Why Are Puggles So Needy? [The Answers Will Shock You!]

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There are some breeds of dogs that become glued to the side of their owners more than others. The Pug is possibly at the top of the list regarding separation issues and extreme behaviors. There are also plenty of reports of Puggles showing similar traits. So, what is it about this Pug Beagle hybrid that makes it such a needy dog?

Why are Puggles so needy? The answer here is that you have a companion hybrid bred from two animals that are both needy dogs. There is a desire for constant companionship in both parent breeds, and this means you can expect a dog that doesn’t want to leave your side.

While this can be fine in moderation, and depending on your daily schedule, it can also be highly demanding for anyone that doesn’t fully appreciate the commitment needed to raise this sort of dog. Again, some pug traits may come out a little stronger and make certain situations worse.

The Neediness of The Pug

There is an understandable assumption that the worst of the neediness of Puggles comes from the Pug side. They are known for their behavioral problem traits when it comes to being left alone and their desire for attention. They are a handful to deal with, and a lot of these traits will become passed along to their Puggle offspring. The extent of this can vary from dog to dog, but you are likely to see a lot of needy behavioral traits.

The Neediness of The Beagle

The Beagle is also a bit of a needy dog.

It isn’t quite so problematic as the Pug in terms of how it demonstrates its dependency and devotion.

However, these dogs do love to be around people and part of the action.

Leave a Beagle on its own for too long, and it will get bored and lonely very quickly.

This then creates a dog that is equally as needy.

What you then end up with is an animal that is certain to be inclined towards neediness.

Breeding pugs with beagles wasn’t a bad idea from a healthcare point of view. It ensured that the animal didn’t have extreme deformities in the airways and facial structure, which are often highly dangerous.

It put the Puggle closer to the original Pug before all that excessive over-breeding. However, in breeding two needy breeds together, it creates a whole host of issues with the dog’s personality and socialization.

Puggles Are About The 24/7 Lifestyle

Puggles will want to be near you 24/7, and this can become too much to handle.

Puggles can showcase a constant need to be around their owners.

In some cases, this may be endearing and perfect for those that need emotional support and continuous companionship at home. It can be like having a second shadow as your pet follows you around and attempts to participate in all your activities.

Some people that work from home may notice their pets trying to get in the way of their laptop to get attention, but you also have that constant presence and someone to play with on breaks.

What About Owners That Work Away from Home?

The most significant issues arise when owners can’t spend long periods with their Puggle, this is where separation anxiety can occur.

Puggles may get used to having their pet parent around a lot in the early years of their life and then find that circumstances change and their owner is no longer there as often as they need.

This can be deeply distressing for these animals as they try and locate their owner and start acting out.

It is possible to try and limit these issues by providing regular care and socialization training.

You can make sure that they don’t feel so stressed out and have plenty to occupy their time. One trick is to make less of a fuss when leaving, so the situation doesn’t feel like such a big deal. Another common approach is to bring in additional help from other family members or pet sitters.

However, attachment issues could get in the way here.

Do Puggles Bark A Lot?

Another problem with separation anxiety and Puggles is that the dog’s Beagle genetics could cause them to bark a lot. Beagles are a more vocal dog and bark when there is something wrong. A Puggle with inadequate barking training left alone too long could bark all day and upset the neighbors.


a pic of a stress ball

Puggles may also become stressed out by other situations.

There are other causes of stress and anxiety where Puggles may become more in need of comfort and attention than usual.

These can include ill health, storms, house moves, and other unusual situations. If they are scared or uncertain, their first instinct is to turn to you.

So, if you are going through an upheaval in your life – such as a new home – it helps to take your time to get the dog more accustomed to space and the ability to handle the situation. Regular praise, reassurance, and treats can help.

Over-Attachment & Jealousy

Puggles can also become overly-attached to owners and jealous of other people.

An additional issue to watch out for with the Puggle is when they become overly attached to one person.

This stems from the Pug side of the family, so while it isn’t a guarantee, it is something to be aware of before choosing a Puggle.

Puggles can focus all their love and attention on one person, usually their primary caregiver. This means that that person gets that shadow treatment and most of the cuddles.

Other family members may feel a little more shut out.

The more significant risk here is that Puggles may become possessive over that beloved owner, to the point where they won’t let anyone else come near.

They can get jealous of new partners that come into the home for fear that they will lose the attention they gain. At its worst, this could even mean aggressive behavior to people that have been nothing but kind and loving.

There is also the risk that this jealousy could transfer to children. Kids that require a lot of care and attention, perhaps when sick, could be seen as usurping the dog’s position in the house.

Then there are those cases where dogs get jealous of new babies.

Is A Puggle the Right Choice For Growing or Busy families?

pic of busy family

This is why it is essential to consider your current situation as a potential Puggle owner and your short-term life plans.

Established families that aren’t going to expand or change their routine anytime soon could work around attachment issues. Those who have partners that may move in in the future or plan on having a family soon may not be suited to having a Puggle.

The same goes for any young professionals living alone that don’t work from home. It would be best to dedicate enough time to taking care of your pup and minimizing any risk of separation anxiety.

Puggle Rescues

There are many Puggle Rescues, which can also cause additional neediness issues.

Unfortunately, there are too many cases where Puggles are given over to shelters because owners couldn’t handle that neediness.

The commitment required to take care of a Puggle is significant, and ownership will take over your life.

Some people give them up because they find they can’t be there enough to provide that consistent companionship. Others may be unable to deal with jealousy towards other people or problems caused by a change in lifestyle.

Those that feel that they can take on a Puggle and provide the right environment and care may consider taking on a rescue Puggle instead of raising a puppy. However, this brings in new challenges.

First of all, the dog may not have had appropriate socialization training or other training with its previous owner.

Secondly, there may be trauma and fear of abandonment due to their previous experiences.

However, committed new owners can work to improve the situation with both rescues and puppies.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy life with a Puggle if you can provide the care and attention it needs.

Established couples with one person working from home can create a healthy routine where there is always someone with the dog.

Strong relationships on both sides and boundary control can minimize the risk of any possessive tendencies. Early work on separation anxiety and barking will help if you need to leave them for short periods.

Final Thoughts – Why Are Puggles So Needy?

In short, there could be several reasons for specific examples of neediness behavior in one individual Puggle. A lot of the problems stem from close attachments to one owner and issues with separation and loneliness. There may be additional stresses in their life and past traumas, especially if they are rescue dogs. The most crucial point is that any Puggle has the potential for neediness because of its genetics. So, prospective new owners must consider this before committing to owning one.

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