Our Cavachon Vs. Your Cockapoo [Which Is The Best?]

Our Cavachon vs Cockapoo

Are you thinking of getting a Cavachon or a Cockapoo? Both dogs are adorable and make great family pets; they are similar in some ways and different in many others. If you are considering getting any of the two, you may be wondering which one to settle for. 

Cavachons and Cockapoos are similar in size and are considered small dog breeds. The main difference is their parents; the Cavachon comes from crossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise, while the Cockapoo comes from a Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle.

These two hybrid dogs are both worth the hype and adapt well to different family dynamics even with their differences. Below, you will understand how these two compare, helping you decide which one to bring home. 

Cavachon Vs. Cockapoo History

Cavachons and Cockapoos are hybrid dogs, or better known as designer dogs. As mentioned, they are a result of crossing two different breeds; the main aim is to create a healthier and more adaptable dog. 

Below is a brief history of Cavachons and Cockapoos, a significant determinant of how these look and behave. 

Cavachon History

The Cavachon is a mix between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. There is not much information on the history of Cavachons since it is a pretty new breed. But, it is believed to have originated in North America in the early 1990s. 

The breeding of these two sought-after breeds brought about an adorable, playful, and loving dog, a perfect match for individuals and families alike. Since its inception, the Cavachon has become one of the most popular crossbreed dogs in the UK, USA, Europe, and other parts of the world. 

Like most other hybrids, the Cavachon is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, the American Kennel Club recognizes the parents, the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

Cockapoo History

The Cockapoo is a mix between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Unlike the Cavachon, the Cockapoo has been around since the 1950s, which can be attributed to the craze of breeders mixing the Poodle with other breeds to create designer dogs

As such, the Cockapoo is not recognized by pure-breed associations, although some clubs are working to establish the Cockapoo as a recognized breed. Additionally, the Cockapoo Club of America has been operating since 1998, supporting Cockapoo breeders and owners. 

Cockapoos have held steady over the years and continue to increase. Like most similar dogs, Cockapoos are widespread among families and individuals after companion dogs. And, with responsible breeders, organizations, and clubs, Cockapoos may be recognized as a breed soon. 

Cavachon Vs. Cockapoo Appearance

If you are new to the world of small designer dogs, you can pass these two as one, owing to their fluffy coats, curious eyes, and small stature. But they have a few features that tear them apart; of course because they both have different parents. 

On this note, Cavachons and Cockapoos differ in their size, color, and coat type as far as appearance goes. Below is a detailed description of how each feature manifests in these two dogs. 


The Cavachon is a small dog breed; usually about 13 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. Kirby, our adorable Cavachon, is smaller and lighter than this. Therefore, you can expect your Cavachon to be up to this standard or a little lighter and smaller than this. 

The Cockapoo, on the other hand, comes in four different sizes; the Teacup Toy, the Toy Cockapoo, the Miniature Cockapoo, and the Standard Cockapoo. 

The Teacup Toy weighs less than 6 pounds and can be up to 10 inches high. It is the smallest of the Cockapoo sizes and maintains its size even in adulthood. The Toy Cockapoo can be as tall as 10 inches and not heavier than 12 pounds. Unlike the Teacup Toy, the Toy has a sturdier build.

The Miniature Cockapoo can weigh between 13 to 18 pounds and be as tall as 11 to 14 inches. It is a little bigger than the Toy Cockapoo; therefore, it can easily be confused based on size. 

Lastly, the standard, also known as the Maxi Cockapoo, can weigh over 19 pounds and grow as tall as 15 inches. It is sturdier than the other three sizes and closest to the Cavachon. Still, the Cockapoo is a little shorter and lighter than the Cavachon. 


Cavachons are primarily white, a dominant feature they pick from their Bichon Frise parent. But, there are some Cavachons with light markings around the body. These can be in tan, brown, black, and apricot. 

On this note, your Cavachon can come in a single color, mainly white, or two colors, white and markings of another color or three colors, white witch markings of two other colors. That said, the dominant color of Cavachons is white, just like their Bichon Frise parent. 

