Do Pomskies Like To Cuddle? [Answer May Surprise You!]

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The Pomsky is a famous little hybrid dog that many people are drawn to for its looks. They are miniature fluffy versions of Huskies and adorable as puppies. There is the assumption that this makes them cuddly pets. But, just because you want to cuddle up into them all day, it doesn’t guarantee that they feel the same way. So, are Pomskies cuddly dogs, or do they prefer their own space?

Do Pomskies like to cuddle? The good news here is that yes, Pomskies do like to cuddle. They can be very affectionate dogs, and their small size means that they are perfect little fluffy lapdogs. You can spend your days playing and having fun as a family and then curl up together when everyone is all tired out from a long day.

When you cross a Pomeranian with a Husky, there is an excellent chance of bringing together many desirable traits.

Many Pomsky puppies will inherit many of the best qualities from both parents to create a dog that isn’t so yappy as a little Pomeranian but also not so big and hard to handle as a Siberian Husky. With these dogs, you tend to get the following:

  • a small size that is perfect for apartment living
  • a soft-hearted dog that wants to be friends with everyone
  • a protective dog that is very loyal to its family.

Apartment-Friendly Small Dogs

The Pomsky is just the right size for those that are short on space.

They don’t have the exact requirements for space and exercise as their Husky parent, but you still get many of the same personality traits.

This means that you can easily spend time playing together indoors or out in the park and then come back and cuddle up in front of the TV at the end of the day.

These dogs are also seen as quite adaptable, and their thick coats mean they are more than happy in colder states. But, you will need a sound AC system further south.

A Soft-heart and Friendly Nature

A common trait with the Siberian Husky is that they can be amiable and playful dogs when they develop a good connection with their families.

This level of interest and devotion then translates into a desire to be around their playmates more often.

Kids who grow up with a strong bond with a Pomsky could find that this allows for an excellent physical connection.

Those that become very attached to their owners could then seek out more physical affection and attention.

This is fine for those living alone with a lot of patience and time to spare.

A Protective and Loyal Dog

Then there are the traits from the Pomeranian parent.

These little companion dogs tend to be fiercely loyal to the point of protectiveness and maybe even possessiveness.

A hybrid with Siberian Husky genes is likely to be softer.

You should still see some of that protectiveness when called for, and that devotion should allow for plenty of cuddles.

But they also aren’t going to be quite as yappy and assertive as a pure-bred Pomeranian.

While Pomskies can be cuddly and affectionate, there are secondary issues to watch out for.

Pomeranian Husky crosses can thrive in families where they get the best possible training and socialization. Their intelligence and trainable nature mean that this shouldn’t be too difficult if you start nice and early.

However, there are potential issues of:

  • separation anxiety if left alone for too long
  • pups getting more attached to one family member
  • the dog shedding all over you when the coat blows out.

Separation Anxiety

If your dog becomes deeply attached to the family, which is highly likely with Pomskies, there is the risk that they will develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

These dogs work best in families where at least one member is home for a long time.

Couples where both members work full time won’t be able to provide the support needed.

As a result, dogs will become bored and restless, wondering where everyone is. In turn, they can develop destructive tendencies, such as chewing and may start barking a lot.

Attachment to One Family Member

It is also possible that instead of being a cuddly dog with every single member of the family, Pomskies will favor a specific person.

This is usually the one that they consider to be their primary caregiver, which provides the most food, care, and love throughout the day.

They will show their gratitude and devotion by going to that person’s lap first.

This might not be so good for any children that wish they received the same treatment. Relationships there may not be as strong. But, that is where socialization is essential.

A good relationship of care and respect from the start goes a very long way.

Pomsky Shedding

Last but certainly not least, there is the significant risk that your Pomsky will shed a lot and that all this fur will end up all over you, your family, and your couch whenever you go to cuddle.

This shedding is an even bigger issue during times of seasonal blow-outs.

This is where the dog’s coat switches from summer to winter, or vice-versa.

It is vital to take control of the situation and handle the shedding with appropriate grooming.

Otherwise, you will have a mess on your hands. Get help from a professional when you need to.

Final Thoughts – Do Pomskies Like to Cuddle?

In short, your Pomsky puppy could turn out to be a very affectionate and cuddly breed. A good combination of a soft-natured Husky and protective Pomeranian could work in your favor with appropriate training. Just make sure to work on socialization early on, take care of shedding and grooming as best you can, and try not to leave the dog on its own for too long.

If you can do all those, you should be cuddling up most nights.

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