Whippet Dachsund Mix (Whiphund): An Ultimate Guide

A whippet dachsund

Choosing the right dog for your family can be tasking, especially if you are considering a crossbreed. Luckily, Whippet mixes, particularly the Whippet Dachsund mix, are a great choice regardless of your family setup. 

The Whippet Dachsund mix is a calm, friendly and loving dog, making it an idea for different family dynamics. Although reserved with strangers, this dog is highly adaptable and carries the desirable qualities of both its parents. 

Its affectionate nature makes matches a bubbly lifestyle ideal for families leading active lifestyles. If you are considering getting the Whippet Dachsund mix, read more below to understand the personality, temperament, and more about the crossbreed. 

Overview of the Whippet Dachsund Mix

The Whippet, a gentle and calm dog, works perfectly for families. Initially, this dog was bred as a working dog, meaning it tends to be loyal and highly active. These qualities make it an excellent choice for unique family-oriented breeding dogs. 

On the other hand, the Dachsund initially bred as a hunting dog is a great family companion and portrays an affectionate personality to its owners. The unique stature of Dachsunds makes them ideal for breeders looking to create short-statured dogs. 

Breeding the two creates a loyal, hardworking dog that settles perfectly in a family setup. Having working parents, the mix is highly agile and active, therefore, suitable for active and playful families. 

Whippet Dachsund Background

Whippet mixes are some of the recent creations; therefore, there is not much information. This particular mix does not have a definitive history of how it came to be and progressed over time. But, the parents, the Whippet, and Dachsund have a line of history you can go through to help you understand the mix. 

Whippet History

The Whippet dates back to the 1800s, and it is believed to have originated from England. The medium-sized dog comes from the sighthound family, a descendant of the greyhounds. Whippets are smaller than most greyhounds, which remained even after years of breeding.  

Initially, Whippets were bred and trained to chase after wild rabbits and other small bush animals. As hunting dogs, they were known for their impressive speeds, which were helpful to run after small animals in their burrows. 

Today, Whippets are kept as pets, but they still portray their working-dog nature. Some people still use them for hunting, although not as extensively as in their early days.

The popularity of Whippets quickly grew in England more than in other parts of the globe. Eventually, they were recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1888. Later, the Kennel Club in England recognized Whippets as breeds in 1890. 

Dachsund History

The word Dachsund is a German word meaning “badger dog,” and the dog’s history dates back over 600 years ago. According to the AKC, Dachsunds were bred to dig into badger dens and dispatch occupants, hence the name. 

The Dachsund’s body was made for the dirty subterranean work the dog was bound to do. They were trained to build up courage, cleverness, and perseverance, which were necessary traits to battle deadly foes. 

Most of them were used as hunting dogs, but some trained Dachsunds to work in different quarries. They were popular in Germany and were associated with World War I. 

This followed a steady growth in numbers in the United States, attracting recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1885. Today, the dog is still used for hunting, mainly in Europe, but in North America, it is kept as a family pet.  

Whippet Dachsund Appearance

Dachsunds have a striking appearance, thanks to their short legs, long body, and floppy ears. These are some of the unique characteristics that make them stand out, attracting breeders to crossbreed and create more unique dogs. 

On the other hand, the Whippet has a skinny, petite body. It is curvy with an arch to its loin and has long legs. The body is narrow, but the dog is generally muscular. 

The Whippet Dachsund is one of the smaller Whippet mixes, although not smaller than the Chip Whip. The short stature of the Dachshund and the skinny nature of the Whippet results in a relatively smaller dog compared to other Whippet mixes. 


Dachsunds fall under two sizes, the miniature, and the standard. The miniature Dachshund weighs under 11 pounds, while the standard weighs between 16 to 32 pounds. There is not much difference in height as both sizes are well under 9 inches high. 

The Whippet, on the other hand, ranges between 20 to 40 pounds with a maximum height of 21 inches at withers. Even though Whippets are considered small dogs, they are bigger than Dachsunds; therefore, it is expected that the Whippet Dachsund mix will be a smaller dog. 

The mix weighs between 18 to 35 pounds, and height ranges from 5 inches to 21 inches. This shows that there are a variety of sizes considering the significant height and weight range. 

Remember, the Dachsund comes in two sizes, so the size of the mix will depend on the size of the Dachsund parent. A mix with a miniature Dachsund parent will fall into the smaller side of the height and weight chart. 

Coat Type and Color

The coat and color can vary widely as both parents come in various colors and coat types. The Dachsund comes in three coat types, smooth, wire-haired, and longhaired. The Whippet, on the other hand, comes in a short, flat, low-maintenance coat. 

The mix, therefore, can take after the coat of the Dachsund, the Whippet, or carry a combination of both parents’ coats. This will depend on the dominant gene. 

The mix can take one of the parents’ coat colors or mix both when it comes to coat colors. Dachsunds are standard in black and tan, but some are red, fawn, chocolate, blue and tan, and black and cream. 

Whippets come in various colors, with the most common ones being black, white, blue, and cream. The Whippet Dachsund mix has the potential for multiple markings on the coat with the varied coat colors between their parents. 