Kirby, our Cavachon, has hues of tan around his ears and eyes, which can come across as tear stains or dirt. His dominant color is white, which in all honesty, can be a challenge to keep clean as lush as it comes. 

The Cockapoo, on the other hand, comes in a variety of colors, just like the parents, the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. That said, Cockapoos can be in any of these colors; 

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Tan
  • White

Your Cockapoo can have any of these colors, depending on the dominant gene from the parents. On this note, yours may present one of the Poodle colors or Cocker Spaniel colors. Additionally, the color your Cockapoo comes in can be a combination of the colors listed above. 

Coat Type

Like the coat color, the coat type highly depends on the dominant gene from the parents. That said, Cavachons and Cockapoo siblings may come in different coat types depending on the specific parent they take after. 

For example, Kirby, our Cavachon, has a silky soft, medium-length coat taking after that of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel majorly. But we have come across other Cavachons with straighter and more defined coats like the Bichon Frise. 

Generally, Cavachons have a soft, light, and curly coat which is pretty easy to brush through. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is considered a moderate shedder, and its long, straight hair needs regular brushing to keep tangles and mats away. 

On the other hand, the Bichon Frise is considered a low-shedding dog as the undercoat tends to trap loose. The Cavachon, having picked most of its coat qualities from the Bichon Frise, sheds very little, if any. Therefore, it does not need a lot of maintenance as long as you keep up with brushing. 

The Cockapoo has a long coat that can range from straight to curly. This highly depends on the dominant gene that your Cockapoo takes; a straight one from the Cocker Spaniel or a loosely curly one like that of the Poodle. 

Cockapoo coats tend to grow overly long, making them hard to maintain. This is why it is essential to clip it regularly, preferably by a professional groomer, to ensure the right length. Ideally, the hair should only be trimmed down to two to three inches in length.

Cavachon Vs. Cockapoo Temperament

Both dogs are adorable and make perfect pets for individuals and families looking for a small companion dog. Generally, Cavachons and Cockapoos are friendly, a little bubbly, loving, and gentle. This makes them ideal for keeping around kids and other pets. 

Both dogs enjoy human attention and appreciate as many cuddles as they can get. They are perfect lap dogs and will snuggle on your lap and follow you around the house. How sweet? But isn’t this what everyone wants from a companion dog?

Another similarity in their temperament is how easily they get bored. Cavachons and Cockapoos need repeated attention and stimulation to last the day. As much as they require short naps throughout the day, they enjoy interacting with their human family and will appreciate as much playtime as they can get. 

Are the two any different when it comes to temperament? Read on to find out.

Cavachon Temperament

The Cavachon is a pretty laid-back dog that will enjoy rolling up on the couch several times a day to rest. Our Cavachon, Kirby, will often retreat to the crate or nap every few hours on the couch. He will play for a few minutes and sleep for a few more, and the cycle continues. 

Cavachons get their laid-back personality from their parents, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. The two have a lower energy level than dogs of similar stature, which explains why the Cavachon needs several breaks to nap during the day. 

Cavachons being low-energy does not mean they are boring; not at all. They run around and play all day like most other small breeds but with short breaks in between to recharge. That said, with a bit of stimulation, your Cavachon will play and interact as needed. 

Additionally, Cavachons so not do well alone and need constant attention and interaction. Luckily, Kirby copes well with my in-laws living with us; they are there to play with him and keep him entertained while we are away for work. 

Cockapoo Temperament

Like Cavachons, Cockapoos are friendly and gentle; however, they have a little more energy than the Cavachons. Remember, Poodles are known as high-energy dogs, and a bit of that translates to the Cockapoo. Equally, the Cocker Spaniel is considered a high-energy dog too. 

Cockapoos are playful and will run around the house, play with toys, chase after kids and other pets. They are the perfect match for an active family that enjoys many activities. That said, Cockapoos enjoy the company of kids, but they need supervision as they could quickly get hurt. 

Your Cockapoo will enjoy a few snuggles before the day ends and will want to sit on your lap for a bit of petting at the end of the day. Your Cockapoo will take a few naps during the day to recharge, after which they will want to play and stay entertained. 

