How Many Puppies Can a Cavachon Have? [Answered Here!]

A Cavachon with several puppies

Our own Cavachon, Kirby, has been neutered, but we believe he would have made excellent puppies based on his temperament and personality. If we had the option of breeding him to a female Cavachon, we often wondered how many puppies would be in the litter. What is the standard for this designer dog breed, and what can breeders expect from their female Cavachons in each litter?

No matter what type of Cavachon (F1, F2, or F3), the standard litter size tends to be between two and six puppies. Some litters may be larger. Larger litters may result in smaller puppies. They may vary in appearance depending on the traits of the parents and the genetics they will inherit.

Are you ready to learn more about what you could expect when breeding your Cavachon? Here is everything you need to know about managing your expectations for an upcoming litter of pups!

How Many Puppies are in a Cavachon Litter?

How many bundles of fur can you expect your Cavachon to produce each time you breed her? If you intend to sell some of the puppies, this can help you better anticipate your waitlist and the number of families you need to care for each new puppy.

There can be quite a range of projected puppies from a Cavachon breeding, making planning more challenging. However, most breeders find that they get an average of two to six puppies per litter. Some litters may be larger, around eight puppies, but few will be smaller than two.

If you want to know how big of a litter to anticipate, your veterinarian can often help. They can attempt to palpate the abdomen to count the number of puppies. A veterinarian may also order an ultrasound or an x-ray to determine how many puppies you might see.

How Long is a Cavachon Pregnant For?

Dogs have a relatively short gestational period than humans, who must carry their little one for nine months or more. When you realize that your Cavachon is pregnant, you may not have much time left to prepare for an incoming litter of puppies. Most female Cavachons are only pregnant for 58 to 68 days.

A veterinarian will confirm the pregnancy around day 20 to 25 with a pregnancy test. If there is a need for an ultrasound, the puppies should show up around the same time. By this time, the pregnancy is already almost half over!

When Can a Cavachon Get Pregnant?

If you are considering breeding your Cavachon, you may be wondering when they are capable of getting pregnant. Most female dogs can be bred between six and twelve months, though it is better to wait until they are a bit older.

You will know that your female dog is ready to breed when she reaches sexual maturity and has her first heat, which usually occurs two to three times each year. Because the Cavachon is a smaller breed, your female may experience her first heat around the four-month mark, as is typical for many small dogs.

While it is possible for your dog to get pregnant on her very first heat cycle, veterinarians do not recommend this course of action. It is best to wait until they are on their third heat cycle to ensure that they are mature enough to carry a litter of puppies. Otherwise, you may start to see some physical problems arise in your dog.

How Many Litters Can a Cavachon Have?

As you begin to think about breeding your Cavachon, you might be wondering how many litters you can get out of a female dog. While males can be bred endlessly with very few physical effects, females can become worn out. How will you know if your female is worn out?

She might start to:

  • Produce smaller litters that come closer to two to three puppies
  • Produce litters with more health problems
  • Suffer from health problems herself

The odds of a small or unhealthy litter increase with each subsequent breeding. If you start to notice this trend, it is likely time to retire your breeding female and allow her to enjoy a life of leisure.

It is physically possible for your female Cavachon to have upwards of ten litters in her lifetime. However, asking this much of a single dog is usually frowned upon. Most people can reasonably expect to get four to six litters per dog while maintaining a standard of health for both mom and puppies.

How Many Puppies Can an F2 or F3 Cavachon Have?

Are you interested in breeding one of the later generations of Cavachons? An F2 or F3 Cavachon is created by breeding two F1 Cavachons (F2) or two F2 Cavachons (F3). This is one way to produce healthier puppies that are less susceptible to problems later in life. The question is, how many puppies can you expect from an F2 or F3 litter?

The good news is that you will still see a relatively healthy litter size from these later generations of the breed. Most female dogs produce about two to six puppies in these generations. Keep in mind that they will be exposed to different genes and may vary significantly in terms of their:

  • Appearance
  • Temperament or personality
  • Size

While it is a bit unpredictable with what the puppies may look like and how they will act, this breed is still a sought-after family dog.

Taking Good Care of a Pregnant Cavachon

If you are fortunate enough to have a pregnant Cavachon on your hands, make sure to follow up with your local veterinarian to keep both mom and puppies healthy. Take good care of a pregnant dog by giving her a nutritious diet and plenty of light exercise. This will aid in easier delivery and healthier puppies. Be sure to know what to anticipate from your potential litter of puppies!

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