Can Pomskies Be Left Alone? Yes, BUT You Need to Know This!

A pomsky left home alone

Pomskies are popular apartment dogs because they are so small and become affectionate members of the family. It is easy to form strong bonds with these pack-focused animals, especially those with strong ties to their Husky heritage.

But what does that mean for animals that have to stay home alone while you go out to work?

Can you leave Pomskies at home alone for any prolonged period of time?

If so, what can you do to make things easier for them?

Can Pomskies be left alone? It’s possible to leave Pomskies alone if you need to while you’re at work. They should be fine on their own for up to 8 hours. However, you need to make sure that you create the best possible environment and make sure they are ready for this time alone. Failure to do so could cause anxiety and distress.

How long can you leave Pomskies alone?

Understandably, some Pomsky parents will feel a little uneasy about leaving their pet for long periods and question the maximum length of time. The general rule here is that 8 hours is the ultimate. Any longer and your dog may start to suffer, especially if they can’t go outside to the bathroom or if they get hungry or bored.

If you feel that this is too long, you can find ways to minimize their time alone and make things easier.

Remember that this is the appropriate length of time for adult dogs, who should be well-trained and can handle these more extended periods. It isn’t a good idea to leave puppies for too long, especially if they are still going through their obedience, housebreaking, and other training. Puppies also have weaker bladder control and can’t hold their pee in the same way as adult dogs.

A 4-month-old pup will have an accident if left for longer than 4 hours.

You can leave a Pomsky alone for this period of time as long as you consider the following.

  1. Do they have adequate access to food and water?
  2. Have they had their exercise before you leave?
  3. Do they have enough mental stimulation to keep them entertained throughout the day?
  4. Are they fully housebroken?
  5. Have you dealt with any barking issues?

Access to food and water is vital for long days without interaction. Ideally, your pet should have had their first meal before you go, and they can sleep this off for a little bit. But, they may need access to another meal depending on when you need to leave the house.

One option here is to set up an automatic pet food dispenser in a safe part of the home. This will release the right sized portion of food at the right time. Fresh, clean water is also crucial so that they don’t get dehydrated.

Another food-related solution is to put some treats in something like a Kong toy. These toys can keep pups occupied for a long time as they try their best to get every last tasty scrap out. Toys like this, as well as other puzzles, are important for smarter dogs like Pomskies.

These animals can get bored very quickly and need something to do to occupy their time. You can leave them with plenty of toys and games, the more diverse the collection, the better. It might also help to leave the TV or radio on to have some other form of entertainment.

It would also help if your dog were fully trained before you leave them alone. If you don’t yet trust them to stay away from the furniture or to stay out of mischief, you may have a nasty surprise when you get home. They also need to be fully housebroken, so they don’t relieve themselves across the home and leave additional nasty surprises for you.

Dogs that struggle with separation issues may take a little longer to learn how to handle this time apart.

What should you do if 8 hours feels too long?

leaving pomsky alone for 8 hours

If you are concerned about leaving your Pomsky alone at home for this long, you can consider the following options.

The first is to break the day up with a visit – either from yourself or someone else that your dog knows and trusts. If you can leave work on your lunch break, you could spend that at home and check in on your dog. Give them their food, play with them to tire them out, and make sure they have whatever they need.

You could ask a neighbor or relative to do this too if they are able. Or, you could use a dog sitting service.

This sort of check-up is excellent for pets that aren’t too keen on long periods without company or interaction. With that said, there are plenty of pet parents that are more anxious than their animals. If the problem lies with you and concerns for your pet, you could set up some form of surveillance system instead.

Indoor cameras linked to smart devices can offer a feed of your pet’s activities. Some of these devices also have speakers and microphones for 2-way talk-back – a bit like a baby monitor.

Start small and work your way up to a full 8hr period at home alone.

It also helps to make sure that you work your way up to these 8 hours over time. You don’t want to go from being there full-time to leaving them for most of the day. This could be a major shock to them, and they could develop anxiety as they wonder where you have gone.

Leave them alone for a couple of hours as you run errands and leave them with everything they need to be safe and comfortable. Then slowly increase the time so that your pet doesn’t notice any jarring difference. Eventually, you should be able to leave them for those 8 hours with no worries.

Don’t make a big deal out of leaving your Pomsky at home alone.

At the same time, it is essential not to make a big fuss of dogs when you leave the house, or else you run the risk of them stressing out about your absence. You can just set up their room and leave them to it. There is no need to have a big goodbye at the door where they physically see and hear you leave and start to wonder where you are going and when you will be back.

This is harder on owners than pets; some feel a little heartless this way. But it’s best for your dog.

Some Pomskies may be more prone to separation anxiety than others

The ability for Pomskies to be left alone can also vary between dogs based on their genetics. Dogs that inherit the personality of their Husky mother are more likely to struggle with time alone. There is a stronger pack mentality here that could allow for a bit of separation anxiety.

On top of this, Pomskies that are more like Huskies could be more vocal and howl if they are distressed. You can learn more about the vocalization of Pomskies and how to minimize barking in our other guide.

What are some of the common signs of distress?

Because some animals are better suited to this situation than others, it is crucial to be aware of distress signs. There is no guarantee that your Pomsky will be happy alone for 8 hours, and they may take it out on the home or themselves. Some dogs that suffer from separation issues can exhibit signs like a loss of appetite or depression.

Those who stop greeting you with affection at the end of the day and don’t touch their food toys aren’t happy. You may also find that your dog exhibits destructive behavior, either targeted at the home or themselves. They could chew up furniture, tear cushions, or even start to bite and scratch at themselves.

Any Pomsky owner that starts to notice these changes should reconsider how long they leave their dog home alone. It would be best if you found a middle ground where you can continue with your work and activities without putting your dog’s wellbeing at risk.

Final Thoughts

In short, there is a lot that you can do to make life easier for your Pomsky and allow them to enjoy their time at home alone. They should be fine on their own for 8 hours or less. The more you do to make them comfortable and create a positive space, the better their experience.

Try out some of these approaches to see how your pet responds. If they show signs of distress or are uncomfortable yourself, you can make amendments and consider bringing outside help. Always remember that the physical and mental health of your dog is a priority here.

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