What is A Crestoxie? An Ultimate Guide

Chinese Crested Dogs are a breed you either love or hate. Some find them incredibly endearing because of their temperament and looks, especially the entirely hairless ones. Others find them to be a bit extreme. A Chinese Crested cross like the Crestoxie brings in other characteristics for an unusual hybrid dog.

What is a Crestoxie? The Crestoxie is a cross between a Chinese Crested Dog and a Dachshund. It is a small-sized breed, also known as a Crested Doxie.

How big are Crestoxie dogs?

Your new Crestoxie puppy isn’t going to grow to be that big. You can expect a height of 10-12 inches and a weight between 14 and 22 pounds. Purebred Dachshunds often get heavier than that, whereas the lighter Chinese Crested is usually closer to 12 pounds in weight.

What do these Dachshund Chinese Crested Dog crosses look like?

Looks can vary significantly depending on the more dominant genes in each puppy. Some animals look a lot more like the Dachshund, with that elongated body and shorter legs. Others are more in line with the proportions of the Chinese Crested Dog with longer legs.

There does seem to be a more significant percentage of dogs with the Dachshund shape. It also isn’t uncommon to see the tapered muzzle and folded ears of the Dachshund, either.

What is the Crestoxie coat like, and are they hypoallergenic?

There are also differences in the coats of these animals, depending on their parents. Some people looking for a dog with Crested Dog genes expect an almost hairless look with the little puffs on the tail, head, and feet. This isn’t a guarantee as there are some Crested Dogs with a fuller coat.

Also, the length and quality of the fur could depend on the Dachshund parent. Is the parent dog a short-haired, long-haired, or wire-haired animal? There are also variations in color from black and brown to golden coats.

As for the hypoallergenic properties, this isn’t a guarantee either, and even the hairless dogs can shed the hair they have. If you have allergies, you are better off with the hairless variety.

What is the Chinese Crested Dachshund cross temperament like?

Many of these cross-bred dogs are a joy to be around because of their sense of adventure and fun. Both parent dogs are alert and curious animals that want to take part in games and activities. Remember that Dachshund is a hound bred to chase prey, not your typical companion dog.

The Crested Dog also got to work on ships too, so isn’t a lazy breed either.

These dogs are great with younger couples and older children that understand how to handle them. Smaller children could get too rough and insensitive. This is an issue because the slightly jealous nature of the dog can lead to barking and nipping.

Are Crestoxies easy to train?

You need to be prepared to show some dedication and patience here because these animals are both smart and stubborn. They are likely to understand what you want from them, but they just might not feel like doing it. There is also the fact that the parent dogs can struggle with house training, which could become apparent with their offspring.

Taking care of a Crestoxie.

While these dogs have trouble with housebreaking and are more high-spirited, they don’t need too much room or activity. A couple of short walks and lots of playtime should be fine. Be careful with their diet and supplementation if they do develop any of the issues highlighted below.

Also, grooming needs will vary depending on the amount of hair and its type.

Are there any major Crestoxie health concerns?

The healthcare concerns for Crestoxies increase when you have specific characteristics. For example, a dog with the hairless dominant gene is prone to skin issues and requires more baths and treatments. Dogs that have the body shape of the Dachshund are more prone to spinal injuries and joint problems.

Therefore, dogs with both characteristics are more of a challenge. Other health conditions to watch out for include Intervertebral Disc Disease, Acanthosis Nigricans, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and eye problems.

The cost of Crestoxie puppies.

The desirability and limited availability of these dogs mean that breeders can charge higher prices.

Costs could vary depending on the look of the dog and its linage.

Remember to go and visit the breeders and litters before committing to a purchase. That way, you can get an idea of the shape and coat type, which then tells you what to expect with healthcare needs later on.

There may also be an opportunity to rescue one of these animals from a shelter. This is a great way to give a dog a second chance. Perhaps the previous owner hadn’t realized the healthcare needs or found they weren’t a good fit with their kids.

The pros and cons of getting a Crestoxie.


1) An interesting looking animal with that hairless gene

2) A smarter dog that will thrive with lots of attention and activity

3) The perfect size for apartments

4) They don’t require too much exercise

5) A good family pet with older children


1) Some concerns about nipping and possessiveness around small children

2) Significant health concerns if you have a hairless dog with the Dachshunds body

3) A stubborn nature that could make training difficult.

Is the Crestoxie the right choice for you and your family?

In short, while this dog can get along with older, respectful children after training, it isn’t so good with younger kids. They need a home while they get the mental stimulation and healthcare they need. Remember that some of these dogs have greater needs than others because of their genetics. Make sure you know what you are getting when you pick your Crestoxie puppy.


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