as a family dog. Typically, it is also sweet and quiet with all the members of his or her pack.

Goldendoodles know how to obey, listen, and adapt quickly. In youth, it is very playful and can be high energy. As they tend to live ten to fifteen years, they can also pick up some bad habits. For one thing, they also need constant company. In essence, they can’t stand being left alone at home for a long time. If you do, they get nervous and bored.

Are they high energy?

For the most part, yes. Especially in their first five to eight years of life. The Goldendoodle is also very affectionate with other pets (notably if they are raised together). As you can imagine, they like to run around and play whenever they can.

Goldendoodles need to do some physical activity because they are high energy dogs. A walk a day may be enough. However, you never know with designer dogs. A puppy might grow into a sizeable pooch and require a more active lifestyle.

High energy behavior is mostly about which parent genes are more robust. Usually, a Goldendoodle looks like a soft four-legged teddy bear. The coat can be smooth or curly. In most cases, they grow medium-sized. In detail, the size of the dog varies according to the type of Poodle used in the crossing. But they can look more like a Golden Retriever too.

When do Goldendoodles calm down?

Cute Goldendoodle

As long as you meet their need for movement and activity, Goldendoodles lead calm lives. But sometimes, they can get very active and high energy. Such behavior could be a sign that something is wrong. First off, this dog breed needs stimulation, such as brain games for dogs. They inherited this need from the Golden Retriever’s genes.

Then again, imprinting and socialization are essential during the first weeks of life. Unskilled breeders can really mess this dog breed up. In fact, Golden Retrievers and Poodles have quite different personality traits. So, puppies need care and attention.

The good news is that training seems to work even later on. For example, it can learn commands and do small exercises. Plus, it will always be happy to accompany his or her handler everywhere. In the end, it is also possible to move towards therapy dog training. That will calm him or her even more.

How active are they?

Goldendoodles are high energy dogs that need an active handler. It’s also important that your pooch have a place where they can feel comfortable, if necessary. They are built for play and action, but they also want constant company.

Standard Goldendoodles are medium-sized dogs. Their weight ranges from 30 to 40 pounds (14 to 20 kg) maximum. In a nutshell, the Goldendoodle has a harmonic and robust body structure. Playing and running are two significant factors in a Goldendoodle’s life.

With this in mind, they also love water. Of course, it’s in their genes, which is why many Goldendoodles are happy to go for a swim. To top it all off, this dog may develop behavioral problems that even result in aggression when overly bored. So, a little planning is recommended.

Here is what happens if they can’t live a full life

Goldendoodles may develop aggressive behavior or depression. When living at home, climbing stairs too often can cause joint problems. If they harm themselves, then they are more likely to suffer from a sedentary lifestyle. The ideal solution would be to have an enclosed garden.

Moreover, make a rough calculation of the expenses you will have to incur regularly. As a high energy dog, a Goldendoodle needs a little physical activity every day. At any rate, it is a dog that tends to put on weight: health issues such as hip dysplasia are quite common for this dog breed.

The coat can cause eye problems. To avoid eye infections, you must clean the skin around this area with select emollient products. Dog grooming is as necessary as for regular Poodles.

Final Thoughts – Are Goldendoodles Hyper?

Goldendoodles are extremely vigorous. But they don’t act hyper without reason. If you have one and your dog is acting crazy, you might want to reconsider the way you treat him or her. Most Goldendoodles need periodic walks outside the house. Due to a different personality, your dog may like to interact with other dogs in the park. After all, this breed is very social and playful.

If you have decided on the Goldendoodle, look for a reliable breeder who will be able to certify the good health of the puppy. Imprinting and basic training will greatly impact on the livelihood of your pooch when he or she grows up.

If you are not necessarily looking for a puppy, you can also turn to a kennel, where you can find crossbreeds similar to the Goldendoodle. These are often dogs that belonged to owners with very different expectations regarding this designer dog. Probably, the owners were not able to meet their needs, so further training may be required.

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