How Many Puppies Can a Chiweenie Have? [Answered Here]

Chiweenie mom with a couple of puppies

The Chiweenie breed makes an excellent family dog. They have a great temperament inherited from both their Chihuahua and Dachshund parents, and their small size makes them easy for any person to manage. If you have fallen in love with your Chiweenie, you might be thinking about breeding your female dog. How many puppies can you expect in a litter of Chiweenies?

Because the Chiweenie is smaller in stature, a litter of puppies tends to be small as well. Most female Chiweenies will only give birth to two to four puppies at a time. She can safely carry about four to six litters during her lifetime. Monitor her health if you plan to breed more than once.

If you are ready to learn more about how many puppies you can expect from your first pregnant Chiweenie, here is everything you need to know!

How Many Puppies are in a Chiweenie Litter?

First and foremost, most owners are curious about how many puppies they can expect from their first breeding. This can clue them in to how many waiting homes they need to find and help them set their expectations for a waitlist on their puppies. Knowing what to expect and how many puppies are on the way can be reassuring to many people.

The Chiweenie is a relatively small breed. This means that the female does not have a ton of body space to carry a large litter of puppies. Unlike some larger breed dogs with six to eight puppies per litter, the Chiweenie litter will be small and more manageable.

Most Chiweenies will only have two to four puppies per litter.

How do you know how many puppies your female Chiweenie is carrying? A trip to the local veterinarian around day 30 of the pregnancy can give you a good clue. Your veterinarian can assess your dog in one of three ways:

  • Palpating her abdomen to count puppies
  • Ordering an ultrasound (similar to a human pregnancy)
  • Order an x-ray

This will give you the most realistic idea of how many puppies you can expect your dog to have in a litter.

How Long is a Chiweenie Pregnant For?

If you are anxious to meet those sweet little puppies, you won’t have to wait long! The gestational period for a dog is relatively short compared to some other members of the animal kingdom. For the most part, a female Chiweenie will carry her pups between 58 and 68 days.

You may not even notice that your dog is pregnant until she is 20 to 30 days along. This is usually when most people start to see the signs of pregnancy, meaning that she is almost halfway into her pregnancy by the time you notice!

While this can pose a problem for pet parents who weren’t sure they wanted to breed their Chiweenie, it can be welcome news for those who were intentional about it. New puppies are on their way and need to find a new home quickly!

When Can a Chiweenie Get Pregnant?

Chiweenies can get pregnant very early in their life, but this is not always a good idea. The truth is that your dog can become pregnant as soon as she has had her first heat. It is common to see a first heat occur around four months of age in small dogs like this one.

As you might imagine, your dog still has plenty of growing and maturing to do at four months old. Breeding her as soon as she can carry puppies may not be best for her health. She may develop physical symptoms from carrying puppies too soon or behavioral issues that can be difficult to curb.

How Many Litters Can a Chiweenie Have?

Because the gestational age is so short, dogs can carry many litters throughout their lives. A mother dog can have upwards of ten litters. However, this is not a good idea, and breeding should be spaced out and limited to prevent strain on her body.

Most breeders agree that four to six litters should be the maximum that you ask of your female Chiweenie.

You will notice that your female Chiweenie might be getting tired of breeding when any of the following become issues:

  • Small litter size
  • Unhealthy puppies
  • Health issues for the mother

How to Care for a Pregnant Chiweenie

Now that your Chiweenie is pregnant, what should you do next? Here are a few tips to help you better care for your expecting mama.

Pay Attention to Diet

A Chiweenie who is already at a healthy weight will not need much in a diet change. In the early days of her pregnancy, you do not need to adjust her food intake or her diet in any way unless your veterinarian recommends it.

As she moves further into her gestational period, you may need to increase her food by about 30 to 50 percent to account for the extra calories she is burning. Be sure to space them out into many small meals throughout the day to prevent stomach upset.

Light Exercise

While the Chiweenie is not a super active breed, to begin with, you don’t want your pregnant Chiweenie to become a couch potato during her pregnancy. Take her for short walks and offer light playtime to keep her happy and fit.

Regular Vet Check-ups

As soon as you start thinking about breeding your Chiweenie, you should take her to the vet for a routine check-up and get a clean bill of health. Continue with regular visits throughout the pregnancy to ensure that both mom and puppies remain healthy.

Finding Excellent Homes for Your Chiweenie Puppies

Now that your Chiweenie is expecting, it is time to find great homes for all of your new puppies. You may even be tempted to keep all of them! Knowing what to expect from your Chiweenie’s litter can be extremely helpful in allowing you to prepare for the incoming bundles of joy. Be sure to keep your dog as healthy as possible during this particular time in her life!

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