How Big Do Cavachons Get? [Firsthand Experiences Shared]

How Big Do Cavachons Get

You know that you want a lap dog to cuddle with you in the evenings. Many people spend months researching the best small breeds that will help them make this dream come true. Cavachons are one great option for those who want a smaller dog, but how big can you really expect them to get?

Cavachons will often weigh between ten to twenty pounds and will grow to be ten to thirteen inches tall at the shoulder. The size and breed of the parents can make a difference in size as well as the dog’s gender. Puppies will also vary in size based on how many were in the litter.

If you still think that a Cavachon could be suitable for your family, here are a few facts on how big you can expect your puppy to become.

How Big Do Cavachons Get?

It can be a bit difficult to determine how big your mixed breed dog will be. A first-generation Cavachon with one Bichon Frise parent and one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent will be more unpredictable.

Which parent will they take after?

Both are relatively small breeds, but they do vary a bit in terms of height and weight.

On the other hand, a multi-generational Cavachon who has two Cavachon parents is a bit more predictable. These tend to be a bit smaller than their first-generation counterparts.

Either way, it can help know the approximate height and weight you can expect from an adult Cavachon. Most breed experts estimate that these dogs will range from ten to twenty pounds depending on gender.

Males tend to weigh more than females.

Either way, you can rest assured that your Cavachon is likely to be the perfect weight for a lap dog.

A female Cavachon usually ranges from ten to eleven inches tall at the shoulder with a weight between ten to fifteen pounds. Male Cavachons are a bit taller at eleven to thirteen inches at the shoulder.

They also tend to weigh more with weights closer to twelve to twenty pounds.

There are a lot of factors that can influence the height and weight of your dog. One of those is the time frame at which you spay or neuter your pup. Fixing your dog at an early age makes them more likely to grow about a half-inch taller.

After they reach one year, spaying or neutering means that they are likely to be on the smaller side.

However, neutering your male dog later in life often means that they will weigh a bit more due to a more muscular chest and more pronounced muscles.

Female10-11 inches10-15 Pounds
Male11-13 inches12-20 Pounds
How Big Cavachons Get

How Big Do Toy Cavachons Get?

Some breeders are also working on developing what is referred to as a Toy Cavachon.

As you might imagine, this particular type of Cavachon is smaller than the average breed. This subset of the Cavachon breed is tiny. Be prepared to take caution with a dog this small.

Many of them are under twelve inches tall and weigh less than ten pounds.

When a Toy Cavachon gets under your feet in the kitchen, you will have to be more careful due to its petite size. They are not very sturdy dogs when bred for this tinier size. They may be more prone to injury if you step on them.

The puppies will be extremely tiny, so be prepared for a pup that you can hold in the palm of your hand. They will grow quickly and often reach their total adult weight within the first six months or so.

How Big are Cavachon Puppies?

Determining how big the puppies will be can be pretty tricky. As you can imagine, these puppies tend to be extremely small. They grow relatively quickly as most Cavachons achieve their adult height and weight by the time they are about a year old.

However, you might be wondering just how small your new puppy will be.

The most significant determining factor is the litter size. There can be quite a bit of variation in terms of how many pups are in a litter. Most breeding experts estimate that Cavachons tend to have anywhere from one to six puppies in a litter.

When there are more puppies in the litter, they are likely to be much smaller. After all, the mother has to make room for this many puppies in her body. Smaller litter sizes allow the puppies to grow a bit larger before birth.

When Are Cavachons Done Growing?

The puppy stage is adorable, but many owners are anxious for their Cavachon to reach their full adult height and weight. This is the best time to transition away from the puppy food and into a regular adult diet. Puppy food is made specifically for growing bodies, so you don’t want to make the switch too soon.

Most small breed dogs are done growing faster than large breeds.

In fact, most small breeds like the Cavachon are done growing around six to eight months of age.

However, it may be worth keeping your Cavachon on puppy food for a bit longer. Some do not fully reach their adult weight until around twelve months. This is an excellent time to address changing their diet with your veterinarian.

How will you know that your Cavachon is done growing? You can take note of their weight.

Some dogs will allow you to take their weight at home on your bathroom scale. Others are a bit more fidgety and may do better at the veterinarian.

If you routinely take your dog in for nail trims or regular exams, have your vet weigh your pup each time you go into the office.

Once their weight stays consistent for two or three visits, you are probably looking at your Cavachon’s adult weight.

Is Your Cavachon Too Heavy?

Unfortunately, it’s relatively common to see a Cavachon that weighs more than it should.

Obesity is a common ailment with little dogs, particularly with this breed. They tend to have a large appetite and eat almost anything that you put in front of them.

If you notice that your Cavachon weighs more than what is listed here, you might want to consider talking with the veterinarian about putting them on a diet.

Obesity in dogs can lead to some serious long-term health issues.

Carrying extra weight around is hard on a dog’s joints. Excess weight can also lead your dog to develop diabetes.

Keep in mind that some Cavachons may naturally be larger dogs. Some breed experts say that they could reach up to 35 pounds full-grown at the larger end of the spectrum.

If your dog is near this weight or higher, you need to evaluate their body to see if they should lose a few pounds.

How can you tell if your beloved furball is a bit overweight? Stand your dog up in front of you and run your fingers down the sides of the body. You should be able to feel the outline of their ribs without too much pressure.

If you can only feel a layer of fat down their sides, then it is time to discuss a diet.

Most Cavachons are fine on a diet of dry kibble. Make sure that you purchase food that is specifically engineered for small dogs. If your puppy is still growing, you may even want to buy a formula specific to puppies.

This will help ensure that you are meeting all of their caloric requirements and nutritional needs.

Always follow the recommended serving size listed on the dog food you purchase, as each brand may recommend a different serving size.

If you are still unsure how much you should be feeding your dog, your veterinarian can give you some sound advice to help keep your Cavachon as healthy as possible.

In addition to dieting, you can increase your canine’s activity level. Lap dogs like Cavachons are often inactive, which can lead to weight gain. Ensure that you are engaging your companion in heart-pumping activities like long walks or a quick round of fetch.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that Cavachons are an adorable breed who won’t get too big to cuddle on the couch with you. While they can be pretty active dogs, they also enjoy laying around on your lap after a long day of play. They will average between ten and twenty pounds, making them the perfect weight for snuggling.

Just remember that you must strive to keep them in this weight range. An overweight Cavachon can have some severe health issues, and this is relatively common. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian if you feel that your Cavachon weighs more than he should!

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