Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much? [+ Should You Worry?]

crying french bulldog

There are lots of videos online of French Bulldogs in bad moods. They can seem quite funny in isolated incidents, as long as the dog is crying over nothing. Some Frenchie owners will find that this crying becomes too much and that they seem to cry at almost anything. So, why are they so prone to crying?

Why do French Bulldogs cry so much? The most common reason Frenchies cry so much is that they crave attention and know that this vocalization will help them get their way. They can cry, whine, whimper and make all kinds of odd noises for effect. But, there are also times when they cry out of real fear, stress, or pain. This is an emotional dog, and you need to be careful how you handle this behavior.

Are French Bulldogs Needy Dogs?

Frenchies are very needy dogs, and this leads to a strong desire for attention from their owners. When they don’t get what they want, they can cry, whine and throw little tantrums. They may have a desire for your attention because they are bored.

They want to be with you as much as possible and get all your love and affection.

Failure to do so for long enough could lead to this crying and whining. Some may cry for attention because they know it will get them food or treats way before their scheduled mealtime.

This neediness may also mean that they cry out of jealousy.

From there, there is the additional risk that your dog might become jealous of other people in your household or of strangers or visitors to your home. They might not like that the cuddles and kisses they feel belong to them are now directed at a usurper.

It sounds extreme, but this is what is going on in the heads of a lot of possessive dogs.

Why Do Frenchies Cry A Lot At Night?

This is a common issue with these dogs because of their problems with separation anxiety.

Many dogs brought up to sleep in their human’s bed can become confused and lonely when it is time for them to move into their bed. They wonder why they can’t be with you anymore and cry – either to get you to come and pay attention to them or for you to bring them back to your bed.

This can be a frustrating period in their development where you have to let them learn that everything will be fine without you.

Make a big fuss over them in the morning when you see them for spending the night alone. They will slowly learn that you will return each day, and the experience isn’t so bad.

You can also do your best to make their bed comfortable with toys and something that smells like you.

The Difference Between Being Moody and Being Sad

A moody looking French Bulldog

With this in mind, it is essential to remember that French Bulldogs aren’t always crying for attention or to have a tantrum. There will be times when they are genuinely upset or sad instead. This is where it pays to listen to the sounds and watch out for other signs.

Brushing everything off as a cry for attention could lead to missed cues about problems or health issues.

An upset Frenchie won’t have the same response and won’t make such an effort to get in your face for attention. If they seem more withdrawn, crying from their bed or even hiding away somewhere, this could be a sign of stress or anxiety.

Prolonged changes in behavior may also be a sign of more profound depression. Consider the following:

  • Are they less interested in their food?
  • Are they less interested in their toys or in playing with the family?
  • Are they staying in their beds instead of being glued to your side like normal?
  • Are they sleeping more than usual?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you need to figure out the cause.

It could be that your dog is dealing with some pain or a medical issue, especially if they aren’t eating that much.

Also, a change in schedule or household dynamic could see them struggling to process the disruption.

Frenchie Crying Could also Be the Result of Trauma and Anxiety

Separation anxiety isn’t the only form of stress that these animals have to deal with. Some dogs may have other fears and traumas with notable triggers.

They might cry when there are storms or fireworks.

They might cry when the vacuum cleaner starts up because it scared them once before, and they haven’t gotten past that yet.

Again, it is vital that you take the time to find the cause and see how you can help.

If they develop a fear of something, work to remove the trigger or provide more significant emotional support when your dog is upset.

Are Frenchie Rescues Crying because of Past Trauma?

This issue of anxiety and trauma could be a bigger problem if you have a rescue Frenchie.

If you bring them home and they keep crying, there could be all kinds of stressful triggers at play. They may be anxious about the new home and the change in their surroundings. There could also be something about the house or surroundings that trigger them based on past experiences.

Unless you know their full history, this can be difficult to decipher. You may also find that a rescue Frenchie is more prone to separation anxiety because of previous abandonment issues.

How Can You Stop Your Frenchie From Crying so Much?

The way that you react to this as their caregiver and their “master” will determine how much they continue to cry in the future. Owners that try to nip this in the bud early on can find that they have a more prosperous time as the dog learns that it can’t always get everything that it wants.

Curbing that neediness is essential and creates vital boundaries, especially when partners and regular visitors are in the equations.

The sooner you teach your Frenchie that crying doesn’t help them, the quieter they will be.

The dog can’t be rewarded for getting territorial or for making a scene. If you pay attention to them for having a tantrum, they are still getting some of what they want.

Ignore the crying, refuse them the attention they crave, and then make a fuss when they stop and calm down.

A potential problem here is that French Bulldogs aren’t the easiest breed to train. They may desire to please their owners and be around them, which can turn training into a game.

But, they also tend to have a stubborn side – which is part of the problem with these tantrums in the first place.

If they don’t want to listen, they will go off and do something else or show selective hearing.

Be patient and consistent with them for the best results.

Also, make sure that the whole family is on-board. You can’t have your teenage child laughing and filming the grumpy dog for social media while you’re trying to show less attention.

Is it Better to Have Two Frenchies to Reduce Some of These Issues?

There are suggestions that French Bulldogs could be less prone to crying so much if there are two of them in the household.

There are pros and cons to this approach.

On the positive side, you could find fewer incidents of crying for attention out of boredom. The strong bond between the dogs could allow them to provide entertainment for each other and be less reliant on human interaction at all times. They may also be a comfort to each other in stressful times.

On the other side of all this, there is also the risk of Frenchies copying each other.

Pairs of Frenchies do tend to mirror behavior.

As a result, the one that cries to get its way could teach the other that this is an option for them. This is a problem if you bring a new Frenchie into a home and have your first dog show them how life works in the household.

Suddenly, you may have two voices whining for food or two dogs crying at the vacuum.

Also, be aware that Frenchie grief is a severe psychological issue. Not only will they get distraught at losing a member of the household, but they will also be devastated if something happens to their canine companion.

Final Thoughts – Why do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

The emotional nature of the Frenchie is a challenge if you haven’t cared for one before. A lot of the time, the noises and moods are harmless ways to gain attention or food. If you give in, the problem will continue.

But don’t brush off those times when they act a little differently. They will also cry in pain or through fear. So, it is crucial to have the right reaction to the situation.

Give yourself time to read the signs and train your dog for a better experience.

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