Why Does My Morkie Smell? When Things Run Afoul

There are different levels of dog odor. A light smell of “wet dog” after a walk is manageable. Some smellier dogs may need a good bath. But, there are other times when smells become more pronounced or alarming. There are times when this is the case for Morkies. So, owners must get a better idea of the cause and treatment options available.

Reasons Why a Morkie or Yorkie May Stink

The honest answer here is that there could be several issues to deal with as a Morkie owner. You need to get a little closer and check the following:

1) The state of their coat

2) The state of their teeth

3) Possible allergic reactions

4) Any signs of infection or discharge elsewhere

Do Yorkies and Maltese Smell Bad?

A bad Morkie smell often has a lot to do with their parentage. It is easy to see Morkies as cute little bundles of fluff. However, there are health and grooming issues passed down from their pure-breed parents. The way that these little dogs chew their food can be a problem for their offspring. Then there is the cleanliness issue that comes with the longer Yorkie coat.

But, owners can’t blame all of their problems on genetics, especially if they aren’t on top of grooming regimes or miss important health issues. That is why it is important to keep up with regular grooming needs. The faster owners spot signs of infection or poor hygiene, the easier it is to fix. The dog isn’t going to suffer as much either.

A Morkie’s Coat

Morkies and their Yorkie parents are popular because of their long hair, rather than fur. This allows for a nice sleek coat that looks great in dog shows and doesn’t shed as much. However, this sort of hairy low-shedding coat has its downsides. The longer the hair stays on the body, the higher the chance of it getting dirty and greasy. Think of it like human hair. The dirt and oil can also settle in the coat, leading to an unpleasant smell.

This is a likely cause of a Morkie stink. It isn’t too hard to diagnose if owners give the fur a good sniff. The good news is that it is also manageable with the right bathing regime. Regular baths, once or twice a month, can help to regulate natural oil production, remove dirt, and freshen the hair. Owners need to be careful not to bathe them too often, as this may damage the coat. Also, it is essential to use dog-friendly shampoos with natural ingredients and no parabens or artificial fragrances.

Why does my Morkie’s Breath Stink?

Morkies can have problems chewing their food in the same way as other dogs. This can lead to an excessive build-up of plaque, and then ongoing issues of bad breath. Some owners may say that bad breath is just part of being a dog owner. But, it is important to remember the risks of bad oral health. Also, this is a dog that really likes to lick people. This is going to get unpleasant if they have bad dental hygiene.

The easy solution here is to make sure to brush your Morkie’s teeth regularly. Aim for three times a week with these dogs to be on the safe side. There are some great products out there that taste great and provide all the benefits they need. You can also invest in a little finger toothbrush to get into the small spaces and make life easier.

Does Your Morkie have Allergies?

Yorkshire Terriers often have to deal with skin conditions caused by allergies or infections. This could be a food allergy, such as a problem with grains or poultry, or a yeast or bacterial infection. These reactions can lead to skin inflammation, excess oil production, flaky skin, or even sores. In turn, this can cause an unpleasant odor.

The best thing to do here is to speak to a veterinarian about the potential causes and treatment options. It isn’t enough to combat the smell and reduce the infection without getting to the root of the problem. A diet change could be a good place to start, although it may take time to figure out the culprit. Seasonal allergies will require a different approach.

Risks of Infections Elsewhere on the Body

A bad smell from a Morkie isn’t as likely to come from the eyes or ears unless there is a nasty problem. However, it is still important that all owners regularly check eye and ear health. Morkies can develop eye problems because of their Maltese genes. This isn’t likely to cause infections or discharge, but it is important to clean any gunk from the eyes regularly.

The same is true for their ears. Morkies with folded over ears could harbor dirt, moisture, waxy build-ups, and more. It isn’t so easy to see a nasty accumulation of bacteria or any infection. Ear mites could also be a culprit here. It is important to look inside the ears, check for any signs of problems, and wipe them with a dog-friendly ear wipe.

Final Thoughts

Don’t take any Morkie smells for granted.

Morkies aren’t always going to smell like roses, but they don’t have to smell terrible either. Owners that are vigilant about grooming and bathing regimes shouldn’t notice much of a smell at all. So, those that are lax here should reconsider their approach. If there are still odor issues, look for signs of infection, consider allergies’ potential, and talk to a vet.

Your vet will always be the best person to turn to when you have any concerns in this area. They can examine your dog if there are signs of infection or illness or provide information on techniques and products to make things easier.

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