Why Do Chiweenies Shake & Shiver? [Crucial Clues Shared!]

Why Do Chiweenies Shake

A Chiweenie is a dog that has been cross-bred between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. The breed will often inherit the best traits between their parents, such as being compact and highly energetic. Chiweenies are also commonly known by various names, including Choxie, German Taco, Mexican Hot Dog, and Weeniehuahua.

Why Do Chiweenies Shake And Shiver?

There isn’t one sole reason as to why Chiweenies shake and shiver. However, the most common reason for shaking and shivering is that they are feeling cold. Chiweenies, as a breed, commonly have a high metabolism, and when they become excited or anxious, it will cause them to shake and shiver.

Shaking causes an effect on Chiweenies when it comes to being able to regulate their body temperature, and in turn, their high metabolism will cause them to burn their body heat quickly. This loss of body heat will cause them to feel cold, even if we, their owners, do not.

With Chiweenies taking their high metabolisms from the Chihuahua side of their breeding, they will also be prone to shaking.

Chiweenies do not shake just for the sake of shaking—they shake for a good reason. Other than excitement and anxiety, other factors may lead to Chiweenies shaking, such as being cold, in some cases, fear, as well as some medical-related reasons.

Intolerance To Cold

Whether the Chiweenies have long or short fur, they will feel the cold weather and be sensitive to it. The breed is not robust in its build—being tiny in both frame and stature.

With a lack of body fat and high metabolism, Chiweenies are not built to withstand cold temperatures.

In temperatures at or below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, a Chiweenie will begin to shiver and shake.

In temperatures such as these, they should be supplied with a sweater or wrapped in a blanket to keep their body temperature up and warm.

Feeling Of Anxiety, Fright, or Threat

Chiweenies are an intelligent breed. Once trained, they do remember what is right from wrong. If they accidentally make a mistake, they may feel fearful or anxious about how you may react to them–resulting in shaking.

For a breed as small as a Chiweenie, the world is a big scary place. They will get scared and fearful from time to time, and that fear will manifest itself in shaking and shivering.


Being the small active breed, Chiweenies can often develop hypoglycemia—otherwise known as low blood sugar.

When their blood sugar drops, their body will naturally react by causing them to shake and shiver.

If you suspect your Chiweenie may have hypoglycemia, you can have your veterinarian test to confirm.

Once confirming hypoglycemia, it is best to keep a close eye on their diet and feed them smaller meals scattered throughout the day.

In case of emergency, when the dog’s blood sugar drops, it is best to have an eyedropper on hand with some sugar water.


Knowing what your Chiweenie may or may not be allergic to is a process of trial and error—much as it is for us humans.

Keeping a close eye on your dog and watching their reaction to new foods and treats will give you an indication if there may be a possible problem.

If you feel your Chiweenie is reacting to a new food or treat, you will need to get them to your veterinarian right away.

Shaking Myths

Through the years, there have been many myths that have developed in the attempt to explain the reasons why Chiweenies are prone to shaking.

Much like the Chihuahua side of their breeding, Chiweenies have developed somewhat of a reputation as a nervous breed—most likely because they tend to shiver—not cause the action itself.

Chiweenies are not easily intimidated. On the other hand, they are friendly and well-tempered dogs.

If well trained, a Chiweenie can present in most cases as well-behaved, self-assured, and calm—just as any other breed of dog can—and are not prone to shaking unless there is an outside influence such as being cold or feeling they are in a somewhat stressful situation.

Adequate Care

Like any other dog breed, a Chiweenie will need training and socialization from its early puppy years.

If this training and socialization are not provided early on, the dog will risk growing up both fearful and maladjusted.

Chiweenies will shake and shiver when they feel they are in situations of stress and anxiety, resulting in a Chiweenie that is improperly socialized shaking and shivering more than they typically would.

Chiweenies are a breed that requires daily exercise and mental stimulation if they are going to have a healthy and productive life.

A Chiweenie that is denied these basic needs will soon become anxious, which will, in turn, result in the dog shaking.

Minimizing Shaking and Shivering

There are several solutions that owners can take to help minimize Chiweenie shaking.

The first and foremost is to make sure that the dog is kept warm at all times.

When allowing your Chiweenie to go outside during those colder months, ensure that they are appropriately attired in a sweater and are not allowed to remain outdoors for extended periods.

If you feel the shaking and shivering is caused by some form of anxiety, hold your Chiweenie and reassure it that everything will be okay.

Do not rule out the possibility that your Chiweenie may have sustained an injury of some sort.

Dogs will shake and shiver when they are experiencing pain or other types of distress.

Final Thoughts

Chiweenies, as a breed, are known to shake and shiver. They acquire this tendency from the Chihuahua side of their breeding. However, the vital thing to remember is not that they shake, but what is causing the behavior. The shaking can be caused by their feeling cold, anxiety, or more of a medical-based reason. As their owner, it is essential to determine what the shaking is being triggered by and to find the necessary solution to keep your Chiweenie healthy, safe, and secure.

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