How Long Do Goldendoodles Sleep? [Answer+Training Guide]

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Goldendoodles are cute and fluffy, making them the perfect company for families. Like other dogs, Goldendoodles need time off to sleep and recharge. Understanding how long they sleep can help you plan an appropriate schedule that balances rest and play. 

So, how long do Goldendoodles sleep? Goldendoodles sleep anywhere between 12 to 16 hours. Adult Goldendoodles sleep for an average of 12 hours, while puppies can sleep for up to 20 hours. 

Below, you will find insights into how much sleep Goldendoodles need, the factors that determine how long they sleep, and how to promote healthy sleep. You will also find answers to some of the buzzing questions around this topic. 

How Much Sleep Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Need? 

Goldendoodles, in their first weeks of life, will sleep anytime they are not nursing. As newborns, they tend to nurse every 2 hours taking naps in between feeds. Even so, they shut their eyes as they nurse, so essentially, they sleep all through. 

As they grow, they start being more active during the day. Goldendoodle puppies will stay awake for about 2 to 4 hours from 3 weeks of age. For example, they will play and explore for a few minutes, sleep for a few hours, play again, sleep, and the cycle continues. 

From two months of age, Goldendoodle puppies will sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day. They will have about 4 to 6 hours of active time during the day, whereby they will play and explore in short spurts. 

Like other puppies, Goldendoodle puppies need a lot of time to rest and recharge from short playtimes. They tend to sleep longer stretches at night, but they get up to have potty breaks and stretches. 

In the earlier months, your Goldendoodle puppy may wake up more than once for potty breaks, but with consistent training, they will sleep through the night before they hit five months. 

Older puppies between 6 and 12 months will sleep an average of 15 hours a day. They tend to have more energy to expend at this stage, spending more time playing and exploring. On this note, they will sleep longer stretches of up to 9 hours at night with short naps during the day. 

Since Goldendoodle puppies are energetic, they use up all their energy during the day playing and interacting. But, they tend to nap multiple times to recharge between sessions and reenergize for their next play session.  

How Long Do Adult Goldendoodles Sleep?

An adult Goldendoodle will sleep for 14 hours on average, but the hours increase as they age. A study by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior found out that middle-aged and older dogs sleep more during the day than puppies. 

Middle-aged dogs and older dogs tend to take more naps during the day as their energy levels drop significantly as they grow older. That means they need more rest than younger ones to recharge and pump up for playtimes.  

Even so, Goldendoodles tend to be more energetic than most other dogs; therefore, they may sleep fewer hours. But, how much they sleep depends on several factors varying from dog to dog and from household to the other. 

How Long Do Senior Goldendoodle Sleep?

Factors That Determine How Long Goldendoodles Sleep

Your Goldendoodle’s sleep can be affected by one or more of the factors below. 


What your Goldendoodle eats highly affects the dog’s sleep patterns. Some foods, especially those low in essential nutrients, will affect your dog’s sleep negatively. Your dog will have a hard time falling asleep. 

Another diet factor that affects your dog’s sleep is the frequency of meals. According to a Journal of Veterinary Behavior study, dogs that were fed more frequently took fewer naps during the day, but those naps lasted longer. 

Dogs fed twice a day slept earlier at night but woke up earlier, showing a decreased total time at night. This study shows that a higher frequency in feeding affects the length of naps and, ultimately, sleep quality. 

Mental and Emotional Health

Like humans, dogs’ sleep is affected by mental and emotional health. If your Goldendoodle is going through a mental or emotional issue, it may have difficulty trying to sleep. 

This is why it is essential to engage your dogs mentally, as much as you do physically. Ensuring your dog is mentally stimulated will help it settle down quickly, rest more and sleep better.  

Your dog needs emotional support to help it cope with everything around the home. Your dog requires adequate love and affection, which contributes significantly to how well it settles down and rests. 

Physical Health

Exercise and activity have a great significance to the quality of your dog’s sleep. If your dog does not get adequate training each day, it may have a hard time trying to sleep. Exercising helps to expend built-up energy in dogs to help them calm down and rest more. 

It is important to note that if your dog has physical issues or complications, it may not sleep as effectively as a healthy dog. However, this can go the other way round, and your dog may need to sleep more than usual, owing to its physical incapabilities. 


A Goldendoodle’s age can affect how well they sleep. Puppies and dogs in their first few years may need to sleep more than adult, active dogs. On the same note, senior dogs may need more sleep as their energy levels drop significantly as they age. 

The Environment

The environment your Goldendoodle stays in can make or break its sleep pattern. If your home is noisy and full of distractions, your dog may find it hard to sleep and rest comfortably. This can highly affect how long your dog sleeps and how much time your dog needs to fall asleep. 

How To Promote Healthy Sleep For Your Goldendoodle

If your Goldendoodle is struggling to sleep, there are a few things you can do to help improve the situation. 

You ought to create a healthy lifestyle for your dog by ensuring your dog eats a healthy diet. Provide healthy food and clean water throughout the day to ensure your dog gets all its essential nutrients. 

Additionally, ensure your dog gets adequate exercise every day, essential for expending energy and mental stimulation. With regular exercise, your dog will have an easier time settling down and falling asleep. 

Ultimately, your dog’s physical, emotional and mental well-being is paramount to ensuring a quality, healthy sleep. Stay on top of their health needs by scheduling regular visits to the vet and engaging them often to meet their emotional needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can A Goldendoodle Hold Their Bladder? 

How long your Goldendoodle holds their bladder depends on their age. Younger Goldendoodles below six months of age can hold their bladder for 1 to 3 hours. Puppies older than six months can hold their bladder for up to 6 hours. 

Goldendoodles above two years can hold their bladder between 6 to 8 hours, while those above seven years can hold between 4 to 6 hours. As they grow older, the time reduces significantly, going as little as 2 hours for dogs between 11 to 12 years. 

Do Goldendoodles Like To Sleep With You?

Goldendoodles love to be close to their family members and enjoy cuddling. They like sleeping in your bed or in your room at night to keep the connection going. Goldendoodles thrive on bond and will appreciate the extra time with you sleeping in your bed or next to you. 

Can Goldendoodles Sleep Outside?

It is not advisable to leave your dog to sleep outside. They are generally indoor dogs and do not adapt well to temperature changes that happen at night. Additionally, the coat is not suited for the outdoors. 

The best approach is setting up a comfortable dog bed inside the house. Goldendoodles love cozy spaces, and setting up one for yours will significantly impact the quality of sleep. With a comfy dog bed indoors, your Goldendoodle will have an easier time falling asleep.  

Why Do Goldendoodles Sleep On Their Backs

Goldendoodles like to sleep on their backs as a way to help them breathe better as they sleep. Sleeping on the back can also be an indication of your dog feeling hot while they sleep. Exposing their belly helps to regulate body temperature considering the belly has most of their sweat glands. 

Final Thoughts

Sleep is an essential aspect of your dog’s lifestyle. Although the amount and quality of sleep vary according to age and health, most Goldendoodles sleep ab average of 12 to 14 hours. 

Your dog’s sleeping pattern can fluctuate depending on how healthy it is, how much exercise it gets and what it eats. A little routine tweaking can significantly improve sleep quality and, ultimately, your dog’s overall lifestyle. 

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