Whippet Dachsund Temperament

Both parents are loving and loyal to their owners, so it is expected that the mix will have the same temperament. Whippets are loving and kind, and they do not have an aggression trait in them. They are incredibly caring, explaining why they make the best pets for families. 

Their loving nature stands out; however, they are not naturally obedient and must be trained to follow commands. This is not to say they are hard to keep and socialize; they enjoy the independence of doing what they want. 

Again, they are not overly independent as they enjoy the company of their owners. They can do well alone, but it is not advisable, as they do well with accessible attention and stimulation. 

Dachsunds are equally independent and can be somewhat stubborn. They are loving but can be a little reserved with strangers. This makes them challenging to train and socialize. But, if this is started early, they catch up quickly, thanks to their intelligence. 

Dachsunds are great with families and do well with kids of different ages. They are affectionate and even-tempered, making them easy to manage. 

From these almost similar temperaments, you can tell that the mix is a loving, affectionate, friendly and independent dog. The Whippet Dachsunfd mix is a perfect family pet, and with early training and socialization, it will be a breeze to keep and raise one in your family. 

Whippet Dachsund Care and Maintenance

Your bubbly Whippet Dachsund mix will require as much love as possible, not forgetting all its needs to keep it happy and healthy. Although this dog is a breeze to maintain, it needs quality nutrition, regular exercise, training, and grooming. 


Whippet Dachsund mixes are generally active dogs, meaning they require a diet that meets their energy needs. Be careful, though; they are prone to obesity as they would rather couch-potato instead of playing outside. 

When looking for the right food for your Whiphund, ensure it is balanced, paying attention to the food’s nutrients. The best food has a balance of protein, carbs, minerals, vitamins, and fat. 

The best way to find the right food for your dog is by seeking advice from your vet. They understand your dog’s specific needs and are better positioned to recommend wholesome and beneficial food for your furry friend. 


The coat of the Whippet Dachsund mix can take after one of their parents or be a mix of both. Since Whippets have a short, smooth-haired coat and Dachsunds have a smooth-haired coat, the mix is bound to have a smooth-haired coat. 

This coat is low-maintenance, but that does not mean your dog will not need regular grooming. Regular brushing is advisable to remove loose hairs and dirt lodged in the undercoat. 

A bath once a month is adequate to keep your dog neat and clean, but you can give an additional bath within the month if necessary. Ensure you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as the skin is prone to drying with frequent baths. 


Both parents are highly-independent, and although this is a great trait to have in a dog, it can make them challenging to train. But, as long as you start early in the puppy stage, you should not have difficulties training. 

Like other dogs, keep the training sessions as short as possible to match the dog’s short attention spans. Use positive reinforcement such as giving treats and praises after mastering a command. Your dog will catch on to the training pretty quickly. 


Exercise is a must-have for all dogs, regardless of their energy levels. Despite being known as couch potatoes, Whippet Dachsund mixes require at least an hour of exercise daily. You can do two sessions of 30 minutes every day, taking a walk, hiking, or running around a park. 

It is important to note; however, jumping games and running up and down stairs is not advisable for this mix. Their short legs and long backs are prone to strains with intense exercises. Keep the activities down to regular walks and moderate playtime. 

Whippet Dachsund Health Issues

Both parents are generally healthy dog breeds, so there is not much to worry about the mix’s health. With proper care and a wholesome diet, your dog can lead a healthy life. But, we cannot overlook the possibilities of developing issues that the parents are predisposed to. 

Here are some of the health issues Whippets suffer from:

  • Anesthesia Sensitivity
  • Deafness
  • Mitral Valve Disease
  • Orthopedic Injuries
  • Canine Hemangiosarcoma

Here are health issues that Dachsunds suffer from: 

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Obesity
  • Skin problems
  • Patella Luxation
  • Hypothyroidism 


Are Whippet Dachsund Mixes Hypoallergenic?

Whippet Dachsund Mixes are not hypoallergenic. Both parents, the Whippet and the Dachsund, are moderate shedders, so it is expected the mix will carry that trait. They are therefore not suitable for people that suffer from pet allergies. 

Are Whippet Dachsund Mixes Registered Anywhere?

The mix is not yet registered anywhere; however, both parents are registered by the American Kennel Club as dog breeds. 

Are Whippet Dachsund Mix Good Family Dogs?

Thanks to their friendly, loving, loyal, and bubbly temperament, they are great family dogs. They are easy to manage around kids and other pets. Additionally, they enjoy the company of humans and do well with lots of attention from family members. 

How Long do Whippet Dachsund Mixes Live?

With proper care and a wholesome diet, whippet Dachsund mixes can live between 12 to 15 years. They are generally healthy dogs, and with regular checkups, they can stay healthy for years. 

How Much do Whippet Dachsund Mixes Cost? 

This mix can cost upwards of $1000 for a puppy. The cost depends on the breeder’s location, reputation, and puppy generation. You may find cheaper ones and others way above the $1000 standard. 

The Bottom Line

Whippet Dachsund mixes are agile, adorable, and affectionate family dogs. Their loving nature and highly energetic bodies make them the perfect dogs for a family setup. With the proper care and attention, your Whippet Dachsund will give you back an equal measure of love.

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