Do Pomskies Like To Swim – All You Need To Know

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Pomskies love to be around their human family, whether you are at home in your living room watching a movie or outside, perhaps at the pool, having some fun, and grabbing some sun. Your pomsky will want to be with you.

So if you’re thinking of heading down to the local pool, you’re obviously going to want to take him with you.

Do pomskies like to swim? The short answer to that is yes, pomskies can and do like to swim, but like with every other breed, this will depend completely on the individual dog in question. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about pomskies and whether they like to swim.

About The Breed

Let’s consider the parent breeds of pomskies, as they largely inherit their traits and qualities. Huskies, with their big build and playful energy, might come across as athletic and natural swimmers, but in truth, they are not inherent swimmers. On the other hand, Pomeranians can swim, but they are usually slight of build and weigh hardly more than 7 pounds-wet so they can get tired easily in the water.

Pomskies are medium-sized and slightly better equipped to swim. They generally take to the water well, but as a responsible pet owner, you must definitely find out if he likes the water and can swim naturally- or needs to be trained to swim- before you actually take him to a pool or a beach.

How to Tell if Your Pomsky Likes the Water

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Here are a few ways to check if your pomsky likes the water and can subsequently swim.

1) First, you need to gradually introduce him to the water and not just let him dive headfirst into the pool because believe me, the little tyke will try that. 

2) Try letting him play in the bathtub at home, first. Slowly, cradling his body in your hands, lower him into the tub. If he doesn’t display any signs of distress or aversion, let go of him, but be ready to hold him should he struggle to stay afloat. 

3) Most dogs will instinctively paddle their paws when lowered into the tub, but not all of them. So it is important to keep an eagle eye on your pomsky, be it in the tub or at the doggie pool. This method of letting him play in the tub is usually a great way to determine if your pomsky likes the water and can swim.

4) Before you actually take him to the pool or the beach to swim, it might be wise to take him there a couple of times beforehand, just to let him get a visual perspective of the body of water. Sometimes, the vastness of the pool or the beach might be intimidating for your little pomsky. Keep in mind that while he might like the water and can swim, swimming in a pool or the ocean is a whole different experience. 

How Do You Let Him into The Pool?

  • Start at the kiddie pool. Just like how you lowered him into your bathtub, cradle his body, and slowly allow him to paddle around in the water. 
  • After a while, merely place an arm in the water under him for support and allow him to continue paddling around to see if he can swim on his own without actually holding on to him. 
  • If he’s doing fine and doesn’t seem to be struggling, let him swim a few feet around you, but remain close. Remember, even if he does swim well, give him a few visits to the pool before letting him swim independently. 
  • Consider putting him in a life vest. This ensures his safety and helps him stay afloat easier, should he feel tired during his swim. 
  • Keep an eye out for pool toys or floats that he might encounter. While toys are super fun to play with, they might make it difficult for your pomsky to maneuver around.

What To Look Out For

While Pomskies, like huskies, love to cool off in the water, they can, however, get too hot if the sun is particularly high that day. They will feel drained and can be vulnerable to heat or sunstrokes.

  • Always bring an umbrella along to the pool or beach to give your pomsky some time in the shade, where he can relax with you while you catch up on your reading.
  • Make sure that your pomsky stays hydrated. Remember to take his water bowl and that he remembers to drink from it frequently. Treats and kibbles are great, but make sure he isn’t swimming with a full belly as he will feel weighed down. 
  • Talk to your vet to get a prescription sun protection cream for your dog. Your local pet store will also have options, but your vet will guide you on which product will best protect your pomsky from the sun.
  • The water temperature at dog pools is usually monitored, but always keep an eye out to ensure the water is optimal for your pomsky. Once your pomsky is finished swimming, towel him dry thoroughly, so he doesn’t catch a cold. 
  • Avoid swimming in lakes or ponds as they aren’t always clean. You don’t want to spend your downtime worrying about whether your pomsky might make a risqué date with a seaweed. While many beaches are dog-friendly, some are not. So make sure to do some research before-hand when you take your pomsky out to swim.
  • Always keep an eye out for any signs of distress. Your pomsky might be a great swimmer, but he is also not that big. A scuffle with a pool ball can easily leave him feeling overwhelmed in the water. 
  • Even if he loves the water, he might not be up for a swim that day, in which case, let him lounge under the umbrella with you.

Final Thoughts

So, going back to our initial question of whether pomskies can swim. Nothing is stopping them from doing so. However, to reiterate, every dog, irrespective of its breed, is different. Whether he can swim completely depends on whether he likes to and wants to swim.

Just keep what you’ve read in mind, and you and your pomsky should be good to go! 

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