Are Maltipoos Great Family Dogs? First-Time Owners Guide

A cute Maltipoo with his family

Choosing the right dog for your family can be a daunting task, especially if you have kids and other pets. If you are thinking of getting a small cuddly dog for your family, the Maltipoo may be one of your top choices. 

But are Maltipoos great family dogs? Maltipoos are small, playful, adorable dogs that everyone in the family will want to be around. They are easy to care for and do well around kids and other pets. 

However, like most dogs, you want to understand their specific needs to ensure the best care and reap the benefits of having one in your home. In this article, you will learn what makes Maltipoos great for families and how to take care of them as a first-time owner. 

Are Maltipoos Great Family Dogs?

Maltipoos are some of the best designer dogs for families, thanks to their active, playful nature as well as their small, cuddly body. They enjoy human interaction and show affection constantly, making them ideal in most family setups. 

One thing that stands out with Maltipoos as family dogs is that they will always be a puppy. They are a small breed and maintain the puppy frame even as an adult. Therefore, if your family enjoys the adorable and compact feel of puppies, Maltipoos are perfect for you. 

Another thing that makes them great for families is how easy they are to travel with. Generally, smaller dogs are easier to carry around and pack in portable crates during transit. Therefore, if you have a camper van or are Poodlealways on the move, a Maltipoo is one of your best options. 

What Makes Maltipoos Great Family Dogs?


Your dog’s temperament has a lot to do with how it is brought up and socialized; however, a big chunk depends on the dog’s genetics. In this case, Maltipoos carry the temperament of each or both of their parents, the Poodle and the Maltese. 

Generally, Maltipoos are sweet and friendly, love being outside, enjoy playtime, and adore any attention given to them. They also love to snuggle and cuddle, making them great therapy and company dogs. 


Maltipoos personalities vary from one to the other, considering the specific characteristics each carries from the parents. On this note, your Maltipoo may inherit a character closer to the Poodle and a little of the Maltese and vice versa. 

Your Maltipoo may be as high-active and energetic as the Poodle or cuddly and attention-seeking like the Maltese. Whatever temperament they get from their parents, they are generally sweet and a breeze to have in your family.

Are Maltipoos Great With Other Pets?

Maltipoos are great with other pets. They are generally harmless and will only go out of hand when seeking attention from other pets. They relate well with other dogs and cats and enjoy inclusive playtime with toys and treats. 

However, their brilliant nature leads them to chase smaller pets like birds and hamsters. This is genuinely for play and fun, but if not supervised, your Maltipoo might harm smaller pets.

Regardless of the breed, it is essential to socialize your dog with other pets to help them build a healthy relationship with the rest. This calls for consistent training throughout their lifetime to reinforce positive behavior around other pets. 

While training, ensure you use positive reinforcement methods such as offering treats and praising the dog instead of scolding. Maltipoos love to please; therefore, positive reinforcement will go a long way in helping you train them quicker. 

All the same, Maltipoos are quick learners and will pick up on commands pretty quickly. 

Are Maltipoos Great With Seniors?

The snuggling and cuddly behavior of Maltipoos make them ideal for seniors. They are great company dogs, and their playful nature will lift your spirits all the time. Also, their small body frame makes them easier to carry around for seniors, therefore, easy to care for. 

Maltipoos are hypoallergenic, thanks to their parents, the Poodle and the Maltese. This characteristic makes them ideal for seniors with severe pet allergies but who wish to keep a company or therapy dog. 

Additionally, the coat is easy to maintain for seniors, and they do not have to deal with fur all over the surfaces. 

Maltipoos love human attention and cannot cope when left alone for long periods. This is particularly useful for seniors that wish to have a dog to take care of and shower with love and attention. And all that love comes back as therapy for seniors.

How To Care For Maltipoos

Like other dogs, Maltipoos require constant care to thrive and give back to your family. The three main things you need to provide for your Maltipoo are: 

  • Nutrition
  • Grooming
  • Exercise
  1. Nutrition

Maltipoos are highly active therefore require a diet that meets their high energy requirements. When shopping for the right food for your Maltipoo, ensure it has all the essential nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein, and fats. 

Ensure the kibble is small enough for your Maltipoo to bite and chew. You may mix wet and dry food, but dry food works best. Feeding schedules can range from thrice a day when younger to twice or once a day when older, depending on your Maltipoo’s activity levels. 

2. Grooming

The coat of the Maltipoo is curly but low-shedding; therefore does not need daily brushing. But, that does not mean leaving your Maltipoos coat unbrushed for weeks. A few days a week of brushing is adequate to keep the coat well-managed and free from tangles. 

You should give your Maltipoo baths every 2 to 3 weeks. The frequency of baths will depend on how active your dog is and how quickly the coat gets dirty. But, you ought to be careful not to give too many baths as that may dry out the skin. 

When it comes to dental care, ensure you brush your Maltipoos teeth daily and schedule professional cleanings at least once a year. 

3. Exercise

Maltipoos require regular exercise not only to stay fit but help them expend their quickly built-up energy. They are energetic dogs that need moderate to intense activity each day. That said, you can take yours out for a walk, play with toys in the backyard, run at the park, or go for a swim

Final Thoughts

Maltipoos are great family dogs. They make adorable, friendly, playful teacup puppies for families, regardless of space and setup. They suit both indoor and outdoor setups, and the fact that they relate well with kids, dogs, and other pets makes them the best for families. 

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