How Many Puppies Can a Morkie Have? [Answered Here]

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Are you thinking about breeding your Morkie? Many Morkie owners fall in love with the breed and its gentle temperament. They feel it would be a wonderful experience to bring more of these dogs into the world, but they have no idea what to expect from a pregnant Morkie. How many puppies are typically in a Morkie litter?

Morkies are small dogs, so they have smaller litters ranging from two to three puppies. Some Morkies may have five puppies in a litter at the large end. Be sure to give your pregnant Morkie light exercise, a healthy diet, and routine vet check-ups to keep her healthy.

If you want to learn more about what to expect from your Morkie’s next litter, here is everything you need to know!

How Many Puppies Are in a Morkie Litter?

If you are thinking about breeding your Morkie, you might be wondering how many puppies you can expect in a litter. This will give you better insight into how to structure your waitlist for the new puppies and let you know how many homes you will need to find.

Because Morkies are on the small side, their litters are often relatively small. It is pretty common to find Morkies that give birth to just two to three puppies at a time. A fantastic litter will not usually exceed five puppies on the larger end of the scale. This means you don’t have too many homes to find when the puppies are ready to be weaned from their mother.

If you are curious how many puppies your Morkie may have, ask the veterinarian at her check-up if they can tell you. By palpating the abdomen, veterinarians can sometimes predict the number of puppies in a litter. Alternatively, they may order an ultrasound or an x-ray to check in on the development of the puppies.

How Long is a Morkie Pregnant For?

By the time you realize that your Morkie is expecting, you might not have that much time left in her pregnancy. Dogs have extremely short gestational periods. You may not know that your dog is pregnant until day 20 to 30 of her pregnancy, but she will only carry the puppies for about 58 to 68 days.

By the time you realize your Morkie is carrying puppies, you won’t have much longer to wait!

When Can a Morkie Get Pregnant?

A female Morkie can get pregnant as soon as she has her first heat. Most female dogs will have their first heat around six months, but smaller breeds like the Morkie may go into heat a bit sooner. Often, it is around four months that you will notice your Morkie in heat.

That being said, it is not advised to breed your dog at such a young age. Her health should wait until she has had two to three heats and is physically mature enough to carry a litter of puppies.

Getting your dog pregnant too soon can lead to other issues such as behavioral problems or issues with her physical health.

How Many Litters Can a Morkie Have?

Female dogs have the possibility of carrying more than ten litters in their lifetime. However, it is not advised to push your dog to the brink of her physical capacity. She will need time to recover from her pregnancies, and her body may become worn out from the extra work of nourishing a litter of growing puppies. It is best to give her some type of break between litters.

It is generally advised to breed your dog no more than four to six times. After this point, owners may start to notice a decline in the quality of the litters. Signs that your Morkie may be ready to enter into her retirement include:

  • Very small litters
  • Litters that have many health problems
  • Physical problems with the mother

Be sure to keep an eye out for any of these symptoms, particularly if your Morkie has already had a few litters of puppies.

Tips for Taking Care of a Pregnant Morkie

Are you ready to pamper your dog in the late stages of her pregnancy? If you are considering breeding your female Morkie, here are a few things you might want to do to keep your dog happy and healthy during her pregnancy.

Light Exercise

While you may feel that your Morkie should be on bed rest throughout her pregnancy, regular or light exercise is good for her. You can take her on short walks and offer short playtimes where she can get out some of her energy.

Be careful not to overstimulate her, but give her enough exercise to keep her mind and body busy.

Maintain Diet

If your Morkie was at a healthy weight to begin with, you might not need to do much to help her maintain her weight during the early days of her pregnancy. As the puppies grow within her, talk with your veterinarian about increasing her food. She may need up to 50 percent more food, broken into smaller and more frequent meals.

Visit the Veterinarian

Make sure to keep your dog up-to-date with your local veterinarian. This is crucial before you attempt to breed her. She should receive a clean bill of health, a fecal exam, and any necessary vaccinations before pregnancy. Routine visits should continue once your dog conceives to ensure that everything is alright with the puppies she is carrying.

Getting Ready for Your New Puppies

It’s time to get ready for those adorable puppies! The Morkie is a great family dog, and many people look forward to the prospect of having these rambunctious puppies around the house. Be sure to prepare for the possibility of puppies and to keep your female Morkie healthy as you attempt to breed her. While the litter may be small, it will bring great joy to you and your family!

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