Do Pomskies Get Along with Cats? Ensure Love At First Sight

A pomsky and a cat

If you’re already a pet owner and you have either a cat or a dog at home, then you’re obviously going to be worried about introducing a new member into your household. 

So, if you have a cat at home and are thinking of adopting a Pomsky-or the other way around- you are probably wondering: Do Pomskies get along with cats? 

This article has got you covered.

There is no short answer to this question as you will need to consider certain factors like breed-compatibility, size, behavior, and even the inherent nature of either pet. 

Pomskies’ Temperament And Characteristics

Someone once said that getting a Pomsky is like getting a box of chocolates- you never what you’re going to get. A Pomsky’s temperament depends on his parents’ temperament. He inherits his appearance, size, and sociability from his parent breeds: Huskies and Pomeranians.

Despite how the individual Pomsky turns out, Pomskies, as a breed, just like Huskies and Poms, are known for their friendly, energetic, and playful nature. They are curious balls of fur, and if there is mischief to be found, your Pomsky will find it. They are also intelligent and watchful and love to snuggle with their humans just as much as they love to play and run with them outside. 

Whether they get along with other animals- cats, dogs, bunnies, or even reptiles, for that matter, is completely up to the individual Pomsky. Whether your Pomsky will get along with your cat is even more completely up to the cat, if you ask me. 

But, being so amiable and good-natured, your Pomsky can get along with other pets. Yes, even cats, but only if you manage to train them early on how to get along and co-exist. 

Can Pomskies Be Left Alone with Other Pets? 

Pomskies can be left alone, and they do get on well. Except for the occasional bouts of naughtiness that you can easily overcome with training, they can safely be left home. But keep in mind that they are affectionate, social dogs that require a lot of attention from their humans.

So, while it is not quite as ideal as being with you, your Pomsky might feel better being left home with another pet, a dog, or cat, perhaps. To give your Pomsky the best possible chance of making friends with another pet, introduce them to each other when they are young.

But before you actually do introduce your Pomsky to your cat, there are things you must keep in mind and prepare for.

The Cat in Question

A Black and white cat

Let’s take a hot second to consider the cat in question that your Pomsky will need to get along with. There is perhaps one known advantage your Pomsky has in this scenario, and that is if he was there first. If your Pomsky was already a part of your household before your cat, then maybe, just maybe, he might still be able to retain his territory and have the upper hand when you bring a cat into the household. 

Huskies are not territorial at all, and while Poms have some measure of territory and establishing one, they are nowhere as possessive or dominating as cats are of their space and possessions. So, when you’re allowing the two to interact, watch out for triggers that one or the other is overstepping or intruding into the other’s territory and privacy. 

This being said, when a cat and a Pomsky- or any two animals for that matter- are in the same household, they must be allowed to learn how to share space, how to explore, expand and establish new boundaries, making room and allowances for each other. 

Being much more sensitive to new scents, Cats might feel overwhelmed when a new dog’s scent invades their territory. They might lash out and try to exert dominance. Alternatively, your Pomsky will want to explore all the new scents and nooks and crannies, in direct contradiction to your cat’s desire to shy away from them. 

Make sure your Pomsky doesn’t get scratched, and simultaneously make sure your cat doesn’t feel threatened or overwhelmed.

How to Introduce Your Cat and Your Pomsky

You must be very careful while introducing your pomsky and your cat. 

Remember that it takes time, patience, and commitment. It will take a while to get used to seeing each other, their scent, and their boundaries. Start training them to be around each other as early as possible, preferably when they are both young so that they can grow up together.

First, let your cat settle down and make sure she is secure in her zone. Then, pet your Pomsky. Now, allow your cat to sniff your hand for a while. This will let your cat get used to your Pomsky’s scent. Now try the same with your Pomsky. Pet your cat and let him catch your cat’s scent.

The next step is to encourage face-to-face bonding. Please keep your dog in the crate or behind his dog door, and let your cat walk around and make her way to your Pomsky. Let her set the pace because your Pomsky will probably be super excited and overwhelm your cat. Let them take stock of each other. 

If you notice any signs of aggression, like hissing, whimpering, growling, or general indication of hesitancy, then take a break and don’t force them to interact. Please provide them with treats, and teach both of them to accept the other’s presence. 

Observe how they interact. Initially, please do not leave them unattended around each other. If you notice that they are getting along, slowly allow them more room and time with each other. Start slow and increase the time they spend together.

Once they get used to each other and are comfortable being with and spending time in each other’s presence, it is important to keep an eye out for any indication that either one of them is overly clinging to or invading the other’s space. As a rule, assign individual bowls, toys, beds, and spaces for your cat and your Pomsky. Do not interchange their possessions as this will confuse their sense of boundaries. 

Final Thoughts

So, going back to our initial question of whether pomskies get along with cats. Unfortunately, there are no short answers. You will need to consider certain factors like breed compatibility, size, behavior, and either pet’s inherent nature.

I hope this information has been helpful. Keep it top of mind, and your pomsky and feline should become the best of friends!  

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