Can Havapoos Be Left Alone – Useful Tips For Havapoo Owners

Can Havapoos Be Left Alone

Are you thinking about getting a Havapoo? These dogs are great for families, but can Havapoos be left alone? 

Well, Havapoos are companion dogs; therefore do not do too well alone. Havapoos enjoy human interaction, and although they can handle 2 to 4 hours alone, they may develop negative behavioral issues if left alone for extended periods. 

You can do a few things to help your furry friend cope while still tending to daily tasks. In this article, you will get insights on how long you can leave your Havapoo alone and what to do if you have to leave it alone. 

Can Havapoos Be Left Alone?

Havapoos are not seasoned to be left alone. They desire human interaction, are highly social and friendly, making them great family dogs. That said, they have relatively high interaction abilities and crave attention more than most dogs. 

If you are considering getting a Havapoo, this is a significant thing to keep in mind. If you go to school or work for over 8 hours a day, this will be unfair for your furry friend. Therefore, your routine has to factor in the amount of interaction your little dog needs if you want one. 

So, can you leave a Havapoo alone at home? Yes, you can leave a Havapoo alone; but only for 2 to 4 hours. If longer, you may need to structure a plan to ensure your pup is engaged while you are away. You want to make sure your Havapoo’s mental and emotional health is at par. 

How Long Can a Havapoo Stay Alone For?

How long you can leave your Havapoo depends on its natural ability to handle alone time. Like humans, dog behavior varies from one to another; therefore, one Havapoo may handle time alone better than the other. 

Several factors come to play when it comes to how well Havapoos handle time alone. A significant factor is the behavior of their parents, the Havanese and Poodle. You can expect that your Havapoo has taken after either of its parents hence the variability in behavior. 

Ultimately, the amount of time your Havapoo can handle alone depends on its personality, which can be different from its brothers and sisters. On average, a Havapoo can handle 2 hours alone, but this can be as less as 30 minutes and as long as 4 hours. 

That said, you should try not to leave your Havapoo for more than three hours daily. If the alone time is extended and repeated every day, your dog may develop behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, which could be challenging to fix. 

But, life changes, and you may need to be away from your Havapoo for a long time. And since doing away with your dog might not be the best option, experts recommend getting a dog sitter for your Havapoo. Another option may be taking them to daycare for the time you will be away. 

Can a Havapoo Puppy Be Left Alone?

Most Havapoo parents start with them as puppies. Like other designer dogs, Havapoo puppies require a lot of love, attention, and interaction. However, it is challenging to carry your Havapoo puppy all the time, even if you wish to.

So, what do you do when you have to step out? A rule of thumb in dealing with most puppies is the separation time should be 1 hour per month of age. For example, if your Havapoo puppy is two months only, they can reasonably manage two hours alone. 

Although your pup can manage alone time for a few more hours, they can easily feel lonely if left for a long time. This can contribute to developing behavioral issues from a tender age, warranting much work to reverse such. 

What To Do If You Have To Leave Your Havapoo Alone

As much as you would wish not to, there are instances where you have to leave your Havapoo alone. You want to develop a structure of managing the dog’s time alone without instilling fear or separation anxiety when you are away. 

Here are a few things you can implement to help your fluffy friend cope. 

1. Ask for Help From Friends and Family

If your friends or family are dog lovers and wouldn’t mind taking care of your Havapoo while away, ask for help. This can work well if you need to step out for a few hours or if you need to travel out of town. 

Leaving your Havapoo with someone you trust will give you peace of mind knowing your little pup is taken care of. And, your dog may enjoy making some new friends. 

2. Get the Services of a Professional Dog Sitter

We all are busy, and you may not find family or friends that can take care of your dog, especially if you need help on short notice. This is where you have to hire a professional dog sitter to take care of your dog. 

The good thing is that dog sitters are trained and equipped to handle different dog breeds and tend to their needs. You will be at peace knowing your Havapoo has the attention and interaction it needs when you are away. 

You can find professional dog sitters in your area by searching on the internet or asking for referrals from friends and family. Once you have a list of some in your area, take the time to interview them and go through the reviews others have left about them. 

3. Install A Pet Camera

Now, if you will only be away for a few hours, you can leave your Havapoo alone. But, you want to ensure your dog is comfortable and engaged while you are away. Get a pet camera for the main area where your dog likes to nest and monitor its behavior. 

With a camera that syncs to your phone, you can tell when the dog is playing, sleeping, or acting anxious. That way, you can quickly tend to it if you notice any negative behavior. There are plenty of pet cameras on the market, and you can find a suitable one for your space.  

4. Interact With The Dog Before You Leave

One of the reasons your Havapoo may develop anxiety when you leave it alone is loneliness and lack of interaction. If you are going to be away from your dog for a few hours, play with them before you leave. 

Take the dog out for a walk or play with some toys indoors for an interactive session. Activity with your dog will not only give them the attention they need, but it will also tire them enough to nap while you are away. 

5. Get Mind Stimulating Toys and Games 

With a set of interactive and stimulating toys and games, your Havapoo will have something constructive to do alone. You can get puzzle toys and squeaking toys to help your dog beat boredom. 

When selecting toys and games for your dog, make sure they are easy to use for your Havapoo yet interactive enough to keep them engaged. 

6. Create a Comfortable Environment For The Dog

Help your Havapoo get comfortable with its crate by letting it use it when it wants to. Since dogs naturally ‘den’ to feel safe, your Havapoo will warm up to using the crate in no time. 

Place your Havapoo’s favorite toys in the crate, add a cozy blanket and dog bowls to create a self-sufficient environment for your dog. When you are away, your dog will nest in the crate and feel secure. 

7. Consider Separation Training

The best way to go about this is to train your Havapoo puppy as early as possible. But, give your puppy some time to adjust to the new family before you start separation training. Once you feel your dog is comfortable with everyone at home, you can begin gradually. 

The idea is to help your Havapoo develop tolerance when left alone for some time. Start with leaving it alone for 20 to 30 minutes for about a week, then gradually increase the time by 30 minutes each day for a few more weeks.

8. Cater to The Dog’s Needs

It would be unfair to leave your dog alone without essentials. Before you leave the house, make sure your dog has a clean supply of drinking water and food. Make sure the feeding bowls are in an area the dog is familiar with and can easily access. 

What are the Effects of Leaving a Havapoo Alone?

Unfortunately, leaving your Havapoo alone can cause a bunch to their mental health and social behavior. Here are some effects:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Destructive behavior
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Stress and frustration
  • Crying 
  • Excessive barking 

These effects may manifest in your dog’s entire life and can be challenging to manage. It is therefore vital to ensure your Havapoo gets enough human interaction to avoid developing such issues. 


Havapoos, as cute as they come, demand attention and interactions. These great family dogs cannot be left alone for extended periods as they are highly social and crave company. 

Havapoos are, therefore, quite a responsibility as you have to meet their social, emotional, and mental needs. With this in mind, you can structure a routine that balances attention to your dog and other day-to-day tasks.  

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