Can Schnoodles Swim? [The Truth Revealed]

A schnoodle on the beach

Can Schnoodles Swim? Absolutely! Without a doubt, not only can Schnoodles swim, but they adore the water, and they swim more competently than almost all other dog breeds. The only real problem you’ll face when introducing your pet Schnoodle to water is getting him out again.

Let’s take a look at what it is that makes this dog such a water baby.

What is A Schnoodle?

Before we go any further, you might need to know what a Schnoodle is!

You’ll have an idea, of course, thanks to its name. A Schnoodle is a first-generation hybrid whose parents are a Poodle and a Schnauzer. It doesn’t matter which parent is which, as long as they’re pure breeds of their respective kind.

Putting these two long-adored breeds together results in the Schnoodle, a dog typically known for boundless energy, fierce loyalty, and a real love of the outdoors, particularly water.

How Can Schnoodles Swim so Well?

There’s no exact scientific reason to account for Schnoodles being such great swimmers, but specific pointers and factors regarding their build and coat can give us some hints.

For instance, a Schnoodle’s coat is uniquely soft and sheds very little. It’s what causes them to be considered a hypoallergenic dog. Now, while no dog can ever indeed be hypoallergenic, the Schnoodle, thanks to its shed-less coat, is an excellent choice for owners who suffer from pet allergies.

Their light, soft coat could be a reason they take to water so well. Without a second coat or thick fur to weigh them down, they glide through the water smoothly and dry quickly once back on land.

Another secret weapon they have is the power in their front paws. A Schnoodle is adept at swimming because their forepaws have tremendous strength, and they use them to great advantage, cutting through the waves with speed and agility.

And not only that but they also absolutely love to swim. When a dog truly loves an activity, they’ll want to do it over and over. Because a Schnoodle loves the water so much, they want to be in it all the time, and their sheer joy makes them even more proficient at swimming.

How Big is A Schnoodle?

It all depends on how large a Schnoodle’s parents are and how big your pet Schnoodle will grow. For example, if one of his parents is a toy Poodle and the other a miniature Schnauzer, then you’ll end up with a much smaller dog.

Conversely, a Standard Poodle and a Giant Schnauzer will result in a much larger pet! Or you could meet in the middle by having one larger and one smaller parent, giving you the Goldilocks version, the ‘just right’ size!

The First Trip to The Sea

One of the most exciting things for dog owners is the first time we can take our puppy out for a walk, especially to a new place or on an exciting trip.

Once he’s had all his jabs and has been given the go-ahead by the vet, then it’s time to take your Schnoodle out on his first big aqua adventure.

This doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to go out on a boat and plonk him straight into the sea, of course. Just because he’ll surely be able to swim doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

Keep your Schnoodle on the leash at first, until you’re both more confident in his ability to come back when called. Introduce him to the water’s edge. He’ll give it a good sniff and maybe even a lick, but he’ll soon learn not to do that more than once.

He’ll have a splash around, and very quickly, he’ll be loving bounding around in the shallows. Watch out for him heading out into water that’s too deep or has strong waves, and be especially careful in rivers, where there are underwater currents you may not always be able to spot.

Training is Vital

Schnoodles are brilliant dogs who love to please, but because they run around with such excitement and enthusiasm, you must keep on top of your dog’s training regimen.

This is especially important if you’re taking your Schnoodle somewhere like the beach. Vast acres of sand is a puppy paradise, and when you add the lure of the sea, too, it’s a sensory overload for an excited pet.

So, be sure that your Schnoodle knows to come back when called. It means that you can command him to come back if he’s running off too far and, more importantly, if he’s swimming out into water that’s too deep.

Make beach time extra fun by taking sticks and balls to play fetch with so that you guarantee that your pup always comes back for more.

My Schnoodle Hates the Water!

Like adults, dogs come in all manner of different temperaments, and you may find that your Schnoodle is one of a small percentage who doesn’t take to the water at all.

Others don’t mind standing in it up to the tops of their legs but won’t ever feel the desire to take the plunge and swim around with glee.

This is fine.

Don’t ever push your dog to do something they’re not happy with or that they’re scared of. Not all dogs love water, and even though he’ll likely still have the instinct to find his way to dry land in an emergency overboard situation, it’s never a good idea to give them a baptism of fire or, in this case, water.

Have a Splashing Good Time!

Happy dogs make for content owners, and very little will make your Schnoodle happier than a good swim. Whether it’s at the beach, in a lake, or even your pool, he’ll be in his element in the water.

Regular trips to the groomer will keep his fast-growing coat in tip-top condition, especially if he’s spending a lot of time rolling around in salty water and sand.

In the meantime, put on your bathing suit and join your Schnoodle for a swim!



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