How Big Do YorkiePoos Get? [Measuring Tips Included]

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Adding a new puppy to the family can be an exciting time, but you have to make sure to do your research first. You need a dog that will mesh well with your lifestyle, and sometimes that can include knowing the average size of your pending purchase. How big do Yorkiepoos get, and what can you expect from them when they are full-grown?

Yorkiepoos come in two size categories depending on the size of the Poodle parent: toy Yorkiepoos and mini Yorkiepoos. Toy Yorkiepoos weigh between 5 and 10 pounds and are 4 to 9 inches at the shoulder. Mini Yorkiepoos are slightly bigger at 10 to 15 pounds and 9 to 14 inches at the shoulder.

To learn more about what you can expect from the size of your Yorkiepoo, this breakdown will give you all you need to know.

YorkiePoo Lineage

Before we can dive too deep into the average size of this adorable breed, it is essential to know a bit of history about your pup. Yorkiepoos have proven themselves to be great family dogs even though the breed is still relatively new. People love to take their Yorkiepoos swimming and thrive when spending quality one-on-one time with their dogs.

They have risen in popularity over the past two decades, and their adorable faces probably have something to do with it.

Their lineage is essential when it comes to determining the overall size of your new Yorkiepoo puppy. There are two distinct categories of Yorkiepoos: the teacup or toy variety and the mini. The difference between the two is the size of the Poodle parent involved in the breeding.

If you have a first-generation Yorkiepoo (often abbreviated as an F1 Yorkiepoo), then your dog will have equal genetics from both the Yorkshire Terrier parent and the Poodle parent. Pups who are bred from later generations will have different genetics based on the breeding pair. However, it is essential to note that the Poodle parent always influences the size difference between these two varieties.

Other environmental factors can influence your Yorkiepoo’s size as well. Some of these factors can include:

  • Nutrition
  • Activity levels
  • Whether they are neutered
  • Age
  • Litter size

What is the Average YorkiePoo Weight?

When discussing the average Yorkiepoo weight, it is essential to note whether you are looking at a teacup or toy Yorkiepoo or a miniature Yorkiepoo. If you are working with a breeder and size is important to you, make sure to ask how big you might expect your new puppy to become when they are full-grown.

Based on the parents’ size, your breeder may be able to make an educated guess though it is not a perfect science.

Toy Yorkiepoos are the smaller of the two varieties, and they frequently weigh between five and ten pounds. Size can vary depending on what type of frame your dog has. Some inherit a relatively thin body shape, while others may be a bit squarer and stockier. The latter may weigh more than the slenderer body shape.

On the other hand, miniature Yorkiepoos are going to be a bit larger. Keep in mind that the size difference between these two small-breed dogs will not be enormous. If size matters to you, then you may prefer one over the other. The miniature Yorkiepoo is going to be somewhere between ten to fifteen pounds on average.

How to Measure Your Dog’s Weight

Keeping track of your dog’s weight at home can be essential to monitor their growth and overall wellness. An overweight dog can experience several health issues, so you want to take their weight regularly.

Unfortunately, most people do not have a scale specifically for dogs in their homes. Fear not, as many owners have found a workaround that is easy and painless for everyone involved. All you need is a standard digital bathroom scale.

Here are the steps you need to follow to weigh your Yorkiepoo:

  • Step on the scale by yourself and take note of the weight reading. You will need to reference this number again in a moment.
  • Step off the scale and pick up your pup.
  • Read the final weight.
  • Subtract your initial weight from the final weight with both of you combined to get your dog’s weight.

It takes less than two minutes to get a reasonably accurate read on how much your dog weighs. You could take them to the veterinarian and request that they put your dog on the scale, but this is easier and just as effective.

What is the Average YorkiePoo Height?

Much as their weight may fluctuate based on their breeding, the height will vary from Yorkiepoo to Yorkiepoo as well. This is still a relatively new breed, so there are not any specific breed standards just yet. This may change in the years to come as more people add this designer dog to the family.

A toy Yorkiepoo is going to be one of the smallest breeds available. Some measure just four inches tall, but they can reach up to nine inches tall if the parents are relatively large.

Mini Yorkiepoos are a bit bigger than their toy counterparts. A mini often measures between nine and fourteen inches at the shoulder.

As you might imagine, a taller Yorkiepoo is likely to weigh a bit more as well. The relationship between height and weight cannot be overstated. If your pup is on the tall side, the chances are that they will weigh more than a smaller dog.

Measuring Your Dog’s Height

Your dog’s height is going to be measured from its withers to the floor. If you want to know how tall your dog is and how it compares to the average Yorkiepoo size, you can take this measurement easily at home.

First, stand your dog up against a wall with its feet positioned evenly underneath them. Make sure they are standing up to their full height instead of leaning or slouching.

Locate the withers or the highest point between your dog’s shoulder blades. This should be relatively easy to find once they are standing up perfectly straight against the wall. The withers is the height you will want to measure, so be sure to mark it clearly.

Place a level or a measuring stick across their withers and mark the point on the wall. This gives you the exact height you need to measure. Using your tape, measure the distance from the floor to the mark on the wall. This is your dog’s overall height from the shoulder to the floor.

Another way you might be able to measure your dog’s height is by using a fabric tape measure often used in sewing and crafts. This is less scary to your dog, as it does not have the same sound as a traditional tape measure. You may be able to directly measure from the floor to the height of the withers without making a mark on the wall when you use this tool.

Keeping Up with Height and Weight

Keeping up with your dog’s height and weight is vital to their overall health. Their weight is especially important to keep them from suffering from severe health conditions related to being overweight.

An overweight dog has a lot more stress on its joints, is more resistant to exercise, and has a more challenging time with daily activities. Obesity also increases their risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease. The health risks are very similar between overweight humans and overweight dogs. Carrying too much extra weight can have serious consequences for your canine companion.

Be sure to talk to your veterinarian about what a healthy weight range should look like for your specific Yorkiepoo. As mentioned earlier, their height will play a role in how much they should ideally weigh. A taller dog may be able to afford a few extra pounds that a smaller dog cannot.

Ensure to routinely weigh your dog at home to keep an accurate log of when they start to gain or lose weight. This record can provide essential information if you need to take your dog to the veterinarian. It also helps you track their progress without heading in for a complete physical exam. Tracking their weight at home is an excellent way to save money on frequent vet visits to monitor their overall weight.

Maintaining Your YorkiePoo’s Health

Depending on the type of Yorkiepoo you purchase, you may be looking at a bigger or smaller dog. Those with toy Poodle parents are often smaller than those with mini Poodle parents. No matter what size your dog may get, it would help if you kept accurate tabs on their height and weight. This can be essential for helping them to be as healthy as possible. Be sure to keep good records of how much your dog weighs so you can catch problems with obesity early on.

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