Are Morkies Hypoallergenic? An Allergy Sufferers Guide

Hypoallergic Morkie

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about Morkies. Some guides will tell new owners that their new puppy doesn’t shed at all and is fully hypoallergenic. Others will say that they are low shedders and are a low-risk choice for those with allergies.

So, which is true? Is this dog completely risk-free with no shedding or not?

Are Morkies hypoallergenic? The short answer here is yes. Morkies are hypoallergenic in the sense that there is little risk of a reaction. This is thanks to their hair rather than fur. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t shed their hair at all. You still need to groom these dogs and deal with their hair accordingly.

No breed or hybrid dog is truly hypoallergenic.

Before we look at the coat types and shedding experienced by Morkies and their owners, we need to consider one important factor. There isn’t really any such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. The idea of hypoallergenic suggests no risk of allergens and allergic reactions at all.

The reality is that there is still a slight risk with any dog that sheds hair.

The difference between hypoallergenic dog breeds and those that cause allergies is the type of coat. The worst offenders for dog allergies are breeds with a lot of dander in their thicker fur coats. They sheds all over the furniture and on clothing, making it difficult to avoid the allergens.

It is even worse when dogs blow out their coat seasonally.

Hypoallergenic dogs don’t carry this risk. They tend to have hair instead of fur, with a single coat. That hair may be long or curly, with limited shedding. That is why Poodles are so commonly used in hybrids where breeders want to create a hypoallergenic coat.

The offspring tend to get that low-shedding curly coat with fewer risks.

So are Morkies close to being hypoallergenic?

Morkies are typically classed as hypoallergenic dogs because they share these traits. You have a longer coat comprising of hair rather than fur, reducing the risk of any hair or allergens entering the atmosphere of the home. Also, you can be sure that the Morkie will have this coat, unlike some other crossbreeds where there is still that genetic gamble. The reason for this lies in the coat types of the parent dogs.

The coats of Yorkies and Maltese dogs allow for this longer, less problematic coat.

Both the Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese have longer hair as their coat, rather than a thicker fur coat. This is a prized trait, with many breeders preferring long-haired Yorkies because of their potential as show dogs. A long-haired Maltese looks a lot different to one with its hair clipped, and you rarely see them shown this way.

The fact that both parent dogs have this longer coat means that Morkie pups are sure to share this trait.

Do Morkies shed?

Shedding plays a big part in the risk of allergic reactions. It is the presence of hair and dander around the home that exacerbates the situation.

Morkies are low shedders.

They will lose their hair over time, but not to the same degree as other dogs. When you brush a Morkie, you shouldn’t end up with the same sort of pile of hair. It will grow at a steady rate and fall out on its own time, much like ours.

The plus side here for Morkie owners is that you don’t have to vacuum as much. It still pays to have one with a pet attachment to deal with hair on the furniture. But, you won’t have to use it as much as other dog owners.

The downside here is that you still need to brush the coat regularly. Instead of shedding their coat, Morkies can grow a nice long coat at risk of tangles and dirt. Regular brushing is a great bonding experience when you can deal with the worst tangles.

What should I do if my Morkie sheds excessively?

You might find that your Morkie begins to lose more hair than normal. This is not only a concern for those with allergies but also a possible sign of ill health. Hair loss tends to occur when the hair is in poor condition or when there are skin complaints.

It is important to check the skin around any areas of hair loss for signs of dryness or inflammation. There could be a parasitic problem, infection, or allergic reaction. Allergies to seasonal factors and dietary ingredients aren’t uncommon with this hybrid.

Regular baths and careful grooming can help deal with this excessive hair loss. The right massaging motion with a natural shampoo can promote oil production and healthier hair growth. Also, the sooner you deal with any underlying skin conditions, the sooner the hair will grow thick and strong again.

Is it better to keep a Morkie’s hair long or short?

A Morkie’s coat is much more manageable when clipped to a more suitable length. This isn’t like the AKC-standard Yorkie, where a silky floor-length coat is a must. This won’t make a massive difference to the amount of hair shed or the risk of allergic reactions. It is just about keeping the animal comfortable and cleaner.

Don’t forget that longer coats can trap dirt and oil, leading to a smelly dog.

If you do decide to clip the hair short, make sure to use a professional grooming service. They have the experience and skill to cut just enough in all the right places. Owners that try this themselves run the risk of taking too much off or hurting the dog’s face and paws.

If the coat is too short, the dog may struggle to regulate their temperature.

Are Morkies hypoallergenic low-shedders?

In short, this hybrid is a great choice for owners with allergy concerns because of the coat type. They will shed a little, as is natural, and will also require regular grooming. The Morkie is as hypoallergenic as you can get when it comes to choosing a new puppy.

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