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Some dogs seem to sleep almost the entire day, especially after a good walk and nutritious meal. Pugs and other companion dogs are known for sleeping soundly on their owners for hours. Is this also the case for the Puggle, or are they more like a Beagle?

How Much Do Puggles Sleep? Puggles can sleep pretty well if they feel they are safe – often if you are nearby. They could sleep anywhere between 10 and 14 hours as the Beagle can sleep for 10 and the Pug for 14. However, there are potential environmental, behavioral, and health factors that can affect their sleep quality.

Sleeping Habits Of Pugs

One of the reasons that prospective Puggle owners get so concerned about sleep routines is that Pugs are notorious for being heavy sleepers.

It isn’t uncommon to find a Pug asleep for as much as 14 hours in a day. This sounds a lot compared to the average 8-9 of their human owners. So, you should find them going to sleep long before you do or waking up later.

Puppies require a lot more rest and could be asleep for most of the day. Naptime is also an essential part of a Pug’s daily routine; this could be a good rest after a long walk or curling up in your lap while watching TV in the evening.

Sleeping Habits of Beagles

What about the sleeping habits of the Beagle?

Beagles don’t tend to sleep as long as Pugs, averaging closer to 10-12 hours a day. As with the Pug, this will increase during puppyhood as they develop. There is also the chance of them sleeping a little longer when they are older.

What Does This Mean If You Have A Puggle?

Therefore, you should expect your Puggle to sleep around 12-14 hours a day. They will sleep as long as they are able and could quickly tire out if exercised too much. The length of time they sleep could be made up of nighttime sleep and naps, much like the Pug.

Are Puggles Lazy dogs?

Puggle owners will say that these dogs are out like a light when they want to sleep. Some see them fall asleep on a couch cushion or in their lap and know that they won’t move again for a long time. This isn’t necessarily laziness rather than the sense of contentment at being in a comfortable place after a long day.

This could be especially true for dogs that fall asleep with the warmth of their owner beside them.

However, there is no doubt that a Puggle would prefer to spend time with their owner doing nothing than outside doing too much.

Puggles aren’t the most active breeds and love nothing better than spending time with their owner at home. This does, however, cause a few problems when it comes to Puggles getting enough exercise.

So, it is essential that these dogs still get enough active playtime and run around with the family. They can burn off the calories in their food and then sleep off the activity. Without this, they risk overeating, putting on weight, and then developing further health issues.

Sleep Disorders

Are Puggles at any risk of sleep disorder because of their relationship with Pugs?

One of the downsides of owning a pug is that you can end up dealing with sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea isn’t just reserved for humans.

The constructed and deformed airway of a pug makes It very difficult for the dog to maintain a healthy breathing rhythm as they sleep. This could then result in them not breathing for short periods. In turn, they might end up waking themselves up snoring and trying to get more air.

Additionally, this interrupted night can affect the quality of the dog’s sleep.

There isn’t so much risk of this when dealing with Puggles because the airways’ shape and formation is a little different. They have more of a muzzle and fewer breathing problems because of their Beagle genes.

Still, they are short, stocky dogs that can carry a lot of weight around their chest, which won’t help.

Puggles will either sleep deeply all night or wake up due to an interesting noise.

A more common issue for Puggle sleeping patterns mentioned by owners is that they might periodically wake up when they hear a noise. This does seem to contradict those that say that you can’t wake a Puggle when you want to.

But, this is a dog that owners claim has selective hearing too. There is the possibility that while the sound of the refrigerator triggers them like an alarm clock, they will lie there like a heavyweight if you ask them to move.

Separation Training

This ability to sleep through the night could also depend on their separation training.

Puggles are such needy creatures that they could struggle to sleep through the night. It all depends on where they sleep and how soon you engage in the right training.

The worst thing that owners can do here is have their Puggle pup sleep in their bed each night and then expect them to sleep in another room as an adult.

This can confuse the dog, who understandably got used to the security, comfort, and companionship. The sooner they learn to sleep in their bed, the better.

It can take time to teach them that you will come back in the morning, but they will learn.

Final Thoughts – How Much Do Puggles Sleep?

In short, a healthy and content Puggle could sleep for 12 hours a day or even more. They are likely to sleep deeply after enough exercise and food and curl up in your lap in the evening. They are one of the lazier dogs in this regard, so owners can’t let them get away with too much. It is also essential to remember the risks of those physical and psychological issues for a better night’s rest.

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