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Do Cavapoos Like to Snuggle

Cavapoos are the ultimate all-around dogs that suit families, children, and seniors. They are friendly, affectionate dogs that love spending time with their humans and pleasing them. Cavapoos are the adorable cross of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Toy or Miniature Poodle. 

Most Cavapoos will love to snuggle! Physical contact between a dog parent and their pooches strengthens the bond and allows for valuable quality time. Cavapoos were bred to be companion dogs immensely connected to their humans. 

Cavapoos were first bred in Australia in the 1990s. They have since grown in popularity as a designer dog breed found worldwide. 

If socialized correctly, Cavapoos are stable, loyal dogs that form a deep bond with their owners. They are voracious sleepers that can sleep up to 14 hours a day in multiple 45-minute naps and through the night. 

They often curl into your lap and fall asleep. Be careful, though; waking them up suddenly might scare them, and a startled or fearful dog reacts instinctively. 

They need a modest amount of exercise and will do well with a 30-minute walk a day and some play sessions in between. They tend to be natural swimmers and will love a trip to the beach or lake. 

A tired Cavapoo will happily curl up on the couch or bed while you are watching TV or reading a book and enjoy some quiet downtime. 

Are Cavapoos Cuddly?

Yes, Cavapoos are highly attached to their humans and appreciate any attention they get from their parents. They were specifically bred to be small, affectionate companion dogs, and in that area, Cavapoos excel. 

They are sociable, friendly dogs that can get along with other dogs and animals. However, they are so social that they might be prone to different degrees of separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. 

Separation anxiety is a panicked or anxious response to being away from their owners. Symptoms are: 

  • Defecating or urinating indoors even when house-trained
  • Chewing and destroying things around the house
  • Shaking, pacing, panting heavily, or drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Constant whining that turns into barking or howling
  • Excessive grooming or licking their paws
  • Digging frantically at closed doors or from inside their crates to escape
  • Digging holes in the yard
  • Escaping through gaps in fences

Separation anxiety is a common behavioral issue in dogs and one of the primary causes of owners giving their dogs up. 

It can manifest in varying degrees. Mild separation anxiety issues dealt with earlier are easier to correct than severe cases. If your dog shows signs of separation anxiety and you feel unable to handle it, nip it in the bud immediately and see a reputable dog trainer or behavioral consultant. 

Are Cavapoos Lap Dogs?

Yes! Cavapoos were bred to be small, family pets that can comfortably fit on your lap. Males weigh a maximum of 20 lbs, while females weigh a maximum of 15 lbs. Cavapoos are affectionate dogs that love attention. They will be happy being allowed on your lap. 

The majority of the dogs sit on you in an attempt to be close and get some attention. In addition, some dogs need reassurance and feel safe when snuggled on your lap. 

However, while most Cavapoos do not have a dominant or challenging streak, care must be taken if your Cavapoo shows signs of dominance. 

Being physically on top is a dog’s way of marking territory and claiming you for his own. If your Cavapoo is growling or barking while on your lap, calmly correct the behavior and move him off.

Are Cavapoos Clingy?

Because of their immense connection with their human parents, Cavapoos can be extremely clingy. They love to be close to their humans and will follow you everywhere, even the bathroom! 

Cavapoos were bred to be devoted family dogs highly attached to their humans. Unfortunately, this also puts them at risk of varying degrees of separation anxiety, one of the most common behavioral issues faced by many dogs and their owners. 

Dogs that cannot stand to be away from their owners for a second might exhibit anxious or panicked behaviors such as barking, howling, pacing, panting, chewing, or digging. 

If uncorrected, mild separation anxiety can degenerate into severe cases that require professional help. Here are some tips to try to prevent the onset of anxiety:

  1. Surround your Cavapoo with interactive toys that will keep him busy for hours. A Kong stuffed with peanut butter is an excellent way to occupy him for a few hours while you are away.
  2. Exercise your Cavapoo before you leave. A tired dog is more likely to konk out on his bed or the couch than pace anxiously waiting for your return. 
  3. Line the bed or crate with an old item of clothing that smells of you. 
  4. Don’t make a big deal of him when you come back, tempting as it may be. Ignore him for a few minutes and only give him attention when he is calm and relaxed.
  5. Don’t lavish attention on him just before you leave. Just get up and calmly leave.

Are Cavapoos Affectionate? 

Yes! Cavapoos were bred to cross the affectionate nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the intelligence and hypoallergenic coats of the Poodle. Most Cavapoos will be intelligent, personable dogs with loving, loyal personalities. 

Their kind, sensitive personalities and lack of a dominance streak make them ideal for first-time dog owners, families, children, seniors, or therapy dogs. They are not known to show aggression but, like all dogs, can snap or bite if provoked or threatened. 

However, they are prone to separation anxiety issues and suit a household where a family member is in most of the day. They don’t like being left alone for long periods and will not be ideal dogs for a working couple that is out all day. 

Oxytocin – Keeping Warm In Cold Climates

Petting dogs not only sends them into the cloud nine of love and affection, but it also has numerous health benefits for humans. Petting animals releases the bonding hormone called oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” 

Oxytocin is associated with empathy, trust, and love. Mothers and babies commonly release it during feeding or bonding time. In addition, oxytocin can be triggered during physical contact like hugging, kissing, and cuddling, whether romantic or platonic. 

The release of oxytocin has been shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, leading to a more relaxed you. 

All dogs are different, but most dogs like to be petted on their chest, shoulder, between their ears, and at the base of the tail. 

Some other spots might not be that welcoming to your affections. The paws, muzzle, head, and belly are sensitive areas that some dogs dislike being touched on. However, early conditioning and frequent handling will desensitize your dog to being felt in sensitive areas and make grooming and healthcare easier.

Petting can also be used as a training aid. Certain studies have shown that a pet as a reward might work just as effectively as a food reward. 

Although tempting, be careful about showing too much attention to your Cavapoo. Your puppy might become too attached to you and learn to expect a certain level of engagement. If you suddenly decrease the amount of attention your Cavapoo gets, he might develop specific behavioral issues like excessively seeking attention or separation anxiety. 

Can You Train Cavapoos To Cuddle? How? 

Although a Cavapoo that doesn’t like cuddles is rare, some dogs are just not big cuddlers. If your dog doesn’t want to cuddle, there are a few tips to make them more receptive to the idea of curling up on your lap while you read or watch television. 

Dogs, just like humans, need their own space at times. Their crates and beds should be viewed as safe places where they can rest without a care in the world. 

When a dog is in its crate or bed, don’t wake him. Startled dogs can react instinctively and bite or snap by accident. 

Get him tired: A tired dog might happily curl up on your lap and cuddle peacefully, while an under-exercised dog will have too much energy to relax. 

Treat – If your dog is receptive to cuddles, treat and praise lavishly. Most dogs love attention from their humans but might want to do something on their own or investigate a new scent. Having treats nearby will keep him attentive and close. 

Pick him up – Carrying him for short periods while treating and praising might make him used to intimate physical contact and grow to like it. Once your Cavapoo seems to enjoy closer contact, the number of treats can be limited, and your affection itself is the reward for good behavior.

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