Can Cavachons Be Left Alone? [How Our Cavachon Copes]

leaving our cavachon home alone

If you fancy small, cuddly designer dogs, Cavachons are probably on your list of considerations. We agree that this small mixed breed is a breeze to own, having one as part of our family. If you are thinking of having one, you may have a few questions in your mind.

One, can Cavachons be left alone? Cavachons cannot be left alone for too long. They are highly interactive dogs and enjoy human attention. If left alone for too long repeatedly, they develop separation anxiety, stress, and self-destructive behavior. 

But this does not mean you cannot have one in your family. In this article, I will share insights on how to handle Cavachons, why they cannot be left alone for too long, and what to do if you have to leave them alone. 

Can Cavachons Be Left Alone?

Cavachons are not built to handle time alone for a long time. They enjoy human interaction and appreciate the attention they get from time to time. Cavachons are friendly and make fantastic family dogs, like our Kirby. But, they come with their fair share of interaction needs. 

As a Cavachon owner, I’d advise anyone considering getting a Cavachon to plan how to cater to their attention needs. That said, if you are away from home for hours on end, a Cavachon may not be the ideal furry friend for you. 

In our case, our Kirby is lucky to have family in the house all day. My in-laws live with us and check on him when my wife and I are away for work. But Kirby has had to adjust a bit to us going back to work after months of working from home due to the pandemic. 

From this, you can see even if our Cavachon has enough attention in the home, going back to work has affected his interaction needs. And this shows just how much Cavachons crave interaction and attention at all times. 

How Long Can Cavachons Be Left Alone?

Cavachons are a crossbreed of two lap dog breeds, the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This means that Cavachons are lap dogs too; therefore, meant to be on somebody’s lap most of the time. 

Cavachons are very attached to humans, and I can attest to this from how our Kirby enjoys cuddles and hugs. He finds joy in being in close contact with one of us, playing, cuddling, sitting on the lap. 

Our Cavachon has not had to deal with time alone, thanks to my in-laws, but when we did not have any help, Kirby managed 2 to 4 hours alone in the past. Of course, it was hard on him, but Kirby was okay with a comfortable space, a clean supply of food and water, and toys. 

A general rule for living with lapdogs is you should not leave them for more than 4 to 6 hours. That means if you intend on being away for 8 hours a day, it would be best not to get one. 

Do Cavachons Have Separation Anxiety?

Cavachons are prone to developing separation anxiety owing to their high need for human attention and interaction. Cavachons find comfort in being around someone, and when they cannot get that, they start being anxious and stressed. 

If you leave a Cavachon alone for many hours repeatedly, they will develop separation anxiety which can later lead to other behavioral behaviors such as destruction, excitability, and disobedience.  

What To Do When Leaving Your Cavachon Puppy Alone

Puppies are easier to train and condition than adult dogs. Therefore, if you plan on leaving your fluffy Cavachon alone for a few hours as an adult, it would be best to start working on this as early as possible. 

For starters, you should have a puppy pen or crate in the living room where he can see everyone frequently. If you want to confine them to a room in your house when you leave, enter and leave the room often to help build his trust. 

Your little Cavachon needs to learn that the world does not end when you leave him alone. The idea is to teach him that you will always come back when you leave the door. And, with frequent going and coming back, your Cavachon puppy will take that as usual and adjust. 

One of the things I learned when we got Kirby is that leaving him to follow us around the house all day would make it hard for us to leave him. We were clear of not making this mistake, increasing his chances of developing separation anxiety. 

As mentioned, it is not ideal to leave your Cavachon puppy alone, but if you need to step out for an hour or so, there are a few things you can do to ensure he will be okay. 

  • Leave him in his most familiar room or place in the house.
  • Ensure he has enough food and water in an easily accessible area. 
  • Provide interactive toys such as puzzles, squeaky toys, etc.
  • Leave the TV on and set a show or cartoon that would distract your dog while you are away. 
  • Ensure his environment is comfortable and cozy to facilitate sleep or rest. 

What To Do When Leaving Your Adult Cavachon

Now, things are different when it comes to leaving your adult Cavachon. This is because how he adapts to being let alone is determined by how he was conditioned as a puppy. If you adopt yours as an adult, he will probably have difficulties when you leave him alone. 

Luckily, we have not had to deal with this as we have extra help with our Cavachon. But, like puppies, adult Cavachons will not do well if left alone for a long time, especially if they did not learn earlier in life. 

Separation anxiety in adult Cavachons can be pretty pronounced and more challenging to deal with than that of puppies. Remember, it takes a lot of repetitive training for a dog to develop behavior, which is not suitable for when you need to leave them alone.

If your Cavachon is used to your company most of the time, putting it in a situation where it will be alone for a long time will not work well. It will get stressed quickly and develop destructive behavior like chewing, tearing things apart, breaking items, etc. 

The best way to solve this is to train your Cavachon gradually. Set a comfortable place in a room and starting conditioning him by leaving and entering the room frequently. With time, your Cavachon will trust that you will be back and handle alone time much better. 

Can Cavaachons Be Left Alone With Other Dogs?

While Cavachons do not do well if left alone for too long, they enjoy company from their fellow furry friends. If you have no option other than leaving your Cavachon, you may consider getting him a friend. 

Being a small dog breed, a Cavachon can only do well with other small breeds. If you can get a sibling or another Cavachon, your furry friend may bond even better and handle alone time pretty well.  

A few things you need to consider, though;

  • The additional dog should be around the same age as your Cavachon. Dogs of the same age are more likely to play together and enjoy each other’s company. 
  • If your Cavachon is a senior dog, consider an adult dog about 5 or 6 years old. They will play better, and when it’s time to cuddle, they will enjoy that too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cavachons Enjoy Cuddles?

Cavachons are pretty cuddly and enjoy sitting on the lap most of the time. Kirby enjoys evening cuddles when we come home from work and will stay on the lap for as long as possible. 

Cavachons love to be petted frequently to grow a strong bond with you. The more time they can get with you, the better and stronger your bond will be. This is one of the reasons why they make great family dogs, as they create strong bonds with each member of the family. 

Can You Leave Your Cavachon In The Yard?

You may be tempted to leave your Cavachon out in the yard, especially during the potty training process. But, this is by no means right to do regardless of how long you will be away. Remember, Cavachons are small and can be prey, especially if you live in areas with predators. 

If you have an enclosed courtyard that predators cannot access, you can leave your Cavachon there. But, you ought to provide clean water, food, and toys for your pup to keep them as comfortable as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Cavachons are not independent, as Kirby has taught me; therefore, they cannot be left alone for long hours. If your routine keeps you away from home for 10 hours, a Cavachon might not be the best pet to keep. 

They are friendly, interactive dogs that require attention throughout the day. If you have to leave, you can get a dog sitter or take your Cavachon to a dog daycare. Alternatively, you can get him a sibling to play and cope with while you are away.

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