What Can Morkies Eat? Best Food + Treats for This Toy Breed

Morkie asking what can he eat for dinner

Feeding a Morkie the best diet isn’t the easiest feat for new owners. There is a risk that some will misunderstand the nutrients needed for their health and well-being. Then some will assume that these devoted lapdogs can enjoy a few too many treats of human food.

So, what can Morkies eat?

Can owners feed them any form of human food at all, or is it better to avoid it all?

What can Morkies eat? Morkies do best with a consistent, protein-rich diet with close attention to any treats offered. Deviation from this can result in illness and weight problems. Also, some human foods are toxic, especially for dogs as small as Morkies.

Can Morkies eat Human Food?

Ideally, you want to keep your Morkie away from people food. These smaller dogs may be prone to illness and intolerances from eating anything that doesn’t agree with them. There is also the fact that human food doesn’t have the same nutritional benefits as their healthy diet.

Owners may believe that a few scraps here and there won’t do their dog any harm in the long-run. However, it is easy to underestimate the fat, salt, and sugar content within our meals.

Some items are dangerous for Morkies.

There are food items that are poisonous to Morkies. These include macadamia nuts, avocado, and onions. The latter is common in dogs and something owners tend to offer in cooked food without thinking about it.

It should also go without saying that all dogs can experience toxicity related to alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate.

Again, the small size of a Morkie increases the risk of illness and death.

Like Labradors, Larger dogs can survive accidental cases of chocolate ingestion, for example, but this is less likely with smaller dogs. This is why special dog chocolate treats exist.

Can Morkies eat Eggs?

This is a question where there is some confusion for Morkie owners. There are guides out there that say that eggs are OK in moderation. For example, you could add a little bit of scrambled egg to a meal.

However, you have to question what the benefit of this would be. The bigger issue here is raw eggs, which can be very dangerous. So, if you happen to drop any eggs while baking, make sure your pup doesn’t try and eat the remains.

Watch out for Fatty Scraps of Food

Food scraps are a problem for lots of breeds of dogs. Owners get into the habit of spoiling their pets with bits of tasty food from the table. They can’t resist pleading eyes.

However, it is easy to lose track of how much you feed your pet, and exactly what they consume.

For example, could the scraps be contaminated with condiments with high sugar or salt contents?

There is also the risk that other family members are doing the same as you.

Over time, this could lead to some disastrous consequences for your pet.

Excessive fat consumption can lead to pancreatitis. Smaller dogs that are less able to handle extremes in their diets or the odd treat will suffer even more. Of course, there is also the risk that a Morkie on a high-fat diet full of scraps will also end up with weight problems.

An overweight Morkie can then suffer from joint problems, heart disease, breathing problems, organ failure, and more.

What Fruit can Morkies Eat?

Morkie eating fruits

Remember that while some fruits are fine, others are dangerous. Watch out for fruits that have persin as this is highly toxic. Raisins and grapes are poisonous to many dogs, and a small handful could kill a little dog like a Morkie.

Also watch out for fruits with any choking hazards like plums, peaches, and cherries. Apples are ok if you cut them up and completely remove the core.

Can Morkies eat Bananas?

This is another common question about the Morkie diet. The good news here is that yes, you can feed bananas to your Morkie. This can be a great source of calories and a sweet treat that goes down very well. The mushy consistency helps too. You can mash it up and put it in food toys to give them a challenging puzzle.

Peanut butter also works well in these toys, but it is best to do so in moderation.

Creating your Dog Food at Home

With all that said, you could decide to treat your Morkie with “real” food or a homemade meal. Owners that are careful with meal planning and ingredients can take advantage of this trend with some great results. Some ingredients are fine in moderation.

You can cook lean meat with reduced fat content and then add carrots, peppers, or sweet potatoes to create your version of dog food. This should provide enough protein, fat, calories, vitamins, and more for a nutritious meal. Also, it could be a great way of reducing carb contents.

There are many guides online about creating healthy home-made dog food if you want to go this route. It should also be possible to make your own treats. This could help when training Morkies. You don’t want to deny them treats as you reward good behavior, but you don’t want to offer too much fat or sugar.

Do Morkies have Food Allergies?

Just make sure that your pet doesn’t have any allergies to poultry or any other ingredients you might want to use. Food allergies are a possibility for Morkies, which can result in poor skin health and infections. Those without allergies can eat a healthy diet of lean chicken or turkey with ease.

Fish is also a good choice because of the extra omega oils. Just don’t give in to the strange trend of using vegetarian meat substitutes. For some reason, dog owners that don’t eat meat assume that they can turn their little toy dogs vegetarians.

Dogs are meant to be carnivorous.

How much Should They eat a Day?

The best Morkie diet requires the right amount of protein, vitamins, and oils to help coat health. Morkies need more calories per pound of body weight than larger dogs because of their faster metabolism. Two small meals a day should be enough.

Puppies may be better off with three meals because they consume more as they grow and develop. Smaller portions help with calorie consumption across the day and are more manageable for smaller dogs.

What sort of Dog Food should Morkies Eat?

Dry Dog Food Kibble

The sensitivity of Morkies also means that it is better to give them a consistent diet of the same healthy dog food all the time. You might decide to put them on something with an interesting new ingredient or flavor. However, they may just end up with diarrhea and vomiting.

Also, if you prefer to use dry food, pay attention to the size of the kibble.

Therefore, it helps to look for a brand that is affordable and accessible.

Shop around to find some quality brands with a range of flavors. Find one your Morkie loves and stick with it.

If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

This guide’s tips give a pretty good starting point on the best types of foods, diet options, and items to avoid.

However, there will be times when Morkie owners come across an option they are unsure of.

Perhaps you want to try a different vegetable in home-cooked dog food or decide to try a different treatment type during training.

Whenever you have doubts, talk to your vet. They can provide the best information on dietary restrictions and toxic ingredients. They can also advise on portion control, calorie intake, and other factors regarding your pet’s diet.

Also, don’t forget that your vet is your first calling point for any signs of illness or allergies. Vets can administer tests for any potential food allergies and check skin conditions to rule out other causes. They can then point you in the right direction of suitable products.

If you believe that your Morkie has eaten something they shouldn’t have, or there are signs of sickness or toxicity, get them to a vet for a check-up.

Don’t forget that the situation can be much worse for these toy breeds than for other dogs.

Final Thoughts: What Can Morkies Eat?

In short, as long as your Morkie sticks with a healthy diet of protein, the right calories, and good fats and vitamins, they should be fine. You can create some healthy meals with the right types of human food if you prefer.

But, there are also lots of different “treats” that are bad for them.

You also need to be careful when feeding them scraps as these can add up and cause some serious health issues. If in doubt play it safe or talk to your vet. You don’t want to put your pet at risk of toxicity and illness for no reason.

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