Why Does My Cavachon Smell Doggy? [Our Personal Experience]

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When we considered getting a dog, one of our biggest concerns was that our house would start to smell like a kennel. We decided on the Cavachon breed because it was allergy-friendly, but we still worried about the potential smell. Now that we have our Cavachon, Kirby, we have been pleasantly surprised to learn that he does not typically smell! He is an excellent fit for our family, and a Cavachon may be right for you, too, if you want a dog without a smell.

Cavachons do not typically smell like dogs unless they are just finishing a period of exercise. Routine bathing and grooming can help minimize odors. You should also clean their bedding regularly. Take good care of their oral hygiene to eliminate mouth odors. A vet should look into strong odors.

Interested in learning more about how these dogs smell? Find out more about how you can minimize the smell of your Cavachon in this detailed guide!

Do Cavachons Smell Doggy?

Those considering adding a Cavachon to the family may be wondering what they can expect from the smell of their new canine companion. Much like other designer dog breeds such as the Morkie, the Cavachon is generally smell-free.

Our own Cavachon, Kirby, is an excellent example of just how this breed is relatively odor-free. The only time that we notice any smell coming from him is after a long walk. Other than this, he rarely has any scent to either his coat or his mouth.

The smell of your dog may depend on how often you are bathing and caring for them. We wash Kirby once a month and have him groomed every three months. This minimizes the natural oils in his coat that can sometimes lead to more potent odors.

What is Normal Dog Odor?

The truth is that you may not be able to avoid smelling your dog altogether. It is natural to have some smell in your home if you have a canine, but it should not be overwhelming. The specific scent of your dog will often vary based on its environment.

Dogs tend to pick up the odors of the environment they live in. If they spend a lot of time curled up on that fresh pile of laundry, they may pick up the smell of detergent. Canines who spend their afternoons basking in the grass will often smell like grass. It all depends on what your dog is exposed to.

Keep in mind that dogs do not sweat from their skin pores, but they do still perspire. Their perspiration comes through their paws and their hair follicles, which is why you may sometimes notice that their fur smells a little different. In our family, Kirby generally does not smell unless we come back from a walk. This is likely attributed to sweating after a long period of exercise.

What is an Abnormal Smell Caused By?

Is your Cavachon’s smell cause for concern? Many owners find themselves wondering when their dog’s odor crosses the line into a health issue. While many smells associated with dogs are perfectly normal, there are some times when you may want to seek veterinary care.

Generally speaking, veterinarians say that the odor from your dog should not be overwhelming for your nose. When you start to smell strong scents that weren’t there before, it may be a sign of a bacterial infection. Typically, these infections stem from the ears and can be pretty standard for many dogs.

If you notice that your dog is paying more attention to their ears coupled with a smell, you should make an appointment with the veterinarian. Some key things to look for are:

  • Scratching
  • Licking
  • Head shaking
  • Rubbing the body against furniture
  • Skin color changes or hair loss in the ear area

Seasonal or food allergies can also trigger a smell in your dog. When they are allergic to a particular product that they are consuming, it leads to inflammation. In turn, this inflammation leads to oil secretion from the glands and can contribute to a more pungent smell.

Signs of an allergy can be easy to spot. Your dog may spend a lot of time licking or chewing in a specific area. They may have red and irritated skin from this behavior, as well as hair loss in the spots that bother them. Consider talking to your veterinarian about an allergy-friendly diet or switching to a new high-quality food.

Remember that if you are switching foods, you need to do so gradually. Otherwise, it may lead to gastrointestinal upset for your pup. This can be uncomfortable, and the gas it causes may make your dog’s smell even worse than it already is.

What to Do About Mouth Odor

In addition to many pet owners’ concern about the smell of their dog’s coat and ears, the mouth is another source of odor that many people complain about. Normal dog breath should not have a strong smell associated with it.

You can help your pup maintain good oral hygiene with daily brushing using specially-formulated toothpaste. Do not use the same toothpaste you would use on your teeth. It must be a formula designed for dogs. A quick brush once a day can help to keep their teeth in pristine condition.

You can also give them Greenies to help with the smell of their mouth. These treats and others like them reduce tartar buildup and plaque. Kirby gets his Greenie every morning, and he loves this routine.

When the smell coming from your dog’s mouth is overwhelming, it is time to take them to see a veterinarian. It could be caused by a decaying tooth or an infected cavity. Both of these issues are serious and can cause discomfort for your dog. A few x-rays and a good dental cleaning should help to keep your dog’s mouth as healthy as possible for the long haul.

What to Do About Canine Odor

If the smell of your Cavachon is getting to you, it may be time to revamp their grooming routine. Helping your dog with their hygiene is essential to eliminating odors and keeping a clean home that doesn’t smell like a dog. Fortunately, getting rid of the slight smell that can come with the Cavachon territory is straightforward.

Regular Bathing

The first thing you can do to minimize smells is to bathe your dog more regularly. In our home, Kirby gets a bath about once a month and is fully groomed once every three months. We have found that this allows us to pay attention to his coat without drying it out.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to bathe your dog daily or even weekly. Too many baths can dry out your dog’s skin and lead to flaking or discomfort.

If your Cavachon has a powerful smell, look for a shampoo that contains tea tree oil or a citrus scent. Both of these ingredients can pack a powerful punch when it comes to canine odor. This option from Veterinary Formula contains oatmeal to nourish their coat and tea tree oil to combat strong odors.

Wash Bedding Regularly

A good bath can help improve the odor of your dog, but it will do them no good if they go right back to laying on a smelly dog bed or blanket. Whenever you bathe your dog, this is also an excellent time to wash bedding and wipe out the inside of their kennel.

If their bed can’t be tossed into the washing machine, spray it down with some water and your favorite essential oil. A few drops of essential oil should be sufficient to transfer a pleasant aroma to the bedding.

Pay Attention to Diet

When is the last time you evaluated what your Cavachon is eating? A poor diet can lead to a smelly dog who struggles with digestive upset. A quality diet can reduce gas and, therefore, some of the smells emanating from your pup. It is also suitable for their teeth and gums to prevent bad breath.

You may also want to consider giving your dog chews that help with their dental hygiene. Kirby gets a Greenie for his teeth every morning, and he looks forward to this tiny treat. It keeps his breath smelling fresh, minimizes the chances of future dental work, and serves as a reward for him. Giving dog treats like Greenies is a win-win situation for everyone.

Eliminating Cavachon Odor

The good news is that Cavachons do not have a potent smell to them. If you detect a more pungent odor, it may be time to seek help from your veterinarian for an ear infection or a decaying tooth. When dealing with run-of-the-mill doggy odor, you can minimize their scent with special shampoos, regular baths, and clean bedding. Try some of these solutions out today to see what makes your Cavachon smell better!

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