Why Do Morkies Lick So Much? [Look For These Crucial Signs]

Why Do morkies lick so much

How do you feel when your Morkie licks every inch of your face every time you pick them up or cuddle with them on the couch. A few kisses now and then can be friendly and comforting, but it quickly descends into annoying behavior when they won’t leave you alone. So, why do these little dogs lick so much, and can you do anything about it?

Why do Morkies lick so much? Dogs lick each other as a simple form of communication. This is an excellent way of showing affection and building bonds between mothers and pups. As their new “mother” you are the one to give and receive this sort of physical attention so that the dogs will lick you back. But, Morkies can develop a habit of excessive licking because they get too needy or want attention.

Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other?

Licking is an integral part of communication between dogs, especially when they are young.

This act is a quick and easy way for mothers to provide close physical contact with their pups. They will do so to make their puppies feel safe and comfortable, enhancing that bond between them.

It shows pups that they are close, especially in those early days when they don’t have their eyes open.

Of course, there will also be plenty of licks for basic grooming to keep the puppies clean.

In addition to this, the puppies will often lick their mother back to show that they want some food.

Because licking is such a basic form of communication between dogs and their primary caregiver, it makes sense for them to want to lick you a lot.

You are that “mother” to them from a very early age.

You are the one they need to communicate with now to receive the comfort and care they need.

Therefore, they will lick you.

Why do Morkies Lick Their Owners so Much?

There are several potential reasons why these small dogs are so prone to licking their owners at any given opportunity. This could come down to similar reasons for licking their mothers, such as needing support and building on that bond.

But there could also be more profound issues of anxiety or a need to offer comfort to you.

Most of the time, the licking comes about because they need something from us. Morkies can be very affectionate and devoted little companion dogs that hate to be left alone for too long. Therefore, you may find that they come and lick your face a lot when they haven’t seen you for a long time.

This may have only been an hour when they were in their crate, and you went and ran an errand.

But that could be enough for your Morkie to want to lick every inch of your face. They get the close physical contact they crave and plenty of praise at the same time.

There is also the idea that Morkies come and lick us because they feel that we are the ones that need the care and support at that moment.

Many dogs are highly in tune with their owner’s needs and emotions.

Some will respond by lying with you for close contact or pawing at you.

Morkies can find that it’s more effective to lick their owners instead.

However, there’s a notion that Morkies that lick at your tears are doing it for the salt content rather than to dry your eyes.

When does Morkie Licking Behavior Become too Excessive?

There is also the risk that this behavior could be an attempt to gain some attention and nothing more.

This is where you can start to develop a more significant issue. Licking can be a helpful way of determining when your dog is feeling incredibly affectionate. You can then use this cue to look at why this might be the case.

For example, some Morkies will come and lick you a little more than usual during times of stress.

There could be a trigger you aren’t yet aware of, or the dog may be dealing with some illness or injury.

However, dogs that lick for attention-seeking purposes could cause owners to overlook potential problems because it is assumed that they want you to make a fuss for no reason.

This excessive licking can also be a problem for owners that need to create a bit more of a boundary and more physical space with overly affectionate dogs.

If you are trying to train your Morkie to be a little more independent, perhaps for crate training or to curb any issues with possessive behavior, excessive licking doesn’t help.

Can You Train Morkies Not to Lick too Much?

The good news here is that yes, you can train your Morkie not to lick so much.

You need to remember that licking comes about via your response to the kisses. As the dog has grown up, you have rewarded this behavior with lots of verbal praise and petting. So, the dog learns that not only do they get a good reaction from you, but you like to be licked.

Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to change your reaction. If the dog begins to lick too much, you can move them away. Say no and put them down on the floor. You can find that boundary by perhaps allowing your dog to lick your arm or hand but drawing the line when they lick your face.

Eventually, they will get the hint.

Final Thoughts? Why Do Morkies Lick So Much?

In short, it is understandable why Morkies would be so keen to lick their owners as much as possible. This symbol of love and affection is a mutual way to build a bond and feel better during upsetting moments. However, the situation can quickly become excessive to the point where the licks lose all meaning. So, in this situation, it helps to reconsider your response to find an appropriate boundary.

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