Can Pomskies Live In Hot Weather?

Pomsky living in hot weather

Pomskies are highly popular with many dog owners who want a smaller dog that shares lots of the Husky physical traits. There is an understandable desire to keep them as pets across the world. But, this might not be the best idea in some climates.

One of the stand-out characteristics of this beautiful dog is its oversized fluffy coat. This is an essential tool in colder climates. But, what happens when you bring a Pomsky into a home in a hotter part of the world? How will they cope with the environment in Florida or Texas compared to somewhere further North? Is it possible to keep them and help them adapt to the weather, or is it better not to keep them at all?

Can Pomskies live in hot weather? Ideally, Pomskies should live in colder climates or at least in areas with some break from high temperatures. The thick double coat is a problem in the summer, but this needs to stay in place for their ongoing health. You can keep Pomskies cool in the summer. But, it is best not to get one in certain areas.

The Pomsky double coat

Let’s start by taking a closer look at that double-coat. This is perfect for the Husky parent who works out in Siberia’s cold weather and other harsh climates. The extra layer of fur is highly insulating to trap air and conserve heat. It is like putting a blanket on your bed at night in winter. Furthermore, the hair is long and dense for further protection. This soft, fluffy coat is a common reason why Pomsky owners fall in love with the breed. It is also a common feature because the Pomeranian parent also has a double coat with a soft under-layer and protective guard hair layer.

While this is great in colder climates and brilliantly insulating in the harsh winters in Northern states, it can be a problem in the summer. Dogs with this sort of coat can overheat and are forced to rest and pant to cool down. Without the right help and hydration, they could suffer from heatstroke.

Can you have a Pomsky if you live in a hotter state?

You can still take care for a Pomsky as a pet in hotter areas as long as you are careful. You can learn more about this below. One of the pros here is that Pomskies are small companion dogs. Therefore, they are fine when kept indoors for long periods – that is, as long as you remember to give them adequate exercise. They can spend most of their time in a climate-controlled home and be blissfully unaware that it is excruciatingly hot outside.

What you need to consider when choosing a pet dog in hotter climates is your lifestyle and needs. Are you looking for a pet that will head out on adventures with you over the summer? If you are highly active in hiking, swimming, and other sports and want a canine companion, the Pomsky will not keep up. But, if you are more introverted in the summer and prefer your own company indoors or quiet family time at home, a Pomsky could fit in quite nicely.

Of course, it all depends on just how hot it gets in the summer where you live. The summer months are increasingly hot now, and temperatures can get very uncomfortable for long periods in some areas. If you struggle to stay cool at home or through the night all summer, a fluffy Pomsky could also have a miserable time. But, if the worst of the heat only lasts for the middle of the day, this is avoidable, and you can adapt.

How can you keep your Pomsky cool during the summer?

Even if you reside in a more temperate area with colder seasons, there will be times in the summer when temperatures soar. This can get uncomfortable for any dog that isn’t made for these conditions. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to help Pomskies keeping cool.

Keep them hydrated

pomsky drinking water

Dogs must maintain their water content to avoid dehydration and other health issues. It helps to leave water bowls out around the home and to make sure to top them up regularly. This should include one in a shaded spot in the yard. You can also provide them with plenty of iced treats as long as they are dog-friendly.

Remember to take plenty of water with you on walks or other trips out of the house. Don’t assume that the area you are in will have accessible drinking water. Some Pomsky parents talk about teaching their pet to drink from the bottle. You could also purchase a collapsible water bowl so that they have something they can drink out of more comfortably.

Keep the house and yard nice and cool

The air conditioner is most likely running quite often during the height of summer anyway. But, it is a good idea to use these systems and fan where possible to circulate air. You could also set up a little area with a bowl of ice and an oscillating fan to blow cold air on your pup.

It is all about creating a comfortable place for them to go. This could be a cold, damp towel to lie on in a penned area of the home. Or, you might think about giving them a cooler space outdoors, so they don’t feel as though they are missing out on any fun with the family. Make a pleasant space where there is regular shade or set up an awning or sprinkler system.

Change their exercise regime where necessary

Pomsky exercising

One of the worst things you can do here, with any breed of dog, is to take them out in the sun when temperatures are intolerable. If you are outside and would rather be under the shade with a nice cold drink, think about how your pet must be feeling. They don’t get a say over where they go and can’t vocalize their discomfort in the same way. Dogs with thick coats, such as Pomskies, can suffer in the highest heat of the day, especially when walking on hot sidewalks.

The best thing to do here is to adapt to their routine. Avoid going out during the middle of the day when the sun is hottest. Instead, go out in the evening or early morning when there is a significant temperature difference. If you have to go out during hotter times, don’t take them too far and try and plan routes where there is enough shade and somewhere to rest.

Don’t leave your Pomsky in the car

Dogs die in hot cars. It doesn’t matter if you leave the window open a crack. That doesn’t do enough to lower the risk of death. Just don’t ever leave them in there.

Resist the temptation to shave your Pomsky’s coat

Finally, we must look at mistakes that some dog owners make when dealing with double-coated dogs in hot climates. Those that struggle with these thick fluffy coats and that see their animals struggling may decide to get out the clippers and shave the fur. This could do a lot more harm than good. Also, you are depriving your pet of one of its best characteristics.

The second layer of fur on a Pomsky is a protective guard layer. Removing this puts dogs at risk of skin conditions and of damage to the hair follicles. This could potentially lead to infections, irritation, and hair loss in the future. There is also the risk here that by removing the fur, you expose the sensitive skin beneath and increase the risk of sun damage. Finally, we often forget that the circulating air trapped in the coat can cool dogs in the right temperatures.

With that said, some Pomsky parents like to clip their dog’s coat into what is known as a puppy cut. This is a shorter cut that often works well on dogs with a faster, flatter Husky coat. It shouldn’t put the dog at risk when executed correctly and can offer some relief. But, this isn’t going to work on dogs with the oversized puffy Pom coat.

Can Pomskies cope in hot weather?

In short, you can provide a good home for Pomskies over the summer if you are prepared to make adaptations. There will be extreme climates where the heat is too intense for too long. But, many owners should create a climate-controlled home and new regime that makes a big difference to their pet.

The important things to remember here are to take the issues of heatstroke and dehydration seriously and to do your very best for your pet at all times.

If you feel that you can’t provide the right environment for a Pomsky, choose another breed better suited to your climate.

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