Are Pomskies Good Family Dogs? [Are They Dangerous?]

Are pomskies good family dogs

The Pomsky is a hybrid that is sure to be on the wish list of many families looking for a puppy. They are beautiful dogs that kids can fall in love with but are small enough to be more manageable. However, there are concerns about the suitability of Pomskies because of some traits seen in Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies. So, are they are a good fit?

Are Pomskies good family dogs? Most Pomsky pups should grow up to be great family pets because of their temperament. It helps to train them properly early on to get them used to the family and other pets. However, some behavioral traits could come through and make them harder to handle.

Positive Traits

The Pomsky is a hybrid of two dogs with a lot of positive traits.

In the best-case scenarios here, you will end up with a dog that has the friendly, outgoing nature of the Husky mother and the devotion of the companion dog that is their Pomeranian father.

This can make them well-suited to life with families where they can enjoy their days and the adventures of family outings.

This is far better for them than being with a young couple where both of them work full time.

The tendency towards separation anxiety makes this situation a nightmare.

Small Dog Syndrome and Possessiveness

Is there a risk of Small Dog Syndrome or possessiveness?

This is where we get into the worst-case scenarios.

As a small companion dog, the Pomeranian can develop strong negative traits that don’t work so well in family set-ups. Possessiveness is a potential problem, as they can become more fixated on one owner and a little jealous of those that get too close.

This shouldn’t be an issue with families that socialize the dog well and make sure to share in playtime and caregiving responsibilities.

Don’t give the Pomsky a chance to favor Mom over everyone else.

Then there is Small Dog Syndrome.

This isn’t just an issue with Pomeranians or Pomskies.

A lot of small dogs can develop a complex about their size and their status in a household.

They will try to assert themselves and show that they are just as big and capable as anyone else.

The problem is that this can lead to excessive barking, jumping up, and other issues that could cause tension in the household.

Are Pomskies Dangerous?

Another common question here is whether these dogs can become dangerous, either around children or other animals.

There are cases where Pomskies get along brilliantly with kids and other pets in the household and others where they don’t.

It all depends on the traits they inherit from their Pomeranian parent, their socialization from an early age, and the other party’s behavior.

Are Pomskies Good with Kids?

Many Pomskies can have a great time in a family home where they have plenty of people to play with. They love the attention and the feeling of being part of that pack.

Regular playtime keeps their bright minds active, and they can quickly become very attached to their families.

With the proper training and socialization from an early age, they can learn not to bark or jump up at kids and play nicely with strangers.

However, there are some risks that these Pomsky pups could snap or lash out at kids that play too rough.

This is a small dog, and there is a good chance that they will feel threatened if mishandled. That is why many Pomsky owners recommend bringing them into families with older children.

If you have younger kids, they must get their own “training” to behave.

Are Pomskies Good with other Animals?

As with a lot of other issues here, it depends on the temperament of the dog.

There are Pomsky pups that end up getting along well with other dogs and cats. Another animal in the household could be a great playmate for this energetic breed and a great way to keep them mentally stimulated.

A “big brother/sister” dog can also show them the ropes and help them fit in.

However, it is also worth noting that some Pomskies that have the possessive nature mentioned above can also become possessive around toys and food.

This could harm other dogs that want to share and be “bullied” into giving in. Small Dog Syndrome and related tensions there could also lead to slightly aggressive barking and behaviors.

Again, early and consistent training can help.

Do Pomskies Have a Prey Drive?

There are also some Pomskies that develop the prey drive seen in some Siberian Huskies. This could be a big problem if you have smaller animals in the house. Families that keep rabbits or have other small mammals running around are better off not getting a Pomsky.

That desire to chase the smaller pet could kick in, and the Pomsky may even kill their “prey.”

Appropriate training from an early age is essential with any of these issues.

Pomsky owners should find that the earlier they start training their Pomsky pup, the easier it will be to mold them into the perfect family dog.

Socialization will teach them how to behave with children and other animals to avoid significant problems. You can also perfect their obedience training, so they respond to all members of the household. Should any issues of possessiveness or excessive barking arise, correct the dog with consistent training and positive reinforcement.

Just remember that this can be a pretty stubborn pup, so it helps to be patient.

Final Thoughts – Are Pomskies Good Family Dogs?

In short, there is a good chance that you will be able to train a Pomsky to be gentle, playful, and respectful of all children and animals in a household. But, you also have to be aware of the risky behavioral traits they may inherit. Also, training requires a lot of patience. Take your time to consider the pros and cons and be sure that this is the right dog for your household.

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