Do Yorkiepoos Bark a Lot? [Triggers and Training Guide]

Do Yorkiepoos Bark A lot

Adding a new puppy to your family can be an exciting time, but you need to know what type of behavior you can expect from your new dog. Yorkiepoos are undoubtedly adorable, but do they tend to bark a lot? You need to know upfront so that you can begin training this behavior away from the first moment you bring your new puppy home.

Yorkiepoos are yappy dogs who bark a lot. They can be trained not to through socialization as puppies or through redirection and positive reinforcement. Sometimes, you may even be able to ignore the barking until it stops. Remember to be consistent in your training for the best results.

Training your dog not to bark is possible, and we’ll get into the details in this article.

Are Yorkiepoos Yappy?

You might be very excited to bring your new Yorkiepoo home, but you should be prepared for what comes next. Many people want to know just how yappy this breed is before they decide to add one of these puppies to the family. Unfortunately, Yorkiepoos tend to be very yappy dogs.

Much like the Morkie, this small breed dog inherits its tendency to bark from its Yorkie ancestry. Many small breed dogs (including the Chiweenie and the Puggle) have this loud tendency.

Despite their small size, they are often excellent guard dogs. They watch out the window or door when they are able. If something comes near that is unfamiliar or scary to them, you are bound to hear about it.

Barking is a natural form of communication for your pup. It is their way of expressing pleasure, fear, protectiveness, and desire for attention. Curbing this behavior can be a bit difficult, but it is possible with the proper training techniques.

It will take some time, but remember to be as consistent as possible with your training. Positive reinforcement will work better than teaching your dog to fear you. Never yell at your dog or punish them for barking. This can damage the relationship you are trying to build with your canine companion. Instead, you should use redirection and reward for the behavior you wish to see.

Why Do Yorkiepoos Bark So Much?

There is no denying that the Yorkiepoo tends to be a vocal breed without any training or intervention. This yappy behavior drives many dog owners crazy. Why do Yorkiepoos feel the need to bark so much?

As with many little dogs, they tend to feel overprotective of their space and their people. Despite their small stature, they have prominent voices that they aren’t afraid to use. You will likely notice that their bark has a particular pitch when barking to protect you. Oftentimes, it is a bark with a lower pitch and may incorporate some growling.

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons your Yorkiepoo might be barking is because you trained them to do so. These little dogs love to get your attention. Barking is often done to get something they want, whether a tasty treat or just a belly rub.

When they bark, and you give in to their demands, you are accidentally teaching them that barking is a positive thing that gets them what they want. This behavior is more likely to be repeated once they learn this scenario works for them.

Demands for attention are often denoted with a higher-pitched bark or whining.

When Do Yorkiepoos Begin Barking?

If you recently added a new puppy to your family, you might wonder when the yappy behavior will begin in earnest. By the time your new puppy makes it to you, they may already have the beginnings of a solid bark under their belt.

Most puppies will begin to make small vocalizations around two to three weeks of age. These are not complete barks yet. Instead, they are typically consistent whining or even grunting when they want something.

Around seven to eight weeks of age, when you would typically bring your puppy home, they are often already emitting some short barks and yips. However, every dog is going to be a little different in the way they develop. Some Yorkiepoos may not begin to vocalize more until they are closer to sixteen weeks of age.

If you’re fortunate, your Yorkiepoo may not bark much at all if you can start socializing them and training them early on. To learn a few tips to keep your pup quiet, the next section will certainly help you achieve this goal.

How to Teach Your Yorkiepoo Not to Bark

Teaching your Yorkiepoo not to bark may not be as easy it sounds. Before you can figure out the proper training technique, you must uncover the underlying reason why your pup is barking. This can help guide you in your next steps to curb this annoying behavior from your beloved canine companion.

The first reason many Yorkiepoos may bark is to get your attention or to get something they want from you. If they are barking to get something, it is best to teach them that this method does not work. It might seem hard to do when your dog is highly vocal, but the best thing to do is to ignore the behavior.

Sometimes, owners inadvertently reward their dogs for barking behavior. They give in whenever their Yorkiepoo barks at them to demand a treat, some playtime, or just a little affection. When you give in, you teach your pup that this is acceptable behavior, making them far more likely to repeat it. Simply ignoring the behavior will make your Yorkiepoo less likely to repeat it in the future.

The next reason your Yorkiepoo may be barking is that they are feeling overprotective of you or their territory. These watchful dogs are great at announcing intruders, whether they do it on a leash or from behind your front door. Teaching them to stop barking for this behavior is a bit more complicated than simply ignoring it.

Here are some of the steps you will want to follow to eliminate this nuisance behavior:

  • Start by teaching your dog some basic obedience commands such as “go to mat” or “place.” This command should be given whenever you want your dog to lie down on his bed or mat.
  • From here, work on a stay command until they have it down. They should easily be able to stay on their mat for a few minutes without constant redirection. You can give them a treat or bribe them with a toy to make staying on the mat seem more appealing.
  • Manufacture a situation where you know your Yorkiepoo will bark, such as ringing the doorbell or knocking on a wall. Wait until he begins to bark, and then redirect him to go to his mat or place. If he does not go, pick him up and carry him there.
  • Ask him to stay, giving him a toy to play with if this is your usual practice.
  • When he quiets down, say the word “quiet” and give him a treat. He will eventually begin to associate this word with the calm behavior you are rewarding. After doing this for a while, issuing the quiet command should equate to him heading directly to his mat with no more barking.

If this method does not work, you can try teaching the quiet command a different way. When your pup barks, shake a container filled with coins. This redirects their attention away from what they are barking at and puts it back on you. When they stop barking for a few seconds, give your quiet command and reward them with a treat. Eventually, you will be able to eliminate shaking the container.

Socializing to Minimize Barking

It is important to socialize a new puppy to many different experiences, sounds, people, and animals. Yorkiepoos sometimes bark because they are afraid of the things they are seeing and hearing. If they see something unfamiliar to them, they are more likely to bark at it until the issue can resolve itself.

To teach your dog to be more confident and less fearful, you need to socialize them as a puppy correctly. Here are a few easy ways you can do that without the help of a trainer:

  • Take them to a pet store to interact with other dogs
  • Take trips to pet-friendly stores such as home improvement centers
  • Invite friends over who look different or dress differently than you do
  • Expose them to people of different ages, such as children
  • Spend the afternoon walking around the park
  • Practice walking past other dogs in your neighborhood

By doing these things regularly, you should teach your dog that the world is not a scary place. This will often lead to fewer vocalizations.

Putting a Stop to Barking

Barking is an incredibly annoying behavior to owners and their neighbors. Fortunately, it is a behavior that can be curbed with the proper training. Whether your dog is barking out of habit or out of a desire to protect you, there are things you can do to minimize the sound in your home. Try out a few of these techniques today to see what works for your Yorkiepoo!

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