Do YorkiePoos Like To Swim? [Are They Willing & Able?]

Do YorkiePoos Like to swim

Any dog lover that has a swimming pool on their property, or a love of water-based family activities, needs to consider the impact that this will have on their dog. Some breeds and hybrids are far more capable in the water than others. There is the assumption that any hybrid dog with the suffix “poo” is sure to be great in the water because of the Poodle genes. However, the YorkiePoo is a smaller dog and might not be so keen. So, are YorkiePoos good swimmers, or would they rather not go near the water?

Do YorkiePoos like to swim? There are two sides to the story here. We have to look at whether they enjoy swimming and whether they are good at it. There will be lots of these dogs that enjoy being in and around the water because of their Poodle heritage but struggle to become strong swimmers due to their Yorkie genes.

Poodle Swimmers

The Poodle is a fantastic swimmer that is great in the water.

The Poodle is an excellent water-loving dog that can spend ages jumping into lakes to fetch prey in a working capacity. Pet Poodles can have a similar love of water and extraordinary abilities when swimming in lakes or swimming pools. Therefore you could easily find that your YorkiePoo has an equal passion for the water.

The Poodle part of their genetic makeup may encourage them to take the leap and play fun games with the family.

Yorkshire Terrier Genes

However, the Yorkshire Terrier genes could mean that they aren’t as capable due to their size.

The best canine swimmers have a love of water, but they also have the strength and reach in their legs to get through the water. Solid and long forelimbs allow Poodle, Labradors, and other water-loving dogs to make significant progress without getting tired.

The short limbs of the Yorkshire Terrier aren’t cut out for this activity.

In turn, the short YorkiePoo could struggle over the length of a pool. Even those that are enthusiastic about swimming could quickly tire themselves out. That is why you need to keep a constant eye on these dogs around water and give them some food and water after swimming.

Also, some Yorkshire Terriers dislike the water.

Some YorkiePoo owners will be disappointed when their little friend doesn’t follow them into the water. You may notice them stand by the edge of the water, uncertain about getting too close. Some Yorkshire Terriers who aren’t that keen to get involved can also get a bit upset that you are doing something that looks fun without them.

This could either lead to them feeling distressed on their own or jumping in and regretting their decision. YorkiePoos could do something similar out of a desire to be part of the fun. At no point should you force the dog to get into the water, and you should always make sure they have an easy exit to get back out.

YorkiePoo Coat

The YorkiePoo coat can also play an essential role in whether this dog is capable in the water.

One of the potential problems in allowing Yorkshire Terriers into the water is that their coat can become wet and heavy. This can be an even bigger problem if you have a long-haired Yorkshire Terrier. Furthermore, these small dogs can have some issues when it comes to regulating their temperature.

Small breeds are more at risk of getting chilled when they come out of the water, and you need to be sure to towel them dry and get them nice and warm again.

The Poodle coat is a lot different, and you get those dense, water-repellent curls that are perfect for their role as a working dog. They can jump into the water and not feel the same ill-effects because of the structure of the coat. You will see a similar coat on Portuguese Water Dogs for the same reason.

Therefore, if a YorkiePoo were to inherit the Poodle coat rather than that of the Yorkshire Terrier, they would be more likely to stay warm and comfortable in the water. However, this coat isn’t going to be enough for any YorkiePoo that isn’t a strong swimmer or doesn’t enjoy swimming. You don’t know how your YorkiePoo will react to water until it experiences it for the first time.

There is no guarantee that your YorkiePoo will be a strong swimmer.

When you put these elements together, you find no sure-fire way of predicting your dog’s abilities and attitude to water. You could have a dog that wants nothing more than to jump into the pool behind you and will do its best to keep up and play.

Or, you could have a dog that backs away from the water’s edge and gets a bit anxious that they can’t be a part of the fun.

Either way, you must respect your dog’s views and take them into account when planning activities. You can’t force a YorkiePoo to go swimming when it doesn’t want to – just because you assume it should be happier in the water.

You also can’t ignore them if they are poolside in case they get into difficulties. The risk here is that a less-than-confident YorkiePoo will jump into the water because that desire to be part of the fun takes over. Therefore, you need to make sure to consider the safety of YorkiePoos at all times.

This includes teaching them to swim.

Teaching YorkiePoos to Swim

A YorkiePoo taking swimming lessons
A YorkiePoo taking his first swimming lesson at the pool

You may find that you have a YorkiePoo that is immediately happy and capable when they get in the water. Their instincts take over, and they figure out how to swim from one side of the pool to the other without any difficulty. However, others may panic a little bit when their tiny legs can’t touch the ground.

You must be in the pool with them when they take those first strokes in the water so that you can pick them up if they get into trouble.

Your presence can also encourage them into the water.

On that note, it’s vital that they go into the water under their own free will rather than being placed in the water. Give them time. Once in the water, observe them and encourage them towards a safe exit.

With time, they should become more comfortable and able to spend longer times in the pool.

Safety Precautions for YorkiePoos at the Pool

Your dog needs to feel secure at all times with no risk of them getting into difficulties.

The best first step is to get a life vest that is ideal for this small hybrid. This can bring some added protection and buoyancy if they get tired in the middle of the pool. This is likely to happen if they stay in there for too long because of those smaller leg muscles.

This extra layer can also keep them warm if the water is a little cold. It’s also essential that the dog doesn’t enter the pool without people already in it to keep an eye on them. This means a watchful eye at all times and ensuring that kids know where the dog is when playing in the water.

No cannonballs and big splashes around this little pup.

It also helps to install a fence around the pool so that dogs can’t get too close to the edge when unsupervised. This fence also helps if you have a dog that hates the water but wants to be near the family during these activities. They can lie in the sun close by and get the attention they need without any risk of danger or discomfort.

Safety Precautions at the Shore or Near Open Water

Poodles love swimming in rivers and lakes; it’s in their nature to go out after items and retrieve them for their owners. This instinct may cause some Miniature Poodle hybrids to want to do the same.

But, open water is dangerous when you can’t judge the depth.

Put a life jacket on your dog here and at the shore in case they go out of their depth.

The ocean also carries additional risks with the waves crashing over these little dogs.

Final Thoughts – Are YorkiePoos Good Swimmers?

There is that risk that owners will expect too much from a YorkiePoo because of their Poodle heritage. You need to be prepared because the dog will have little legs that can’t swim very far or that they don’t care for being near water. But, you could also find that they freely jump into the pool after you and do their best to keep up. This is why you need to employ all the proper pool and ocean safety procedures to protect your dog at all times. Ensure that whatever their ability and attitude in the water, they are safe and can enjoy their time with you.

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