Therefore, Cockapoos suit a more active lifestyle where they can engage with their human family and other pets. They may need a little training dealing with strangers, but as highly-adaptable dogs, they adjust pretty well to changes in their environment. 

Cavachon Vs. Cockapoo Needs

Before you bring your little furry friend home, consider what they need to ensure you give them the best life possible. Designer dogs can be challenging to care for, especially for beginners, but with the knowledge of their day-to-day needs, you can hack keeping one. 

Taking care of Cavachons and Cockapoos can be quite a commitment as both dogs need the attention of their human family in all aspects. That includes interaction, exercise, feeding, and grooming. Below is a brief description of what these two dogs need. 


Exercise is an integral part of your dog’s healthy lifestyle. On this note, both Cavachons and Cockapoos need regular exercise to stay healthy. Therefore, consider your family dynamics and routines to ensure your dog gets adequate exercise time. 

Cavachons need up to 30 minutes of exercise to stay active. Remember, they are generally low-energy dogs, and a little exercise goes a long way. They need as much rest as they can get after playtime; therefore, limit how much exercise they get but make sure they get some. 

For example, our Cavachon, Kirby, is comfortable doing a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. Anything more than that exhausts him, and we always have to carry him back home. He would rather sleep all day, but we make sure he gets some time outside to get active.

On the other hand, Cockapoos enjoy outside time and can handle up to an hour of exercise. As high-energy dogs, they recharge by exercising for a considerable amount of time each day. Therefore, they are suitable for you if you enjoy taking walks or running with your dog.  


Both dogs come with a high metabolism which means they need a diet that provides valuable nutrients for growth, development, and optimal health. On this note, Both breeds do well with small breed dry food with all the essential nutrients; carbs, protein, fat, and micronutrients. 

Kirby eats a diet rich in protein, low in fat, and moderate carbohydrates. This diet is ideal for him as he is a low to moderate dog and does not need loads of energy. He needs adequate protein to support growth, a little fat for digestion, and little carbs to meet his energy needs. 

Cockapoos need more carbs in their diet as they are more energetic than Cavachons. There are dog foods formulated for such kinds of dogs; however, some may have extremely high carbohydrates, which may predispose your Cockapoo to obesity. 

When choosing the right food for your dog, consult a vet for what suits your dog best. They will examine your dog’s health and advise on the best food to support growth while keeping them at a healthy weight.

Cavachon Vs. Cockapoo Health Issues

Like most crossbreeds, Cavachons and Cockapoos are generally healthy, but that does not mean they are not prone to developing some health issues. 

The Cavachon is prone to suffering from health issues similar to those of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. The most common problems among Cavachons are eye problems, liver problems, ear infections, and hip dysplasia

The Cockapoo is prone to health issues common in other dogs. The most common health issue is ear infections, owing to the long ears trapping dirt. This shouldn’t be much of a concern as regular cleaning at the groomers can prevent infections. 

Both are prone to develop eye infections such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a condition that is common in most dog breeds. With regular visits to the Vet, you can prevent the development of these issues or detect them early for prompt treatment. 

Cavachon Vs. Cockapoo Costs

Both dogs can be quite an investment, but considering they are crossbreeds of high-quality breeds, they are worth each coin. On that note, Cavachons can cost anywhere between $400 to $900, while Cockapoos can cost anywhere between 4900 to $2,500 for a puppy. 

The cost of these two dogs highly depends on the breeder, the puppy’s generation, and the location. You can find some cheaper or a little more expensive than the rates above, but that is what you are expected to pay for these two furry friends. 

Final Thoughts

Cavachon vs. Cockapoo, which one is better? Both dogs are worth the investment and make perfect family pets. They are pretty similar in appearance and personality but different in the same aspects. 

They are both small dog breeds and make perfect lap or companion dogs. Despite having different parents, the two are slightly different in energy levels, with the Cavachon being more laid-back and the Cockapoo being the more energetic pup. 

All the same, both are adorable and will bring fun and warmth to your home. And, they are quick to adapt and will settle in earlier than you expect.

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