How Many Puppies Can A Shorkie Have? (Answered Here!)

How many puppies can a shorkie have

Are you considering getting a Shorkie, the notorious “tiny but mighty” designer hybrid known for its tenacious, stubborn, and surprisingly loving and loyal temperament? Or perhaps you’re already the proud owner of a beloved Shorkie, curious about their delivery habits. Whatever the case, today, we’re discussing the critical question – how many puppies can a Shorkie have?

Shorkies are itty-bitty hounds, even though they might not think they are. That said, they aren’t known for their large litters. While the actual number of puppies in the litter will change from Shorkie to Shorkie, five puppies are the maximum per litter.

You’ve stumbled upon the right article if you have questions about how many puppies Shorkies can have. Below, you will find crucial information such as how many per litter, when a Shorkie can get pregnant, and whether or not you can breed Shorkies together – plus so much more.

How Many Puppies Are in a Shorkie Litter?

Shorkies are an adorable yet fierce mix of the Shih Tzu and the Yorkie. With these two pooch parents, the Shorkie is relatively small in stature. In fact, Shorkies can be as little as five pounds and six inches at the withers, although they can be as “big” as 14 inches and weigh up to 15 pounds.

Due to their small stature, Shorkies are unable to produce large litters. The largest amount of puppies a Shorkie can have per litter is five. 

The number of puppies per litter will change from Shorkie to Shorkie. Some may have as little as one or two, but the number will never surpass five.

So, if you’re waiting around for your little “diva” pooch to give birth, don’t expect an influx of puppies to come your way. 

How Long is a Shorkie Pregnant For?

Like most other toy breeds, Shorkies are pregnant for around 63 days. However, the length of time your pooch is pregnant can range from 58 to 68 days. 

Signs Your Shorkie is Pregnant

If you’re trying to breed your Shorkie, you must be on the lookout for signs of pregnancy. While diagnostic testing by a professional veterinarian is the only definite cue (palpation, ultrasound, hormone test), there are a few indicators you can spot at home.

  • Increase or decrease in appetite. Your pooch may not eat as much and throw its food up regularly while pregnant. On the other hand, they may consume much more food, seemingly never satisfied with the amount.
  • Weight gain. A growing womb of puppies can only lead to one thing – noticeable weight gain in the belly region.
  • Increased nipple size. Due to the influx of hormones in your dog’s system, their nipples will begin to grow considerably. 
  • More tired than usual. While Shorkies don’t need a whole lot of exercise, they are known for their energetic temperaments. If your Shorkie lady is suddenly more tired than usual, she may be pregnant.
  • Nesting behaviors. If it appears as though your Shorkie is trying to create some type of cozy area to lay down and relax, she may be “nesting.”
  • More or less loving. Shorkies are loyal and loving hounds that enjoy being by your side. They may be pregnant if they suddenly want your attention or try avoiding you.

Signs Your Shorkie is in Labor

Knowing when your dog is in labor is also essential, as you will likely need to step in and lend them a helping hand and, in some cases, seek emergency care. The signs of labor include:

  • The temperature drops below 100 degrees. One of the most significant indicators of labor is your Shorkie’s temperature. Once it drops below 100 degrees, she’s likely to give birth within the next 24 hours.
  • Wants more attention. Again, Shorkies are cuddlers. But if she wants to cuddle excessively, she may simply want to be around someone she trusts while her body prepares for birth.
  • Wants less attention. On the other hand, your Shorkie may not want you around whatsoever. This is unlikely in the Shorkie breed, but every hound is different.
  • Vomiting. Is your Shorkie suddenly vomiting repetitively? It may be an indicator that labor is near.
  • Hardened stomach. Check the stomach, especially if your Shorkie is whining or yelping. If the stomach is firm, it may be that your Shorkie is having contractions and getting ready to deliver within 72 hours.
  • Excessive genital licking. Your Shorkie is trying to stay clean during the labor process.
  • Enlarged mammary glands. As your Shorkie prepares to feed her puppies, her mammary glands will begin to swell extensively. 
  • Refusing to eat. Dogs don’t like to eat before giving birth. So, if your Shorkie refuses her meals, ensure she has enough water to drink and prepare for delivery.

When Can a Shorkie Get Pregnant?

Shorkies can get pregnant after their second heat, which can occur around eight months old. However, it is recommended not to allow your Shorkie to get pregnant until they are at least two years old. This will ensure they are mature enough to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. If your Shorkie falls pregnant, ensure they get the proper medical care throughout pregnancy.

Can You Breed 2 Shorkies?

You can breed two Shorkies together. In fact, many Shorkie breeders are taking this route to create a stabilized breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.

What Happens if You Breed 2 Shorkies Together?

A “first cross” Shorkie can have traits from the Shih Tzu or Yorkshire parent, which means every puppy can look different in the litter. However, when two Shorkies breed together, they’re likely to have puppies with more similar appearances, which is one of the main goals of breeding Shorkies together regularly.

Bottom Line: Shorkies Don’t Have Very Many Puppies

Shorkies are small hounds that can be bred together and don’t have very large litters. Five puppies are the maximum number per litter, although many Shorkies only give birth to a couple. If you’re planning to breed your Shorkie, wait until they are at least two years old and keep an eye on them before, during, and after labor.

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