Are Yorkiepoos Good Family Dogs? [We Take A Close Look]

are yorkiepoos good family dogs

When kids see pictures of Yorkiepoos online, they are sure to fall in love and ask their parents if they can have one as a puppy. But, it is never a good idea to base a decision on looks alone. Does this little crossbreed have the personality and temperament to handle family life? Or, are there potential problems bringing them into a home with your kids and other animals?

Are Yorkiepoos Good Family Dogs?

Are Yorkiepoos good family dogs? There is the potential for this dog to be brilliant in a family home and a great companion. They can inherit the affectionate and fun-loving traits of the Yorkie with the Poodle’s intelligence and friendliness. Or, they can become slightly yappy and possessive without proper training. The positives do outweigh the negatives, but you have to put the work in.

There are lots of positive traits about Yorkiepoos where they could be great family pets.

The Yorkiepoo is:

  • a friendly dog
  • loyal
  • playful
  • hypoallergenic
  • pretty easy to train

One common reason families turn to Yorkiepoos as a potential family pet is that they are a hypoallergenic crossbreed. This doesn’t mean that there is no risk at all to anyone that has a dog allergy. Both the coat of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle are hypoallergenic hair, with no second fur coat and a lower risk of dander.

Another great thing about these dogs is that they tend to have a great personality.

A well-trained Yorkiepoo should have a lot of love to give and be ready to play. They are loyal and playful, so it will be great fun to take on family trips and play with them out in the yard.

Their small size also means that exercise requirements are minimal, and they don’t require too much space.

Finally, there is the dog’s intelligence.

If they take after their Poodle parent strongly, they should be smart and easy to train.

Good training is essential with any family pet to understand their place in the pack and get along well with everyone. If you can get the kids involved in this training and make it fun, all the better.

It is also important to remember that there are downsides to having a Yorkiepoo as a family pet.

The Yorkiepoo is also:

  • intelligent and in need of mental stimulation
  • small and in need of careful handling
  • potentially yappy

The downside of having an intelligent dog is that there is a need for continual mental stimulation. You can’t let this little dog get bored.

This also means that there could be some issues with separation anxiety for this dog.

Their desire to be with their families means a need for constant attention, and they will get stressed out if left at home alone. So, it would be best if you considered whether you have the schedule to handle this dog.

If all the kids go to school for the day and both parents work, where is the dog for the day?

Then there is the fact that these dogs can bark a lot.

Yorkshire Terriers aren’t afraid to use their voice to make their presence known and get attention. Poodles are more moderate barkers but will bark to alert their owners to strange noises and changes to the environment. The result is a crossbreed that could become a bit yappy.

The right training can correct this, as can plenty of exercises. But, there is the risk that other family members get frustrated with this noise, especially if the pup also starts crying at night.

Are Yorkiepoos Good With Other Dogs?

Finding the best family-friendly dog can also mean finding one that will get along with other animals in the household.

The potential problem is that you could introduce a small pup into a home with another dog and they don’t get along. There is the risk of the Yorkiepoo being so devoted to their new owner that they don’t want other dogs getting any other attention.

It depends on how much they take after the Yorkshire Terrier parent. There could be some “Small dog syndrome” symptoms with this dog where they need to be the center of attention and push others out, which leads to the next issue.

Are Yorkiepoos Good With Cats?

If a Yorkiepoo wants to be the center of attention in the home, this could be a problem for any cat. There aren’t many risks of a Yorkiepoo getting aggressive with a cat, or any other small animal, but there is no guarantee of them getting along.

What Can You Do to Help Yorkiepoos Settle Into The Family?

As there are some risks with these dogs’ personality traits and their size, it is essential to focus on your dog’s training and socialization. Socialization training helps dogs to understand how to behave with other people and animals. If a pup has the instinct to go after another dog in the home or snap at children for getting too hands-on, you can teach them how to behave before it becomes a bad habit.

It would be best if you also made sure that your children are prepared to handle this dog. Ideally, you want to get this dog as a puppy when your children are old enough to handle it properly. Very young children can play too rough with these dogs, which can cause injuries and stress for the dog.

Final Thoughts – Are Yorkiepoos Good Family Dogs?

In the right environment, a Yorkiepoo can thrive and become a great little family dog. They have the personality traits and lust for life where they should be loyal and playful companions. But, you still need to work on their training to get the best out of them. This could be the hypoallergenic bundle of fun that you have been looking for with the right care.

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