How Many Puppies Can A Cockapoo Have? [Answered!]

How Many Puppies Can A cockapoo have

The Cockapoo is one of the most adorable designer dogs out there. With a lovely combo of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, these pooches come with cute curls and button noses that anyone would fall in love with. It’s no wonder why someone might consider breeding this type of dog.

Cockapoos typically have a litter size ranging from four to seven. However, the first pregnancy may only result in two, three, or four puppies. It is recommended to breed Cockapoos between six and 12 months of age for the largest litters.

Are you considering breeding Cockapoos? Just curious about the breeding habits of this unique designer hound? Keep reading to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how many puppies a Cockapoo can have.

How Many Cockapoos Are in a Cockapoo Litter?

If your Cockapoo just fell pregnant, you might be wondering what to expect litter size-wise. This number can change depending on many factors, the biggest one being the number of pregnancies. 

  • First pregnancy: two to four puppies

  • Second pregnancy and beyond: four to seven puppies

Age will also factor in the number of cockapoos in a litter. You need to make sure you’re breeding your Cockapoos at the ideal age: between six and 12 months, or whenever sexual maturity is reached.

Signs Your Cockapoo is in Heat

It’s best to wait until your female Cockapoo has gone through two heat cycles before planning to breed. If you’re unsure whether or not your dog is in heat, here are some of the most common signs and symptoms.

  1. Changes to the vulva. The vulva will likely become swollen and red.

2. Bleeding and/or discharge. Sometimes, the color can be yellow or brown rather than red.

3. Excessive licking. A female Cockapoo will likely lick itself more often than usual during heat.

4. Excessive urination. At the same time, a female Cockapoo in heat will also urinate more regularly.

5. Behavioral changes. If you notice your female Cockapoo is overly friendly, approaching male dogs, humping, and appearing anxious, they are likely going through heat. 

How Long is a Cockapoo Pregnant For?

The typical length of pregnancy for a Cockapoo is 63 days. However, this number can vary from dog to dog. It could be as little as 58 days or as many as 68. 

The best thing to do is to keep an eye on your pregnant Cockapoo. During her pregnancy, ensure she is getting proper nutrition. She will need about 40% more high-quality dog food than usual. Take her to the vet for regular checkups and perform light exercises, such as a slow walk, to keep her in good shape.

Signs Your Dog is Ready to Give Birth

While you should be taking proper care of your Cockapoo during pregnancy, you should also be looking for signs that she is ready to give birth around the 58th day of her pregnancy. Some of the signs that your dog is prepared to give birth include:

  • Nesting. If your Cockapoo is suddenly digging, scratching, and circling her bed or blanket, she may be preparing for the birth of her puppies.
  • Decrease in rectal temperature. When your Cockapoo is preparing for birth, her rectal temperature will drop below 100F.
  • Physical signs. The most prominent indicator may be physical changes, such as pacing, shaking, and vomiting. This will likely occur less than 12 hours before she is ready to deliver.

Consider putting together a whelping box before your Cockapoo is due to deliver. A whelping box is a safe and sanitary area where your dog can have her litter. The whelping box should be equipped with a few key things:

  • Newspapers. Line the box with newspaper to ensure easy cleanup post-delivery.
  • Clean towels. These will be used to clean the brand new puppies.
  • Thermometer. This will help you stay on track with your dog’s temperature, so you know when she’s due to deliver.
  • Sterile scissors and unwaxed floss. Necessary for cutting and tying the umbilical cord.
  • Iodine. This will be used to clean the cord after being cut.
  • Heat lamp. A heat lamp (that isn’t too warm or close to the box) will keep brand new puppies safe, secure, and nice and warm when necessary.
  • Syringe. Used to clean the puppies’ noses and mouths.

Can You Breed Two Cockapoos Together?

It is possible to breed two Cockapoos together. These will be known as “F2”, or second generation. The interesting thing about breeding two F1 Cockapoos is that the F2 litter might not look exactly like their F1 parents. Instead, the “Grandad Effect” comes into play. 

The “Grandad Effect” is something that is seen in humans. When this happens, the F2 Cockapoo offspring takes on the appearance of their grandparent – either the Cocker Spaniel or the Poodle. For example, one puppy in the litter might have a curly coat while the other has a straight coat. 

Do Two Cockapoos Make a Cockapoo?

Technically, yes, two Cockapoos make a Cockapoo puppy. Bear in mind that the “Grandad Effect” may make it appear as though the puppy is not a Cockapoo as it may resemble one breed over the other.

Consider using a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle if you’re looking to breed F1 Cockapoo puppies.

How Much Should a Cockapoo Cost?

If you’re breeding Cockapoos, your goal is likely to sell some of the puppies. But how much should a Cockapoo puppy cost?

The average price of a Cockapoo is around $2,000. This amount can vary depending on the size, color, and overall appearance of the dog. The quality of the breeder can also determine the number.

Altogether, a Cockapoo puppy typically ranges from $1,500 to $2,500. 

Final Thoughts

Cockapoos typically have between four and seven puppies, but their first go-around results in fewer. It’s best to wait until your Cockapoo has reached sexual maturity before trying to breed, which is typically around six and 12 months. Wait for two heat cycles before breeding for the best results with the most amount of puppies delivered. 

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