Can You Board a Dog in Heat? The Surprising Answer 

We love our dogs and don’t want to leave them behind, but most of us will need to travel at some point, in which case you’ll need to look into dog boarding facilities. But what if it is THAT time of the year? Unspayed female dogs can go into heat out of nowhere, so can you board a dog in heat?

Yes, you can! As long as the boarding facility has the means to keep your dog separate from other dogs and has protocols to ensure that there will never be accidental breeding, you can rest easy when putting her in the kennel. Each kennel has different policies and restrictions, so ask your kennel beforehand. 

Let’s examine some pros and cons of boarding a dog while in heat and how other dogs might react. 

can you board a dog in heat

The Pros of Boarding Dogs in Heat 

One of the most significant advantages of boarding a dog while they are in heat is that it will prevent them from coming into contact with other dogs. 

This can help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and minimize any stress associated with being around other dogs during this sensitive period. 

Boarding facilities may also be able to give your dog more individualized attention during this time, which could include special treats, playtime, and lots of cuddles.

Additionally, having someone else take care of your pup during this time can help limit any disruption to their routine. 

The Cons of Boarding Dogs in Heat 

One potential downside to consider when deciding whether or not to board your dog while they are in heat is that some boarding facilities may have a policy against accepting female dogs.

Some owners may also object to having a female dog in heat near their boarded dogs. 

In addition, if your pooch is used to relieving themselves outside, it may be difficult for them to adjust to bathroom habits inside a kennel or crate while they are away from home. 

Lastly, female dogs can get relatively moody or needy when they go into heat, so leaving them alone in a kennel might not be the best thing for them, especially if your dog is a puppy on her first heat. 

How Male And Female Dogs Might React

The presence of a female dog in her heat cycle can cause both male and female dogs to act differently during this period.

Males have an uncanny ability to detect a female dog in heat from miles away. This connection is thought to be so strong because of the scent of pheromones that radiate from her body.

Even a diaper does very little to help the strong scent of a dog in heat. 

The closer male dogs get to a female in heat, the more intense their reactions will become. Males often display this behavior by attempting to mount and humping on anything near them. 

In addition, they can mark their territory and urinate with more frequency, which boarding kennel staff is unlikely to appreciate! 

They may also bark incessantly and aggressively due to the increase in testosterone and hormones running through their bodies when they are near a female ready to mate.

Although male dogs are more prone to react when a female in heat is nearby, female dogs can also become highly territorial when near another female dog in heat.

Think About Spaying 

Suppose you aren’t sure when your dog will come into heat and whether you can find a suitable boarding kennel. In that case, you should reschedule your trip or consider getting a sitter instead so your dog will be in a familiar environment while you are away. 

To spare yourself the inconvenience, you can also think about spaying your dog, which is often recommended for many physical and behavioral health benefits

Not only does this prevent your pet from going into heat which can bring unwanted attention to her, but the procedure also eliminates the risk of developing ovarian or mammary tumors, significantly reduces the chances of contracting uterine infections, and decreases overall stress levels.

Spaying also plays an integral part in population control regarding dog overpopulation. 

In addition, studies have shown that when done at a young age, spaying lessens the likelihood of a dog displaying aggressive behaviors and running away— making it safer for both animal and companion.

Ultimately, spaying provides lifelong advantages for your four-legged friend’s quality of life.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, there are pros and cons associated with boarding dogs while they are in heat. Ultimately, it’s up to each pet owner to make the best decision for their pup based on their specific needs and lifestyle.

If you do decide that boarding your pup while they are in heat is the right decision for you, make sure that you find a facility with experienced staff who understand how best to care for animals during this sensitive stage so that your furry friend will have a safe and enjoyable stay away from home!

Adeline Ee

Adeline Ee graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Marketing. Originally from Singapore, she now lives on the road after leaving a 15-year career in travel and hospitality. A fanatic dog-lover, scuba diver, rock climber, and outdoor person, she has a keen interest in environmental and marine conservation and continually strives to be friendlier to the planet.

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